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Thread: Manifesting abundance!

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    Cool Manifesting abundance!

    Observing how the Universe delivers manifestations never gets old When it occurs, I have to smile inside (and often outside). Milking this energy today with a Positive Expectation to see more (let's see if I can work that up to Joy/Knowing).

    I found myself in a real sweet spot working on my abundance vibration the past few days, spending time with it each day, determining where I was at on the EGS (it was hovering around Worry/Doubt) and deliberately raising my vibration. In just two days I've had a few manifestations that I have to recognize.

    I got a check for $43 in the mail refunding me for dental work overpayment.
    I'm receiving an unexpected $130 work bonus next week.
    I went into a former restaurant I worked for to say hello and ended up getting a $100 dinner for $10.
    A friend bought me a coffee yesterday.
    $170 refunded to my account today that had been sort of up in the air for a bit.
    A talented photographer and new friend is giving me a sweet deal on actor head shots.
    I purchased a round trip flight from Los Angeles to Dallas for $75 on an airline I love.
    I've got two free tickets to a movie screening followed by a live Q&A with one of my favorite actresses.
    A friend let me stay at his place for nearly two weeks while I was taking care of some things back in San Francisco, saved me big hotel costs.
    Renting a car for my business, I got upgraded from a rather standard vehicle to a slicker vehicle I'm happier driving at no extra cost.

    These manifestations come in all shapes and sizes and, man, they're awesome. I actually only came here to list three of the above but once I got started, these other manifestations recently experienced came to mind Vibration is responded to every time, all the time. This work is worth it, even just for the great feelings that come with moving up the EGS. I'm loving my renewed appreciating for this work and the good that is coming with it.

    Best all,


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    So cool ✌️
    Thanks for sharing

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    And so good to see you, again!

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    abundance in a myriad of forms is so delightful.

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    Love hearing this Charley! Glad you are back in the flow--Abundance is flowing to you abundantly:-) I had been wondering why I wasn't more busy with consulting clients and after several months of focusing on other engaging activities, listening to an Abe tape on getting in the receiving mode, and writing blogs, I received 3 very big requests/inquiries based on their internet search on my book topic. All 3 had bought and read the book when they emailed me. Two of the clients have now set dates with me in San Francisco and Seattle and the other asked for date openings and it's in NYC. All 3 very cool places I love visiting. This is so wonderful!!

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