Hello Friends,

For several weeks now I've been coming back to this forum as a guest to read up on people's experiences with the LAO. With great interest I've been going through the many wonderful experiences you fellow co-creators have had and decided to join the forums with the intention to interact with the community!

Now, I learned about Abraham's teachings during the beginning of this year and have enjoyed playing with it ever since. After I became aware of the LAO in my reality I've been able to revisit ( both positive and negative ) events that had happened to me in the past and was able to attribute their cause. Now empowered with the new knowledge from the teachings I've set forth a new path of delibirate creation!

From what I know, I've always had a strong connection with Source or 'God' as I used to call it when I was young. My connection with 'Him' was never diluted by a strict religious dogma as I always feeled free to do as I wish. For me He was simply a trusted friend and I would tell Him about the wondrous things that had happened during the day, or the joy I would feel if a particular desire were to come true. In return some of my desires did occasionally manifest. Finally, after learning about the LAO everything just seemed to click together in wonderful harmony; In a way I had always known to have the ability to manifest my desires, but just couldn't figure out the rules of the game!

While going through this physical experience as a 24 year old male, I like to use my time to play the piano, compose music, writing, thinking about spiritual concepts and of course putting my desires in the vortex. I'm looking forward to interact with this community and thank you for allowing me into your reality!

Much love from The Netherlands,