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Thread: Me and the Cruise

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    I also feel such a WONDERFUL inspiration to ponder how me and DH will come back and have booked the other hotel in Venice for all our family, to celebrate a special occasion.
    Ahhh, wouldnīt that be nice! Have a drive through early spring through the Alpen, into the blooming, freshness of Italy from cold Germany. Enjoying the journey down south, it becoming more and more warm and green all over, along Lake Garda, exploring Veneto, and then becoming embraced here in Serenissima- CELEBRATING LIFE and our love of family!

    I FEEL it. I love it, it feels elated! It feels perfect! It feels so full of me.

    Quote Originally Posted by paradise-on-earth View Post


    We'll guide you, impulse by impulse.

    Phoenix, AZ. 2012-12-01

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    Super-cheap parkingplace and shuttle service from and to the airport found, booked and payed.

    this FEELS SO GOOD!
    Iīm clearing all the planning that can be done.
    I LIKE this!
    It feels liberating.
    It feels successful.
    I am sooo hapy to have such fun, friendly, happy, capable cooperative people working with me!
    I SO LOVE to have this abundance of money!

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    POE... my beloved friend
    I would love to sit with you on this terrasse
    drinking something refreshing and having a good time
    watching the boats at the canale
    I love Venice and my heart is raising with joy
    for your wonderful experience to come soon

    (my Egypt will be in november and my soul is allready there...)

    love Venus

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    Such loving and happy appreciation to you, Astrid!

    Ahh, and Egypt... what a wonderful destination! I look forwards to explore and experience THAT as well!
    How much beauty there is, in this fantastic Universe!
    this beloved CALLING.
    This wonderful delight when we move towards the wanted, eternally- on the journey, on the journey, on the jurney to MORE and even more bliss, love, ease, delight and joy...

    Thank you for sharing!

    (When I googled "Egypt", this pic came up: "Gateway to the sea, Dahab, Egypt.")

    We mean it when we say to you,
    that we are always with you.

    We are aware of where you stand in relationship
    to everything that you want and we, and others like us,
    -those inner beings that exist in your vortex-
    are aware of where you are in relationship to what you
    want, and are offering constant inclinations.


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    I LOVE this segment, below!
    I sense it. I know it. I embrace it so fully, and Iīm not waiting for the physical cruise to practice this, day after day after day.
    I am so poised for the joy!
    I am so poised for all the deliciousness.
    I am poised for the beauty, the harmony, the awe, the connection, the FUN.

    I am poised for this fantastic LIFE, ever after. NOW NOW NOW.
    I live in this way now, and I expect it to unfold into more and more depth, beauty, goodness, delight and love.

    Thank you life! Thank you source. Thank you, ME.

    Rampage of enjoying the Cruise

    You all are in an environment, where there is a lot of food prepared
    for you. And the intentionality of this vessel, and the people who
    are upon it, is to help you TO FIND PLEASURE.

    Their intentions are REALLY in the right place!
    They are all working harder, then we wish for anyone to work.
    But their intention is for YOUR PLEASURE.

    And if you really want to do, what you are divinely inspired to do-
    let your appreciation of EVERYTHING that is coming to gather here,
    just soar! THIS is the opportunity for you to realize, that you are
    at this juncture, you are at this point, where everything that has
    come before, is all lined up for your benefit, here and now.

    And if you let this week be your opportunity to look for EVERY reason
    to receive the pleasure that you deserve, that is all cued up for you-
    it could go like THIS for you, for the rest of your life-experience!

    Iow, everything is pointed to you, breaking through this one, important
    point: It is possible for you to leave behind the beliefs that have been
    hindering you, in this short few days.

    It is possible for you- like peeling the layers of an onion, to leave behind
    one by one those pre-conceived notions, those practiced thoughts that
    are keeping you from being in vibrational alignment with who you are!

    This is an opportunity for you to awaken to the fullness of who you are,
    and there is nothing that we wish more for you, than you begin now,
    and get really good at it, this week, at allowing yourself to be the
    receiver of the inspiration thatīs coming forth from within you!

    Because there is noone who wants more fun for you, than we do.
    There is noone who wants more vitality for you, than we do:
    Source energy. There is noone who understand smore your
    deservability! There is noone who understands more the value,
    that you are offering to yourself- and to all that is.

    THIS is the time, if there ever were a time,
    for you to get this straight in your vibrational
    and watch what it yields to you.

    from the clip Abraham Hicks - Foods That Raise Your Vibration

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    Elfengarten, Germany

    I love my timing in all of this! Wild horses wouldnīt have held me back to plan and research and book and make decisions, this month before. NOW, I just feel relaxed. I feel like chilling out big time.
    I feel in love with rampaging, but really for the JOY of it. It feels so sweet!

    I love this ease. I love this perfect unfolding. I LOVE how this goes. I feel such ease and trust and sweetness. I feel such exhileration when I look forwards to the cruise- and it feels all "set and done", and I love that I had my hands in the clay so intensely. Now I know and I KNOW in many ways what I want. And I expect this to be so HAPPY! I love how the rampage from Abe filled in yesterday, and affirmed all what I want.

    I canīt wait to get my hands on all this awesome food!
    I canīt wait to FEEL the warm wind on my face and in my hair.
    Well, I CAN wait! Iīm in no hurry at all, while I so ENJOY looking there.

    I enjoy going over all my fantastic clothes that I own, and fix this or that, add some beads, cover a spot with a colorful patch, that makes my style so different- or upcycle them with even more beautiful layers of unique ideas.
    I so enjoy envisioning me in my very unexpensive evening-dress- the first long gown that I ever owned, and I giggle in pondering how GORGEOUS it looks and how much itīs doing for my beauty.

    I love combining it with an also extremely cheap beloved necklace, that just looks and feels as a fairytale to me- and then combine it with superexpensive supercomfortable suede-shoes. I love how easy I am about all of this! I love how it alllll works and jives and dances. I love pondering which clothes to wear when. I love tailoring a light cape for me, for the evenings outside on deck. I love that beloved DH bought several fantastic silk-shawls for me that look amazing and also can provide some shelter when it might become chilly, as well. I ponder sewing a beautiful embroidered clutch for special occasions. I AM SO INSPIRED! I feel so creative- and so in peace, at the same time. Itīs all SO good!

    I LOVED ordering a huge bunch of new clothes for DH from which I knew he wouldnīt have picked them- just for him trying them and feeling the fantasticness of them! I love how he picked- and now wears the fancy new shoes with an inset of photo-fabric in their sides: Being a gentleman and sophisticated, as well as weird and quirky. And I love how he now LOVES the other pieces as well, the new "different" style. I love feeling as a superrich fancy couple with him, together. It feels HAPPY. It feels so light and easy and funny! I love how my kids have fun with us, and enjoy us unfolding in ways that had no outlet so far- but have been so US, all the time. They all state it feels wonderful to them, as well! I SO LOVE to be with them in this, together!

    I love playing myself there.
    I love creating myself there.
    I love this "goal" that draws me through life in many ways, and life through me.
    I love the twist that this cruise and all thoughts and actions around it gives me and W.
    I love to look for really beautiful suitcases!
    I love planning, and I love chilling out completely.
    I love having the TIME.
    I love to do this so slowly.
    I love my new way of life, itīs not so really different then it was-
    but it is MORE. More happy, more easy, more rich, more luxurious, more fun- DEEPER.


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    I just browsed through AH-workshop-schedule, and visited the sites for the Alaskan Cruise, and the Carribean Cruise 2018.

    Ohhhh, I have goosebumps all over! Wouldnīt THAT be nice, to cruise regularly.
    It feels SO SWEET. It feels so promising. It feels so calling. I SO LOVE THIS IDEA!!

    You are getting all kinds of nudges and pats on the back
    and expressions of encouragement and feelings of pride
    and soothing, in times that you are wanting soothing.

    Those nonphysical energies are fully aware of you.
    The question is, are you letting it in.

    ~Abraham-Hicks, Chicago, 2001

    I want to let it all in.
    I want to get this MORE.
    I want to expand this life-style.
    I want MORE! I want this now now now now again and again.
    I want this delight.
    I open up for this delights, in connections with all this beautiful fantastic desires that I and my beloveds have gathered and cocreated. I SO LOVE THIS VISION!
    I feel its reality.
    I love this style. I love this stance.
    I love this joy.
    I love this luxury. I love this JOY. I love this feasting. I love this party of life!

    ...And that's what you came for:
    You came for the exploration, you came for the new ideas to form within you.
    Not one of you doubted for a minute that you could
    be or do or have anything, when you made the decision to come.
    Every one of you.

    Because your vantage point was this MAGNIFICENT time-space reality,
    that's BURGEONING with constant evolution and you wanted in on it,
    and you wanted your point of view to be part of the process of it, you see.

    And your point of view IS part of the process of it.
    And your JOY happens when you consciously recognize the part
    you've played, and get IN on the expansion of it consciously.

    You are creating magnificently and we are all the beneficiaries of it.
    We're here visiting with you because,
    it's time you COME to the party you planned!
    (laughter and applause)

    It is! It's time you come to the party you planned.
    It's time that you REVEL in the fun, and it's time that you rendezvous
    with the others that have come to the party that they have planned.
    And what a party it is, when you all come bringing your pieces to the
    party, you see!"

    From the workshop in San Francisco, CA on 2/18/12

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    I found "accidentally" a blog/vlog of an Aber, who describes with passion how she experienced several Abe-cruises, including the clips of her interactions with Abe- and me and DH listened together.
    It was SO INSPIRING!

    I LOVED the descriptions of being with other extraordinary leading-edgers, who live and practice the teachings!
    I LOVED the fun, passion and joy that she beamed, in which she shared.
    I LOVED the extraordinary interactions that went far beyond mediocricy.
    I LOVED sharing it with DH, who was fascinated as well!

    THIS is what originally drew me to wanting an Abe-cruise:
    I want to experience this company. I want to experience this energy-high, in focus of being in front of God. I want this 1:1 interaction with physical people, and source, flowing through physicality via Esther. I want to experience this. I want to live this.

    I know it happens all the time, but our expectation in those gatherings is so much hightened according to Abe, and this makes so much sense! Why not have it easy! I SO look forwards to this.

    I find myself also chatting with Abe in my own mind all day long. I feel as sitting in the HS, and I love this moments of highest clarity and insight and understanding, NOW. I am eager to find out how this will be even enhanced. I am so expectant. I love pondering and enjoying this so deeply, now already. I am curious. I am fascinated!

    And I expect this to be DELICIOUS. I expect this to be wonderful. I expect this to be pure delight, and easy to handle, and easy to hold, in all itīs fascinating stirring power.


    "This is source, talking to you!"


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    I SOOOO enjoy looking forwards to the one-on-one interactions with Abe!
    I SO FEEL them already. I feel my answers, every day and every night.
    I am in the "HS" all the time!

    It feels HEARD. It feels known.
    It feels easy. It is totally certain. I LOVE it, in itīs normal-ness.
    And I look forwards to MORE, to this energy-flow, this rush, this "toe in a lightsocket"-feeling.
    I LOVE imagining me and source rushing together in this highly specific form.

    I donīt care "how", while I am eager and open for the "why"!

    I want to experience THIS rush. I want to feel this awesome high.
    I want to get all my answers in surprising details and leading-edge newness that is stunning
    and elating, fantastic and wonderful!

    I want to take it further, beyond everything I knew.
    I want to take it into awe, while being able to fully hold and enjoy and adore it, AND GET IT wholly.
    I want this to be delicious.
    I want this to be beyond. I want this as pure delight and awe.

    Ahhhh, I AM THERE!!!

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    I got lead to Jodys and islandsounds responses to the question how Abe-WSīs get experienced, and I want to share it (itīs from here, Old Forum)


    Ruth, the experience of Abraham in person is completely individual. There are those who are completely "blown away" and others who feel they are conversing with an "old friend". It is completely dependant on the person's vibrational stance as they enter the situation. In that sense it is exactly like EVERY experience a person can have...

    For myself, on my first cruise, the energy in the workshop was so intense I couldn't even bring myself down into the front rows of the auditoriam. I spent most of the workshops in the balcony - at a "safe distance" from what were, for me, the intense vibrations of the experience. Now I can sit right up front and Abraham, while they feel different to me than Esther when she is not bringing Abraham, feels "normal" and comfortable to me. I believe this has to do with what has happened with my own vibration over the years. I hope it means that I'm simply more vibrationally "up to speed" than I was during my "balcony days".

    The first time I was in the hotseat I was very nervous, and like others have said, I could barely remember a word they said! The last time, however, I was more relaxed, and listened carefully... it was still an intense experience, but, as I said, I felt more up to speed with it so it wasn't the mind blowing intensity that some people describe.

    Also, I think some people are more sensitive to vibration than others. There is a spectrum of energy that Abraham radiates, and some can pick up on some frequencies, and others pick up on other frequencies. For example, I would so love to be one of those who see "faces" or other images such as angel wings, or lights, around Esther's physical body as Abraham speaks. I don't. I just see Esther, and although I certainly hear Abraham as Abraham, I don't have any "exciting visuals". I believe this means that I am not as tuned in to those particular aspects of the energy as others are. I would like to be, and it's my intention to allow that experience for myself at a future workshop.

    And the LOVE? Oooohhhhh yes! And that's not just in the hot seat. I think anyone attending a workshop will attest to the LOVE in the room being palpable and nothing like any other workshop or seminar, or truly any gathering of any kind, that they have ever attended! It's awesome.

    All that said, an Abraham "encounter" is not meant to be like some kind of transforming "religious" experience. It's not a meeting with a guru where you pick up the missing link or secret to life or get zapped with godliness. It's more like an opportunity to chat with Source on a level that you can understand, in response to your asking, and in a pretty "down to earth" manner (surprising considering these are dead guys!)

    I don't think a meeting with Abraham is necessarily more "life-changing" than listening to one of their CD's can be if you really internalize the message. What has life-changing potential is "getting it" that you are worthy, you are good, life is supposed to be fun, and all is well. Get that, and whether you ever see or talk to Abraham "in person" or not - you've got their message down, and your vibration up.

    So you can do that "pre-croaking blending" anytime, anywhere! Just think thoughts that feel great!

    And oh yes, DO go to a live workshop or cruise!!! They ARE awesome experiences, and they CAN be life-changing - just maybe not for exactly the reasons you think....



    I second Jody's descriptions of the variety of in-person experiences folks have at workshops. It can feel like a warm bath or it can feel like you just put your finger in a light socket; some folks feel completely off-the-wall energized after an event and others are in deep need of a nap. There really is quite a range in how people experience the intensity of a vibrational vortex like that created by Abraham and those gathered. How people subsequently integrate that intensity is also very individual.

    I know, for me, I was really glad that I had listened to lots of workshop CDs prior to attending my first in-person event. When I first listened to workshop CDs, I had to take frequent breaks -- to think about what was said, to talk it over with Carol, to nap, etc. As the teachings have become more familiar to me and the vibration of Abraham now feels extraordinarily soothing, I can listen to disc after disc and feel gently lifted. My first workshop was a very comfortable and uplifting experience (I was sitting front row/center, almost in the lap of each hotseat person). I felt bathed in love. Glorious! But again, I'm glad that I had familiarized myself with workshop recordings ahead of time. For me, it was good vibrational preparation.

    The cruises feel like workshops that grow in intensity exponentially as the week unfolds. I've seen folks napping during breaks on the first day of workshops as they bring their vibration up to speed with Abraham. I needed lots of time to write while on the cruise; it helped me process new thoughts and prepare for the group's vibrational expansion. It's really easy on a cruise to keep flying high between workshops because there is so much fun and delight to be had on the ships themselves and at port. Carol commented that after three full days in ports of call (and not in workshops) she was anxious to have the group gather again. It really does feel wonderful. Now...coming off a cruise can be a shock to the system (you have to be more deliberate to keep your vibration up), but it is nice to be able to remember just how good you CAN feel and keep reaching for that even when back in your day-to-day routine.

    I've been in the hotseat twice; first on the cruise and more recently at a workshop. It's exciting and satisfying and a bit disorienting when you expect yourself to actually be able to take in Abraham's answers on the spot. Remember, while on the hotseat you are primarily in an asking mode and it's difficult to hear your answer (i.e. allow) simultaneously. My advice would be to enjoy the undivided attention of Abraham and the feeling of pure love while asking and then allow the answers to sink in during subsequent listenings to the recording of yourself.

    If you are called to the hotseat, Abraham knows you're ready for the interaction. It's okay to relax into the experience. They are perfect at making you feel right at home. In fact, both times I was in the hotseat, I quickly forgot about the hundreds of others listening in; it was just me and Abraham chewing on ideas. What a treat!

    One final note: if you are in the hotseat during a cruise, know that the acoustics are dramatically different when you are talking to Abraham up on the stage-- it sounds nothing like what you experience as an audience member in the Vista Lounge. It can be a bit disconcerting to hear your voice amplified and feel like you are in a cave. Don't let it throw you -- just ENJOY!

    With regard to your specific question about how I feel AFTER a workshop or a cruise, I am definitely more in tune with my blendedness. I can maintain that pure level for a little bit longer each time I experienced Abraham in person. For example, I was extremely TITITO after the recent L.A. workshops for close to a week. It did require some active alignment work on my part, but it is really fun to ride that PPE wave for as long as possible.

    As Abraham has said, once you expand, you can't become less than you are. The desire to reach for that delicious blended feeling again and again and again is very pronounced for me. I may not hit the mark all the time, but I sure know what I'm aiming for feeling-wise...


    I LOVED sharing both with DH!
    I LOVED feeling the love wash over us.
    I am so curious. I am expecting the most beautiful, fascinating experience.
    I love tuning myself there, in fun and joy and ease, expecting delight and expansion.

    YES, I want this to shift my life constantly, as well!
    THANK YOU friends for sharing!

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