Interesting topic twwinters!! Greetings colleague, another software engineer here!

I belive that if someone was to ever demostrate the low of attraction in math, it could really change our sociaty, because most of the people who don't belive or don't take this teachings seriously will have science to support it.
Someone asked for this in a video once to abraham, the response was that it has something related to strings theory, and that if the fisics and mathmaticians where to really want it and allow it, they will have the equation ready in no time.
From what I can understand, mathmaticians still don't have enough math "resources" to be able to achieve or demonstrate the string theory.

Maybe we could formulte some possible equations, just for the fun of it?
Vibration you emite x Energy(intensity) = Perception/Manifestation you receive /* This could have a summatory of people vibrating about that subject*/

Cheers! Let me know if you ever need some help with the game!