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Thread: Aligning With Maintaining Our Ownership of Our Home

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winner View Post

    In my new dream, a dream friend and I went to see her attorney so she could sign some papers about her massive wealth. When we got there and sat before the attorney, I was shocked to be told that the wealth was for me and I had to sign the papers. I refused at first, saying it was my dream friend's money, but the attorney clearly explained something to me (don't remember what, but it made sense in the dream), that soothed me and I felt good enough to accept the massive fortune and actually signed the paper.
    As we are continually translating our vibration, second for second, your dream is a wonderful Illustration of your current vibrational stance and the remembrance of it will help you to maintain it.
    That's great - like finding the treasure under the rainbow (which YOU placed there for yourself, hehehe)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manakaname View Post
    As we are continually translating our vibration, second for second, your dream is a wonderful Illustration of your current vibrational stance and the remembrance of it will help you to maintain it.
    That's great - like finding the treasure under the rainbow (which YOU placed there for yourself, hehehe)

    [ Yes, it is, IB Manakaname, I love the treasures I put there and I'm having such fun on my way to retrieving them. I just love how my IB shows me, beyond my own feelings, that I'm on the trajectory of them

    Let me milk this some more:

    Isn't wonderful to see my unfolding reflected back to me! I just love that.

    It feels so good to me, to be molding my clay and also watching it take shape in my thoughts, feelings, dreamscapes and other manifestations.

    I so love being the one deciding and allowing.

    I love being the one watching my vibration turn to things.

    I love knowing when to turn up the heat, when to keep it in neutral and when to slow it down.

    I love playing this game.

    I love knowing that my IB/NPFs are having fun with me, delighting even more as I connect the dots.

    Such fun and thank you for inspiring the milking, sweet Manakaname!!!!!

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    Woke up this morning to yet another magnificent dream. It felt SO real, I was surprised when I awoke and realized it was a dream. It felt so gloriously delicious. I was so happy and uplifted and in sync with ME. In the dream, I received excellent news (I'm keeping it to myself for now) and felt such deep incredible joy. Of course, it felt that way! I feel this way more and more in my day.

    I love how often I'm receiving these confirmations from my broader perspective

    I love being in, on the unfolding of my desires.

    I love having confirmations of my vibration in many ways - in my deliberate emotional tuning, in my dreamscape and in my physical manifestations.

    It feels so good to give myself these "high-fives" in my dreams

    It feels so good to know I'm getting warmer and warmer

    It feels so good to know that I'm "making" this happen very consciously and know how I'm "doing" it

    It feels so delicious to acclimate to vibes of my desired outcomes

    What a delight to feel how the physical manifestations will feel, before they pop

    What a delight to be so in alignment, consistently, deliberately with my Source

    What fun to know that the physical manifestations will soon be in my experience and have this knowing be one of the reasons why I simply relax and enjoy

    What fun to frolick with my IB/NPFs as much as possible each day

    What fun it is to be a conscious, deliberate molder of my clay

    So good

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    Oh, how I love this journey. How I love all the manifestations along the way. How delicious!!!

    I celebrate the powerful delicious dream manifestations that I keep having consistently, acknowledging the unfolding path I'm always on. Among other delicious dreams, I awoke to one in which something "rare" that I'd been wanting was received by me. Oh what delight to have received it! What fun! I cried tears of joy.

    I bask in these delicious dreams, these manifestational signposts I receive that confirm the happy as can be, unconditional journey that I choose my life to be. I delight in them, my beautiful creations, which feel so heavenly.

    And there are those many moments when throughout my day, I suddenly have this swell of overflowing joy bubbling from me and it feels SO delicious. I celebrate and delight in those fabulous moments, which are manifestations of my alignment, making this journey fun, fun, fun.

    I take great pleasure in my deliberate allowing, in my choosing in every moment, as much as I can, to feel better, to feel good, to feel fabulous, to feel as my IB/NPFs feel - basking, reveling, choosing to believe, choosing to trust, to be a conscious creator/allower, letting my Source adore and guide me, as I choose fun and more fun and more fun.

    So good to see these manifestations of good feelings, delightful dreams, delicious ideas and physical delights, confirm this consistent, continuous vibrational state of alignment I choose to live in, most of the time.

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    Dear IB/NPFs,

    It's been 3 months since we moved out and have been living with my mom. This morning, I caught myself wondering when I would have a home of my own again. And since that thought doesn't feel good at all, it is my intention to nip it in the butt and get myself feeling better.

    Thanks for helping me feel better again, sweet Source:

    It's alright to want to have my own home again. And this time, to own it free and clear outright. The desire to always buy things in full and own them outright was born within me from this house contrast. No matter what I buy, I now prefer to buy/own it free and clear. Yes, it'd be so nice to own my own home free and clear.

    It feels uncomfortable to not know when we'd have a home of our own again. I wish that I could just reach into the ethers or universe and pull out what I want, whenever I want it and it's alright to wish that too. I have read books of Eastern masters who were able to do things like that easily and perhaps some day I too will reach that level of mastery - after all, ask and it is given.

    I have been doing a fantastic job of allowing. I am so proud of myself for "handling" my situation with such strong faith and believe that things are always working out for me. I have received praises from family and friends for my "bravery" and it never felt like bravery to me. I simply chose to believe that it was a good thing and maintain my vibration of feeling good. So, I am doing great, even though it may not have felt that way with the score taking thought.

    But the only reason for my feeling the dip in my emotions is because of taking score negatively instead of positively. But, look how instead of letting myself dip further, I am "doing" my "work" of feeling better, deliberately, because it is what I choose. Go me, deliberate allower, Winner!

    So, let's take some positive score:

    1. I have a very comfortable roof over my head. Yes, I do. My girlfriend said to me a couple of months ago, "Winner, a lot of people in a similar situation move into apartments or other rental home, but you moved into a gorgeous million dollar home in your very same upscale neighborhood, with your mom, in which your husband and kids are completely at ease." She's right. We are very at ease here. My mom is so easy to live with and loves having her grand kids with her. She cooks for us a lot when she's here and travels for a week or more at a time, visiting with my other siblings, leaving the house to us. Now, that's things working out for me!

    2. My children are in their same private school and the distance to there is the same as it was before. Since my mom lives on the same street as my former home, my driving time remains the same. I was a bit concerned about this, back when the path to living with my mom didn't appear to be an option. But the beautiful U worked behind the scenes, knowing all that I wanted, and opened things up without my lifting a finger or even thinking much about it. In fact, at the time, I wasn't even considering living with Mom as an option - we were focused on renting a house and things kept falling through. Suddenly, living with my mom opened up and there it was, easy peasy and satisfying what I wanted for a transition home, very well, and also satisfying hubs and my kids, as well.

    So, what was different about that manifestation? I wasn't focused on where exactly we'd live. I was focused on things, like ease, freedom for us and our kids, close proximity to the school, being still in a posh neighborhood, ease on finances, etc. The U got me the very best path of least resistance. Things are truly always working out for me, even when I'm unaware of the unfolding, it is happening.

    3. I have done a fantastic job of keeping a high vibration and staying in conversation with my Source. As a result, I have received many dreams confirming my path. There was that lucid experience of me merging with my Source; there was that dream in which I was given that absolutely delicious message; there was that dream in which I felt so peaceful floating; there was that dream in which I received that "rare" thing; then there are all the joyful "astral projection" experiences that feel so indescribably happy.

    So, yes, my IB/NPFs are always communicating with me and I do a really fabulous job of receiving. I know this for sure.

    4. Speaking of my receiving, how about that absolutely fabulously magnificent thought I received a little while back, just as I was entering meditation? That idea has been delighting me thoroughly for weeks now and has helped me further realize how intimate the details are, that my IB keeps on my desires. The idea was of a multi million dollar home on the market, in a town in which I "secretly" desired living in and which my IB "told" me I could buy, tear down and build the "dream" home I've been wanting, since building our former home.

    Turns out that home has some very intimate details of things I'd been wanting in a house and revealed to me that what I want is possible and that too, in this town of my desires. The location is even closer to my kids school and even posher than our current posh location.

    Sometimes, I drive by this home when I pick my kids up from school and it feels so good to think that this home is a CC of my vortex. The mere fact that I received the thought about this home and that on examining the details of it, I discovered why my IB whispered about it to me, is SO hugely satisfying, so vortexual. This is things working out for me. This is me being in the receptive mode.

    5. Then, just yesterday, I was able to tour a home on the street directly behind this one. I was driving again by the home, when I saw that its neighbor was having an estate sale. I pulled over and went in with my daughter. It wasn't until we went upstairs and I saw and heard my daughter squeal with delight about one of the bedrooms, that I awoke to the realization that the moment was a manifestation of the unfolding of my desire to have my own home again. It was a delicious path along my unfolding journey. I basked in that realization, in my receiving that message.

    I had visualized my family and me viewing the posher home with a broker and in the visualization, I "saw" my kids squealing with delight about the bedrooms that would be theirs. Ha! The U is awesome. So, there I was, yesterday, witnessing my daughter doing it, in a home on the street behind the one that inspired the visualization. Talk about things always working out for me and things unfolding beautifully!

    So, I am not in the dark about my unfolding. I am aware of what is happening, just as I have often told my IB, I like to be. I shall soon have a beautiful home of my own again. I shall soon be able to build my dream (for now), chateau too and it will all feel even more delightful than all my delicious dreaming.

    I trust the process. I trust the path. I enjoy the path and all the nuggets that I recognize along the way and that make this journey such great fun. It feels so good to be in on the unfolding. It feels good to have my hands in the clay of my sculpture, feeling and massaging and soothing and reveling and more and more skipping along the way.

    All is well. Things are truly ALWAYS working out for me.

    I love you IB/NPFs - always and forever and thank you for everything,

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