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Thread: The Age of Awakening

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    The Age of Awakening

    I was in the vortex deliberately this morning, following my instinct to go for an unplanned drive and listen to some of my favorite music, and then it suddenly dawned on me just how powerful this age of awakening actually is and just how masterful the Abe teachings are. We are truly on the brink of SO many wonderful things happening and about to happen to this world and I SO love being on the leading, conscious, very aware, edge of it with all of you and appreciating it all as it unfolds and being the beautiful uplifters we are for others and ourselves. Love and light to all and thank you for all that you be; keep up the GOOD work♥️☀️

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    Welcome to the Forum, LITL!

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    LoveIntoTheLight- what a wonderful name!
    As you, I soooo appreciate this awesome time.
    As you, I so LOVE and resonate with Abes teachings.
    How blessed we are to live and love and laugh and have our hands in the clay, NOW!

    I want to add for everyone who loves Abes words on this fascinating topic the link to this quote-collection

    Time of Awakening

    This is the time when more humans, than ever before,
    will be able to find vibrational alignment with their own desires—
    in their own time/space reality—
    and begin manifesting that which most previous generations
    took three or four or ten generations before coming to the place of allowing.

    There are generations who lived in this time/space reality before you,
    who lived contrasting experiences,
    who launched all kinds of rockets of desires
    that your civilization today benefits from.

    They gave birth to the desires, but because they were so stuck
    in the vibrational patterning of the conditions that they were observing,
    few of them allowed themselves to receive the benefit of their own desires.


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    beautiful LoveIntoTheLight...

    thank you
    we are living in times of great expansion

    love Venus

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