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Thread: Greetings from the Ozarks

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    Greetings from the Ozarks

    Hello, everyone!

    I'm new to this forum, but not new to LOA. I read The Secret in 2006 and thought I was useless at manifestation or that it was too complicated and I was too lazy.

    I started reading this forum about a month ago and things really started to click for me, so I got Ask and It is Given and started trying some of the processes. One of them was the Place Mat process. After I wrote my to-do list, I wrote a list of things I wanted in a new car on the Universe's side of the paper. (I asked for not older than four years, low miles, reliable, and with a payment I could afford).

    Annnd last weekend I bought a 2014 Corolla with under 20k miles on it for under $15k. I'm sold! I'm a believer! Thank you, Universe!

    I'm thrilled to be here and to learn and grow more and more.

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    Welcome to the Forum, O-K!

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