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Thread: Dreams unfolding

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    Dreams unfolding

    Dear lovelies. I made a commitment in 2016 to find my way to alignment and stay there and face everything that came up. I cleared and worked and soothed and eased and meditated and did all sorts - I met my twin flame (which brought up the greatest of my fears and broke me into pieces) but all the time my sights were set on alignment and knowing that all of this was a beautiful gift. I felt extreme highs and extreme fears - again knowing that it was a blessing in letting go and so I released and released.

    A dream became a reality. I wrote a little book and I am now a published writer - a dream I never thought possible and it has received the most incredible response from the most awe-inspiring of places. It has made so many people laugh - it is a gift I was afraid to express until I came into my power and owned it. The feeling of being in the Vortex and moving with such incredible momentum and watching doors swing open, required some extra grounding and focus on alignment so that I would not be overwhelmed. It's also put a few noses out of joint around me...loved ones who may prefer me staying small...but I see the 'real' IB me now and I will not compromise for anyone...because when I'm there, I see them in their full glory too...It's so beautiful...I'm still on the surf board and I get wobbly at times but it's so nice to bring myself back and draw close to spirit.... I am learning to trust and to feel so supported. x

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    This is wonderful. Congratulations on your success! And thank you for sharing the feeling of momentum!

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    So beautiful, Roisin! And we will NEVER be "finished"- as new contrast "puts the eternity into eternalness", but the pain gets less and less, as we know more and more that itīs all so good, isnīt it!

    Thank you for sharing!!!

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    Congratulations and Thank you for sharing. This felt wonderful!

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    So nove anos happy for you 
    Congrats on your success and on your path 
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    oh wow Roisin this is just so wonderful to read about!!
    what a beautiful wonderful journey you are on
    what you wrote touched me, lol, as I feel that I have also been on such highs and such unhighs hahaha in the last year, when someone came into my life and took my breath away haha. It was also a huge period of expansion and realisation for me
    thank you for sharing, I can feel your love and happiness for your dream, very very excited that you have your book published! such a wonderful thing to do! I so love books - they are like little keys that can be carried around to open up our hearts when we delve inside them
    your light is shining brightly and the love is all around you
    just so beautiful!
    much love

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    Congrats.Whats the book name? I would like to support you and buy it.

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