Today while meditating, I came across a "thought block" that I just had to write down (writing helps me get my mind wrapped around things)

It was of a ?memory? or thought of being a little girl and being so EAGER and EXCITED about going to Disneyland that she kept bubbling over in enthusiasm and asking "what do I need to do to get there?" except I knew that this was a metaphor, of me being eager and excited about getting into my Vortex, that my human habit of "doing" was the only way I knew how to get from there to there (as Esther would say)

Last time I meditated, I had an experience of what I would call "energy shift" ... I felt a change in my vibration from my physical mind of mundane everyday thoughts to a more grounded, centered place... and of course I got so excited that I knocked myself off that disc within a few moments of being there.

I enjoy this process unfolding. Of course I am impatient and want to master being in the Vortex right away, but I love knowing what I know, and I love being pointed in all the right directions for finding out more and more, I love having opportunities to practice, and I love being excited.

I also love that I have found a place to write where people of a similar vibration can intersect with where I'm at and our energies can sing together!