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Thread: Me and the Cruise

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    12:34 while I had sent this...

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    Quote Originally Posted by paradise-on-earth View Post
    12:34 while I had sent this...
    it's 10:18. Maybe I should wait four minutes before pressing send.

    The last quote -- OMS YES!! -- what a vibe bind we put ourselves in "I'm uncomfortable with shortage so bring me lots and lots and lots of money!" What a fine line between "the vibe of manipulation to make up for lack", and a "knowing what we don't want so we know what we do want" preference.

    Even as I contemplate going on a cruise with you someday, I find the pure desire of "it would be sooooo much fun" gets muddied with "someday I'll have enough extra money".

    After reading that quote, I think I'd rather be at "trusting the money will come when I'm ready to go" instead of waiting around for the sensation of surplus.


    I missed 10:22 and now it's 10:27.

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    Beautiful Bean, it feels SO GOOD to read you.
    You are wise, and you are so loving. Thank you for pondering with me...
    I just can repeat, it feels SO good to read this.

    I missed 10:22 and now it's 10:27.
    So you EMBRACED it ((((22:22))))

    I love the odd numbers as well! 19:47, here...
    and I HAVE to sleep...

    So much love to you!

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    WE GOT IT!!
    When I had booked the cruise, I was extremely late. 2 days later, the whole cruise (including seats in the Abe-seminar) was completely booked out. So all I could reserve was an inside room without windows, but I just KNEW I would get my desired balcony-room, still. So I asked them to set me on the waiting-list- and now, I got it!!!

    I DID THAT!!! "Deluxe Ocean View w/ Balcony"...
    Ahhh, I am SO IN LOVE WITH IT!! I KNEW IT. I KNEW it!
    I had no doubt at all, and here I am.

    I always saw me and beloved DH stargazing in the night, sleeping with open doors (I know we´r not supposed to have the doors open AND the aircondition on, but I will not do that anyway!) Seeing the daytimes change. Experiencing the sunrises and the stars in the night and the twilight hour- the "blaue Stunde" when all colors vanish. Not only feeling, but seeing and experiencing with all senses the travel of the ship.

    -Hearing the ocean, smelling the breeze, that salty air, seeing the dolphins jump and play, hearing the seagulls cry, gazing at the coast in the nights, greeting the ships passing by, watching us coming into the harbors in the early morning, and leaving the harbor and the coast again. All that BEAUTY. Having our morning coffee on the balcony, or an awesome punch or cocktail at sunset...
    Yes, and that´s SUCH another fun!!

    With this upgrade, there comes a free "Classic Beverage package" worth 550$ per person...
    we wouldn´t have chosen this normally, because I almost never drink alcohol and while DH likes a glass wine or a beer per day, he´s no real drinker either. But now, even this delights will be FREE! And I admit that I´m really interested to try one or another cocktail that I always just heard about. And sometimes, just a bit of champagne! ...Or a digestif?

    Milking the announcement of our free package:
    n addition to enjoying your favorite Coca Cola can and fountain soda selections such as Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta Orange and Coke Zero, you may also enjoy fresh and bottled juices, premium coffees and teas, and non-premium bottled water.

    Also choose from beers, spirits, cocktails, liqueurs, frozen drinks, and wine-by-the-glass up to $9 per serving. Plus, with this package you can enjoy a 15% discount on all wines by the bottle purchased on board, even our prized Reserve Wine list and Rare Wine list."
    It feels INVITING. It feels INTERESTING! It feels NEW and exciting! I am eager to experience this, in a completely, very new way!
    An almost unknown, delicious world is calling me...

    ...It´s the flowing of the joy about your dream,
    that feels so good!

    When you start taking the pleasure in the envisioning, you’ve got it.

    In other words, what we want you to do is persue the data, identify what isn’t wanted, identify what is wanted, take all of that data and conclude and choose, and as you do a little bit here - collect data here, here, here, here, the Nonphysical Energy of the Universe has heard you make a lot of statements about a lot of things, and as you are vibrationally projecting Energy about nice people and about beautiful things and about friendly animals and about good flowing traffic and about happy comfortable clothes and about beautiful surroundings and about good food and about delicious relationships…as you’re projecting this, here and here and here…

    ...You’re standing in line in the post office, basking in the deliciousness of something.
    You’re driving in your car basking in the deliciousness of something. Sitting on an airplane basking in the deliciousness of it.

    Every time you achieve that mental imagery, you vibrate there, just for a little bit, which means the Universe sees that as you.

    Your point of attraction begins to shift again and again and again and again as your Well-being is known not only to you but the entire Universe — you begin emitting such a vibration of Well-being that only Well-being can be your experience because Law of Attraction says, “It must be so.” You see?

    And then somebody says, “Where are you going?” And you say, “Oh, I’m on my way to a fantastic house, to a delicious relationship, to a perfect car, to healthy, thriving body.” And they say, “Well, you’re not there yet.” And you say, “I didn’t say I was there, I said I’m on my way there.”

    Aren’t you usually more exhilarated on your way somewhere than you are after you get there? -We watch you. You have things you want for years, and in the desire you are inspired, and then you get it and it thrills you for about a day.

    The physical manifestation does not have the power to thrill you. The Nonphysical Energy that is your birthright must be flowing through you if you are to experience the joy that is natural to you.


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    You´ve gotta be READY for money!
    You´ve gotta be ready for money, which means,
    you´ve gotta be HAPPY without it!

    Which means, you´ve gotta be cashing in your vibrational chips.
    You´ve gotta be THANKFUL for this day. And thankful for this chair,
    and thankful for this opportunity, and thankful for this conversation,
    and thankful for the sunshine, and for those highways, thankful
    for this, appreciative of that.

    Thankful for the quieted mind! Thankful for the insight.
    Thankful for the enthusiasm! Thankful for the love in my heart!
    Thankful for this precious face, thankful for that person I´ve never
    met in my life -and on the elevator, had such a nice exchange with not
    even words, because there was a language barrier, but OMG, how
    good it was to meet you!!! Thankful, thankful, thankful, thankful.

    Thankful, thankful, thankful, thankful, thankful thankful! Thankful just
    brings more and more and more and more. And more.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks , Are You Ready to be Filthy Rich - try that

    I feel SO SATISFIED.
    I feel such ease and flow.
    I am so THANKFUL for my life, all this tiny delicious steps of all my journeys.
    I am satisfied in pondering the fantastic pictures.
    I am satisfied in reading through the cruise-reviews, even those that are negative, because it makes me choose and see clearly what *I* want to experience.
    I am so satisfied in doing my rampages.
    I am so satisfied in having this delightful luxurious cushion of abundance.

    I am thankful!
    I am thankful for this awesome excuses to focus in happiness.
    I am thankful for all the people who think up such fantastic delights, and who work together in making them happen.
    I am thankful for this fantastically peaceful time, where upheaval is so rare.
    I am thankful for the almost borderless Europe, that makes travel SO easy.
    I am so thankful for all this peace and freedom, and this EASE that we all have allowed into our life.

    Isn´t it Paradise, really!?
    Isn ´t it fulfilled what people dreamed up since aeons?
    Of course there will be ALWAYS more.
    Satisfied where I am, and eager for more, eternally.

    But I don´t want to ever forget again to celebrate this SATISFACTION, that is always possible, NOW.

    It feels so warm and cozy. It feels achieved, it feels proud, it feels even triumphant. It feels luxurious. it feels done. It feels complete, for NOW, and then. It feels eager for more, eternally. It feels so HAPPY. It feels balanced. It feels whole and full, now, now, now, now.


    It´s really an interesting thing. So many of you come to this Paradise,
    in the quest to relax and lay back.
    And then you become the most tense people on the planet!

    You are so DETERMINED to find your freedom, that you FIGHT for it-
    in ways that you don´t need to fight for it!
    In every bit of fight or struggle, or quest, you are pointed upstream.
    In every bit of relaxing and allowing, and breathing,
    and trusting, you are downstream.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - Emotionally unavailable relationship is just matching your focus

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    It´s 91 days until we sail!
    Tomorrow, I can do the online-check-in, and get my papers!

    It feels SO GOOD.
    I bought a beautiful small timer/journal -in paper
    and worked out the whole time-schedule, from packing at home,
    to leaving the house and arriving at the garage in Munich, to get the plane in time to Barcelona.

    I made notes of all the adresses of the hotels and also the itinerary for the event I booked in Barcelona and all the wonderful shore-excursions while on the ship, and then the free time in Venice again, before we must fly home again.

    I educated myself how I can get to my hotel and to the cruise-port in Spain as well as in Italy, as especially how to make it -per BOAT !!!- to airport San Marco! It feels as an adventure, really!
    It feels exciting. It feels WONDERFUL!

    I like that I will have at least some time not planned out at all.
    I like the schedules, but I also like the freedom.
    I like the plans, and I like the dandering and getting lost for a bit.

    I see that we will not have much time to sleep in a lot! But that´s ok... being up at 7 AM, watching the ship pull into another harbor every day will be almost as sleeping in- we are used to wake up at 4 AM!

    Now I just order at the Universe that our fantastic cabin will be on port-side, so that we will have full view at the shore, while we come in and sail out. But well, if we get starboard, we will see the wide ocean... and we can always go outside to bow or stern for a full amazing view! Fulfillment is certain- in any case.
    I trust!
    I feel so solid in embracing the best of the best- better than I could conjure.

    I am sooo curious, already. I am so eager.
    I am so fascinated. I love having my plans and itineraries- but mostly, I trust my Grids.
    I trust, that amazement and awe will find us, all the time!
    I trust, that this will be beyond beautiful.
    I trust, that it will all be so EASY.
    I trust that surprise and delight will pave our ways and we will rendezvous with perfection and deliciousness over and over again.

    I trust. I feel so certain and delighted. I feel clear and at ease. I feel such delicious faith. I feel safe and happy, sweet and in expectation of wonderful beautiful fantastic amazement.


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    Yesterday the online-check-in opened and we´r fully checked in!
    I AM HAVING SUCH FUN with all of this!!
    Now I need to buy a printer, finally. I´ll have to print out all those vouchers and boarding tickets and iteneraries... In some ways, I miss the good old times when we got the ready tickets from the travel-agency, and it all looked and felt as true treasures- and so comfortable and luxuriously catered!

    I mentioned that to my travel-agent, as we booked the flights and one hotel via an agency, and she will treat me in printing out everything that I got from her. I LIKE THAT!!

    But I also like this HUGE buffet of variety that we get to choose from, in this days. I LIKE taking the TIME, and digging all the tiny differences in the myriads of offers. A travel-agent couldn´t do that... and it would also mean to miss so much FUN! So many details, So much feeeeeling it out. So much sifting through the contrast of the abundance and the beauty, the opportunities and inspirations...!

    I realized that I could have booked a balloon-ride over Barcelona or over Venice, if I had planned in 1 more day! Ahhh, NOW I KNOW! I will look up those awesome special things that are available, next time. IMAGINE... a balloon-ride is sooo in my Vortex. And I´ll get it, soon I am skipping in expectation about that, already!! I already feel the ride, this ease, this delicious slowness, I see the wide huge vistas, I smell the air...
    Wouldn´t that be nice with family!?

    ...But NOW, we´r looking forwards for just having some delicious, relaxed, still adventurous, wonderful, delightful, cozy, close, intense time for the 2 of us, and ohhh, how good it is.

    ...I am basking.
    I am floating. I wallow in feasting upon my visions!!

    I am getting AWESOME visions and ideas every day, and it feels so fascinating.
    It feels PERFECT, and I know it´s less than what will really be!
    It also feels so SAFE.
    So certain and wonderful.

    ...There was a problem with my credit-card, and it flowed SO easily to the perfect solutions.
    The people involved were SO helpful and sweet and fun to be with!
    It was no "problem" but more an adventurous excuse to focus and the most easy unfolding-
    perfect, lovely, funny, happy, clear.

    THIS is the way I want all my contrast to be!
    There is surprise and delight EVERYWHERE. I asked Abe to give me a totally leading-edge, fantastic experience that leads me beyond what has ever been. And, I want it to be FUNNY!
    And I am getting this already. It started right away to fill in, and it took my breath away. In a good way!!

    I am so eager to get more of this! While, I am sooo satisfied... I am soooo happy. I am so delighted, happy, relaxed and curious- ALL OF IT, in perfect timing, now now now.
    Oh man, life is SO GOOD!

    You are cradled here,
    in this vessel of wellbeing
    on an ocean of love
    on a planet of neverending expansion
    in a universe of unfolding
    in a moment in time
    that we will acknowledge is as good as it gets.

    You could not be more worthy.
    You need justify it not.
    You are perfect as you stand
    and ever expanding to more.

    And there is no end to the joyous expansion.
    that is YOU.

    In this moment of free floating
    and in this energy of flowing,
    there is not seperation worth mentioning
    between the source that is us- and the flesh that is you.

    Your physical world is varied
    There are interests- wanted, and not.
    But there is nothing that is before you
    that will not be beneficial to you.

    So, you can release- here and now-
    all worry and concern
    because you have established a frequency
    that makes it possible to say to you
    unequivocally and with all knowledge that we hold

    That EVERYTHING from this point forwards
    is working out, for you.

    Dollars will flow more easily
    fewer words will be required
    your children will understand you
    your strangers will accept you
    and your friends will join you in the elevator.

    There is great love here, for you!

    Australian/New Zealand Cruise 2011

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    Yesterday, I told my uncle as the very first one in my birth-family that we´r going on a cruise. When I did, I realized, what a hurdle it had been to be open about it, what a resistance had been there to admit this- because of so many things. It felt as letting go of a huge old weight. It slipped off of me, and now the path is free for so much more. I love the moment when he swallowed, and then nodded at me, earnestly and lovingly, and congratulated. Saying, he would wish us joy on the journey. It felt as a blessing.

    And I so appreciate it. I don´t need it... but it comes as a loving gift, that is SO appreciated. Thank you uncle! Thank you, source.

    I also give up the attempt to manage the further adoption of our dogs.
    We concluded that we will give them away to the animal shelter if we don´t find someone who will adopt them, before we cruise. It doesn´t feel good this way, and so I know it´s not yet complete. I let go of all "hows". I let go of trying to find the path. I let go and let God.

    I trust to find the most perfect way- or, better said, that the most perfect solution is done and will find us, in perfect timing. The perfect Vortex-version for ALL of us! It´s such an aalogy for my habit to prefer hurting me, instead of others. I let it go. I give it up. I allow myself to be happy, unconditionally. I allow myself to fully trust, that everybody involved makes their own happiness, and all I have to do is focus in a way that FEELS GOOD.

    I so like this. I so like this tipping-point of my life. I like to become selfish. I like to cut those old strings- lovingly, and meek and humble.

    I like to let go all struggle and guilt.
    I like to look FORWARDS. I like to feel the awe of the Vortex-version. I like to float and dream the beauty. I like to be light. I like to trust. I like all of this NEWNESS.

    THANK YOU GOD! Thank you, all of all of you.

    Your cat is not gonna be worried about where you are.
    Your cat is not going to miss you while you’re on the cruise.
    Your cat is in vibrational alignment with Source Energy.

    Los Angeles, CA, 4-1-07

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    Quote Originally Posted by paradise-on-earth View Post

    I also give up the attempt to manage the further adoption of our dogs.
    We concluded that we will give them away to the animal shelter if we don´t find someone who will adopt them, before we cruise. It doesn´t feel good this way, and so I know it´s not yet complete. I let go of all "hows". I let go of trying to find the path. I let go and let God.

    Are You unable or unwilling to finance a pets hotel aka dog sitter aka animal holiday care?
    I doubt that there is no animal care between Your Oberpfalz and Munich.

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    What summerdream said was also my first gut reaction...and I'm not even a "dog person", as I prefer cats...And still I wanted to offer you to adopt your dogs, because I feel bad for them. LOL. And I am just the peanut gallery and it is absolutely not my pie
    I wish you a wonderful holiday cruise, love, Anja

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