Physical- and soul-family, seen from ITV

(Esther says) "I am SO happy, that I´m getting to watch these kids,
know what they know and play with them as they do-
and that we get to watch them triving SO much of their lives!

We get to watch them remember who they are!
And watch them, watch us, remember who we are, and Esther is
nearly weeping in appreciation of how SATISFYING it was for her,
to watch these children.

And her friend said: "Esther, that must be like our IB´s feel, about us!"
YAH. And this feeling washed over them. That´s what we want you to feel,
this satisfaction that you´r feeling with your human dear heart, that you´r
playing with is, is just a FRACTION of what your IB feels, when you do
that cocreative dance with them, on a conscious basis.

San Francisco February 04 2017