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Thread: Quotes about Satisfaction

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    When I look around at what I am satisfied with I feel a sense of calm descend.

    When I look with satisfaction the excitement starts to rise up, then pride and pleased and appreciative.

    When I think about what I am satisfied with I start to see more and more and more.

    It seems to be more deep and rewarding than even appreciation.

    AND - I have been incessantly practising 'satisfaction' this past couple of weeks and the 'real world' has transformed even more beautifully than it has before!

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    Awww, I LIKE that!!

    It seems to be more deep and rewarding than even appreciation.
    That is true!
    What a wonderful thought to ponder.

    When I think about that, I guess it´s because, in satisfaction you OWN it. It feels accomplished, even on a physical level - no matter if your stuff "really" was physical! Satisfaction is feeeeling physical, doesn´t it?

    You don´t just "appreciate it" which can be still from the outside- as when you look at a beautiful cake-, but you KNOW what you are appreciating.
    You have really tasted it. You have eaten from it (physically or vibrationally), so to speak, and now you are full of it, you feel satisfied by being merged with the appreciated thing!

    Thank you for this inspiration!

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    In satisfaction there is a deep visceral sensation - of fullness, of experience, of FEELING satiated - mmmm that is good, mmm that is so pleasant, mmmm that is wonderful, mmmm I can feel it, mmm it is part of me!!!

    I have found a deeper sense of wellbeing in these past 2 weeks whilst practising SATISFACTION! It is powerful.


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    SkyBlossom When I heard this rampage (below) this morning, I applied the understanding of SATISFACTION we rampaged about to it and BOY did that feeeeel good!

    Being thankful and being satisfied makes you be READY!

    You´ve gotta be READY for money!
    You´ve gotta be ready for money, which means,
    you´ve gotta be HAPPY without it!

    Which means, you´ve gotta be cashing in your vibrational chips.
    You´ve gotta be THANKFUL for this day. And thankful for this chair,
    and thankful for this opportunity, and thankful for this conversation,
    and thankful for the sunshine, and for those highways, thankful
    for this, appreciative of that.

    Thankful for the quieted mind! Thankful for the insight.
    Thankful for the enthusiasm! Thankful for the love in my heart!
    Thankful for this precious face, thankful for that person I´ve never
    met in my life -and on the elevator, had such a nice exchange with not
    even words, because there was a language barrier, but OMG, how
    good it was to meet you!!! Thankful, thankful, thankful, thankful.

    Thankful, thankful, thankful, thankful, thankful thankful! Thankful just
    brings more and more and more and more. And more.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks , Are You Ready to be Filthy Rich - try that

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    The BEST path: Getting ready to be ready to be ready.

    "I am without resistance, and my IB is whispering to me
    ...And why it is the best? Because it will get me there, faster?
    Is it the best, because it is a sure-fire route?
    -No. the manifestation...?

    It´s the best, because it´s what I am READY for, and I can HAVE it.
    I am ready for that, and it will satisfy me.
    And then, I´ll be ready for THAT, and it will satisfy me!

    And so your friend will say "When will you get to the end?"
    "That can´t possibly be satisfying!"
    -Ohh, but it IS!
    It is! Because, this is as much as I´ve allowed myself to know, that
    I am able to receive. So, it´s gotta be enough!

    But then, you start getting the hang of it.
    And then you start feeling invincible. And then, you start asking
    for more, and then you start expecting more! And then, you start
    moving faster. And then, you start feeling more FUN.
    And then, you start having clarity, most of the time.
    And then, you start feeling exhilerated, most of the time!

    And then you start attracting other people, that are like you,
    that are running around with you. And then there is this exponential
    thing that happens, as more are TITITO, playing together!

    And THEN, and then and then and then and then!!
    And others look back, and they say "Oh, I don´t wanna be around
    you- you make me tired, just when I watch you!"
    And you say, you must not be in the replenishment-mode, if you´r
    getting tired!

    - 03/25/2017 in Orlando

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    When you merge Heaven and Earth within you...

    It´s one thing to accept that NOW is all you´ve got.
    It´s another thing to be SATISFIED in this now!

    Wooohoo.... because, when you are satisfied in this now, then
    you are ready and ready and ready and ready and ready.
    Than you are all tuned in. All of your senses are READY to explore!
    (sharing an outerworldly beautiful seeming experience of Esther,
    where all her senses were heightened and she experienced life through
    the eyes and nose and fingertips of source)

    When you tune in to who you are, your NOW is so rich, that
    you want this now to stay right here for Eternity. And it will.

    03/25/2017 in Orlando

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    Sooooo Satisfying...

    I guess, I was just hoping for you to say:
    "DJ, when you´r dead, you´r going to have 15 wives
    of all the women you loved, and 15 different families
    that one of you lived in Barcelona, one of you...

    DH, before you die, you´ll come into such alignment
    that WHATEVER woman you´r loving will be
    so satisfying to you,
    that the other 14 will be utterly irrelevant.

    Because your ability to perceive
    the value of this relationship will be so PRACTICED.
    It´s the practice of your perception, that you are wanting to expand!
    -Not the details that you will perceive.
    Because, EVERYTHING that you perceive has layers
    and layers and layers and layers- that the source
    within you is perceiving.

    from the clip Abraham Hicks. Do it all again?
    -Cancun 2014

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    LIKE what you see!

    THIS is what we want:
    We want, more than all other things put together,
    we want for you, more important than everything we´ve said to you here
    or to anyone ever, WE WANT FOR YOU

    -to be able to put on that new dress,
    and look into the mirror, or whatever it is,
    We want you to like what you see, because you are being
    in the state of evolving.

    We want you to look in the mirror, and we want you to see
    the source shining back from you, from your eyes.
    We want you to see the trillions of cells, in your body,
    that are all perfect in there perfect response to what it is,
    that you are about.

    We want you to see this magnificent physical apparatus.
    We want you to adore the functioning of your brain-processes,
    and the functioning of the way that your body is working.
    We want you to see SO MUCH MORE,
    to look in that mirror and see, and adore, than there is
    to see and not like so much!

    You´ve just gotta train yourself to LIKE what you see!

    You must like yourself. You must LIKE what you see,
    before you can turn downstream, towards everything that´s
    in your vibrational escrow!
    Which includes the body you want.
    Which includes the relationships you want.
    Which includes the dynamic dollars that you want.
    Which includes the love of life, and adventure on this planet,

    You see, it´s all there, for you! But you can´t get there from there.
    You´ve gotta change the way you see yourself.
    And you´ve gotta do it, BEFORE the way you see yourself, changes!

    That´s the thing that is so tricky!
    "Oh ja, I´ll bang myself into a better position. And then, I´ll like what I see.
    Oh ja!! I´ll work really hard. I´ll deprive myself of this and this and this,
    I´ll read the 400 000 000. book, that´s been written on what I should
    and shouldn´t eat, I´ll follow the latest fad,
    I´ll follow the latest fad relative to motions, I´ll MAKE IT HAPPEN.
    I´ll make it happen, so that then, I can look in the mirror and like what I see."

    And we say: It doesn´t work that way.
    You´ve gotta look in the mirror AS YOU ARE,
    and LIKE what you see-
    and THEN, what you see will change.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - Losing Weight with Law of Attraction! (2015! New!)

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