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Thread: Me and the Cruise

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    Jul 2010
    Elfengarten, Germany
    I also feel such a WONDERFUL inspiration to ponder how me and DH will come back and have booked the other hotel in Venice for all our family, to celebrate a special occasion.
    Ahhh, wouldnt that be nice! Have a drive through early spring through the Alpen, into the blooming, freshness of Italy from cold Germany. Enjoying the journey down south, it becoming more and more warm and green all over, along Lake Garda, exploring Veneto, and then becoming embraced here in Serenissima- CELEBRATING LIFE and our love of family!

    I FEEL it. I love it, it feels elated! It feels perfect! It feels so full of me.

    Quote Originally Posted by paradise-on-earth View Post


    We'll guide you, impulse by impulse.

    Phoenix, AZ. 2012-12-01

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    Jul 2010
    Elfengarten, Germany
    Super-cheap parkingplace and shuttle service from and to the airport found, booked and payed.

    this FEELS SO GOOD!
    Im clearing all the planning that can be done.
    I LIKE this!
    It feels liberating.
    It feels successful.
    I am sooo hapy to have such fun, friendly, happy, capable cooperative people working with me!
    I SO LOVE to have this abundance of money!

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    POE... my beloved friend
    I would love to sit with you on this terrasse
    drinking something refreshing and having a good time
    watching the boats at the canale
    I love Venice and my heart is raising with joy
    for your wonderful experience to come soon

    (my Egypt will be in november and my soul is allready there...)

    love Venus

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    Elfengarten, Germany
    Such loving and happy appreciation to you, Astrid!

    Ahh, and Egypt... what a wonderful destination! I look forwards to explore and experience THAT as well!
    How much beauty there is, in this fantastic Universe!
    this beloved CALLING.
    This wonderful delight when we move towards the wanted, eternally- on the journey, on the journey, on the jurney to MORE and even more bliss, love, ease, delight and joy...

    Thank you for sharing!

    (When I googled "Egypt", this pic came up: "Gateway to the sea, Dahab, Egypt.")

    We mean it when we say to you,
    that we are always with you.

    We are aware of where you stand in relationship
    to everything that you want and we, and others like us,
    -those inner beings that exist in your vortex-
    are aware of where you are in relationship to what you
    want, and are offering constant inclinations.


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    Elfengarten, Germany

    I LOVE this segment, below!
    I sense it. I know it. I embrace it so fully, and Im not waiting for the physical cruise to practice this, day after day after day.
    I am so poised for the joy!
    I am so poised for all the deliciousness.
    I am poised for the beauty, the harmony, the awe, the connection, the FUN.

    I am poised for this fantastic LIFE, ever after. NOW NOW NOW.
    I live in this way now, and I expect it to unfold into more and more depth, beauty, goodness, delight and love.

    Thank you life! Thank you source. Thank you, ME.

    Rampage of enjoying the Cruise

    You all are in an environment, where there is a lot of food prepared
    for you. And the intentionality of this vessel, and the people who
    are upon it, is to help you TO FIND PLEASURE.

    Their intentions are REALLY in the right place!
    They are all working harder, then we wish for anyone to work.
    But their intention is for YOUR PLEASURE.

    And if you really want to do, what you are divinely inspired to do-
    let your appreciation of EVERYTHING that is coming to gather here,
    just soar! THIS is the opportunity for you to realize, that you are
    at this juncture, you are at this point, where everything that has
    come before, is all lined up for your benefit, here and now.

    And if you let this week be your opportunity to look for EVERY reason
    to receive the pleasure that you deserve, that is all cued up for you-
    it could go like THIS for you, for the rest of your life-experience!

    Iow, everything is pointed to you, breaking through this one, important
    point: It is possible for you to leave behind the beliefs that have been
    hindering you, in this short few days.

    It is possible for you- like peeling the layers of an onion, to leave behind
    one by one those pre-conceived notions, those practiced thoughts that
    are keeping you from being in vibrational alignment with who you are!

    This is an opportunity for you to awaken to the fullness of who you are,
    and there is nothing that we wish more for you, than you begin now,
    and get really good at it, this week, at allowing yourself to be the
    receiver of the inspiration thats coming forth from within you!

    Because there is noone who wants more fun for you, than we do.
    There is noone who wants more vitality for you, than we do:
    Source energy. There is noone who understand smore your
    deservability! There is noone who understands more the value,
    that you are offering to yourself- and to all that is.

    THIS is the time, if there ever were a time,
    for you to get this straight in your vibrational
    and watch what it yields to you.

    from the clip Abraham Hicks - Foods That Raise Your Vibration

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