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Thread: Me and the Cruise

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    On the beach :)
    This reads like a novel!! I'm hanging and salivating over every word and photograph. I laughed how your scarf blew in the breeze for the effect your longer hair would have given!!

    But what sort of story is it? Adventure? Romance? Spy thriller?? All of the above?? I'll stayed tuned to find out!!

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    Elke... This is sooo fun!
    Thank you for sharing all the delights with us. I LOVE your new easy peasy expanded
    frequency of luxury!

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    Lovely read!!! I am really enjoying your story!

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    Day 4,

    20.09.17, Wednesday at Toulon, France
    This is what I prepaved 6 months ago:

    I want to see the azur-blue coast!
    I want to feel the sun in my face and the warm winds around my body, while I feast upon the awesome color of the sea. I want to see the pittoresk cliffs! I want to see the pink- and yellow villages....
    I want to see the beaches where Brigitte Bardot made the "shocking" liberating movie Et Dieu créa la Femme, where she was toying around celebrating her sexual freedom, got celebrated and adored, and I want to see the tiny fishing-village where the myths say that she got raised: SAINT TROPEZ.

    Ahhh again, I get goosebumps when I hear this word!
    It stands for what got disdained by those who raised me: Glamour. The world of the Rich and the Beautiful. Sexiness. Wealth. The playground of the Jetset! And very generally: The south, the Mediterranean- and especially THE CÔTE d´AZUR!

    I want to see and shop the specialities of the Provence. I want to watch amazing Yachts coming in and sailing out, of the so-called most beautiful harbor of the world! 1 week after we´ll visit St Tropez, there will be one of the most beautiful regattas, the Les Voiles de Saint Tropez, and I want to see some of it´s beautiful wooden sail-ships, already.

    Of course I would LOVE to see and smell and FEEL the lavender, and the stunning hum of the bees around it, and it´s awesome air filled with fragrance. But not this time, it´s much too late in the year. While I WANT to see the fields of sunflowers! I want to see the beautiful shabby chic of the worn plastered houses that say "Southern Europe" so intensely.

    I want to walk hand in hand with DH and soak it all in- all that makes the Côte d´Azur SO MEANINGFUL to me!
    ...We didn´t see any flower-fields- certainly not lavender (which was clear, though).
    But we also didn´t see too much of the destroyed forests that died in the fires this year, which felt so soothing!
    What we saw and experienced felt different than what I expected, but it was joyful surprise and delight in MANY ways. And it also was the areas invitation to come back in the time of bloom and directly look for lavender and jasmin, especially. Big rockets of desire!

    I FELT the "Jet-set", I FELT the world of the Rich. I will rampage about that below, more.

    -We´r waking up realizing that the icy mistral has settled.
    I DID THAT!!

    We woke up so early also, to see the ship manouvering into Toulon. What an awesome experience, again! We have our breakfast in the Ocean-view-café once more (it´s the only place that is open at that time, we want some leisure for breakfast before gathering in the theater for our shore-excursion „Exploring Saint Tropez“!

    While we enjoy another super-delicious breakfast, we watch the sun rise on one side of the ship, while the other side still lies in deep night. What a magic fairytale-setting!

    Eva, our German guide with charming french accent- or better said, with German accent whenever she attempts to speak french on this tour is a classy beautiful lady in her 60´s who instantly inspires many women on this excursion to dress (she´s all in black except her fantastic artist´s earrings in chrome and shock-pink, matching shock-pink handbag + shock-pink silk shawls…) -and have their hair cut like her. We love her stories and knowledge of the area.

    The drive is a scenic route, steep upwards a winding mountain-street. It leads through cork-oak-forests, along wild cactus, and in the cities along towering house-high Oleander-shrubs, trees of blooming Yucca and fig trees and olives, cistroses and Mimosas: All those precious garden-treasures that can -in Germany- only be raised in a greenhouse!

    We arrive at the yacht-harbor in the former small fisherman´s village Saint Tropez that became a famous place for the Jetset by the actress Brigitte Bardot and still is a gathering place not to be missed for the Rich and the Beautiful. We are amazed about the -seemingly- myriads of super-expensive ships, packed side by side, uncountable, from sleek and small to huge as a house.

    Here is a really small and "meek" one- but still SO luxurious! I shot several desires of wanting to experience a boat-ride with one of those!!

    Eva then guides us through tiny narrow streets that display all the more rural beautiful charm of southern mediterranean life. Wolf and me have our lunch on an open plaza, shaded by gorgeous huge Plane-trees, sharing a small raspberry tartelett, a peach tartelett and a chunk of delicious goat-cheese-pine-quiche with iced tea.

    Eva had lead us through sneak-paths to hidden small beaches and beautiful uncrowded places. But we passed through the fancy shop-avenue as well with all the famous names of art and fashion- Hermès, Giorgio Armani, Louis Vuitton, Diane von Fürstenberg, Roberto Cavalli and many other designer-labels have shops here, and Dior offers their couture even in a 3-story- Belle Epoque villa.

    I sigh in delight, when I see a tiny Ladurée-shop- famous for their Parisienne pastry, especially Macarons- and rush in as soon we have free time! I SO MUCH wanted to taste their products, since I first had heard of them!!

    They- here- just sell Macarons, tea and honey- no further Patisserie, but ohhh, good enough! I choose a huge box of Macarons for the Welcome-home-brunch and ask the lovely shop-lady to put all colors in that they sell, excluding the black licorice (which I honestly just can´t imagine that it would taste so good…).

    She respectfully informs me that in her opinion, that might be the best Macaron of all that they are producing! It feels good to let her have her way, and also, to buy and extra-licorice macaron just for us here and now to check that out, and OH BOY WAS SHE RIGHT!!! The licorice (I hate licorice) isn´t noticable in it at all, but OH GOD, is this macaron ever good!! For sure the best one I´ve EVER EVER tried… I should have taken several of them!

    The tour goes on to see Port Grimaud, the „Venice of the Provence“, the artificially designed beautiful city besides Saint Tropez. I skip the walk-through and chill out between the picturesque houses, in a mintgreen, cozy design-chair and soooo enjoy myself, in the shade of some palmtrees, until Wolf comes back and shares his Nutella-Crepe with me. We finish the tour while driving home with Eva, playing some old and -imo- more funny than beautiful chansons. Most remarkably the today ridiculous, then super-scandalous (written for Brigitte Bardot, moaned by Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg in the 60´s) „Je taime“. I appreciate feeling how much this specific song explains the time, that coined Saint Tropez´ fame!

    Back to the ship after this long and fascinating excursion, we have a nap- me in our room on the Veranda in the shade, and Wolf on the sunroof on top of the ship. And then, we head out to try the Ocean-view-dinner-buffet, including the Taco-bar. I find out that I do NOT like Tapas!

    But I love mixed food across the world, including blue cheese and fruit, assorted french desserts, coffee + another non-alcoholic cocktail. What fun to mix and match EXACTLY like we desire!
    What fun to take from 6 desserts. What fun to not give a rip what we´ve got trained to combine, and what not! What fun to only choose what you LIKE!!

    We watch the sunset on the highest roof-terrace-deck, the sweet cleaning-boy gives us a big smile as he sees us arm in arm snuggled at each other in one of the super-comfortable deck-loveseats. As soon it gets too chilly, Wolf gets a coffee, mixed with alcohol (so interesting to try, we never experienced that) at Bacio-café, and me a juice, with 2 superdelicious lemon-tartes- all "to go", because we want to enjoy them in our room. What wonderful freedom that you can take all this foods and drinks wherever you want, on the ship!

    We have such a sweet happy rendezvous while we wait for our orders, as a bold as brass guest tries to tease his mate with cheeky machismo. She looked at me as if she seeked help, obviously not having a ready reply, and I wink at her, saying "Never mind! I have a son like that. They grow out of this". All around bursted into laughter, and the rascal was squared nicely

    We´r pampering ourselfs with reading in bed while we have our delicious "snacks" and while we sail through the night, along the Côte d´Azur, listening to the wonderful steady splash of the waves at the bow of the ship.
    Ohhh, that was another day in Paradise!!!

    Purchase for the Welcome-home-brunch:
    -a big box of awesome Macarons,
    -French Forest—honey, both from the famous brand Ladurée

    How does this feel like my Millionaires-life?
    I FEEL such CLARITY about the "glamour" of life.
    This had me always mixed up just a little bit... while it felt like such a calling, as well.
    YES I love exquisiteness!
    YES I love outstanding beauty and quality.
    YES, I looove abundance!
    But I don´t see much alignment in only spending lots of money, without feeling resourced by it, without it being the expression of inner abundance- and joy.
    Many of those people I saw- probably owners of the boats, and customers of the designer-shops, looked superfancy dressed, while not at all light-full.

    So, I now understand "glamour" deeper than ever- I aim for the inner light, the sparkle from inside-out, this loving delightful glow, this feasting on life. THAT FEELS SO GOOD.This feel more and deeper clear. This feels so certain.
    This feels so stable and wonderful!

    "secret path" in Saint Tropez...

    Many think success means
    getting everything I want.

    And we say, that's what dead is,
    and there is no such thing as that kind of dead.

    Success is not being done; not being complete.
    Success is still dreaming
    and feeling positive in the unfolding.


    Excerpted from: Sacramento, CA on March 15, 2003

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    Eostre, Tree, Leslie!

    Of course I "could do this without you".
    While, I SO enjoy your contribution to my milking!!
    You feel so loving, open, and appreciative, focused, you add to my joy, you so add to my momentum.

    It´s extra-wind under my wings. Thanks so much for being.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paradise-on-earth View Post

    This is such a good reminder Such a good intention That way, life feels incredibly good and beautiful



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    Dear Paradise

    I appreciate my inspiration to come here to visit – Me and the cruise –

    Pure delight

    Delicious abundance reading your stories …so much fun

    I am soaring in the adventures, the pictures, the excursions, the food, the ship

    I like to express my appreciation about your writing it is so delicious so alive …so tasty

    I appreciate life and the vortex for your cruising and for the joy it spreads in the stories and I like you to know that I love and appreciate it

    Thank you dear Paradise

    Thank you forum
    Thank you myself

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    Thank you for this delightful day in Toulon and Port Grimaud, Elke! I LOVE savoring this all over again with you! I love all the pictures and descriptions and stories. I love FEELING your joyous appreciation, liveliness, and lovingness. Thank you for being you, beautiful Elke! You are sparkling!

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    Your beauty is so radiant, dear basking light goddess.

    Beyond beautiful.

    As my darling Tree would say

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    Dear Elke,
    It gives me soo much joy to read your delightful adventures. It feels like I was there with you experiencing the cruise,the delicious food and the breeze. Eagerly waiting to read more about your trip!!

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