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Thread: Aligning With Maintaining Our Ownership of Our Home

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    My name is WINNER and I am Source energy that projected a part of its consciousness into this physical body for the purpose of taking thought beyond that which it has been before. The rest of me remains non-physical and that part I call my IB. Together with my IB, I have a cadre of NPFs who are adoring me, playing with me, loving me, enjoying with me, guiding me, calling me, etc as I live my time in this time space.

    I am supported by the natural powerful LOA which brings to me vibrationally and physically manifestations of all that I choose to experience. I attract to me by virtue of living life. I deliberately attract to me by virtue of focusing on what I want, feeling the pleasure of the life force that flows through me.

    Because it is natural for me to receive all that I desire, my sole task is to go with the flow, enjoying my life as best as I can, soothing any wobblies and being in cahoots as much as I can with the fullness of me.

    And so today, no matter where I am, no matter what I'm doing, no matter who I'm doing it with, it is my dominant intention to be aware of my IB/NPFs in as many moments as possible, enjoying and delighting in my moments with me. Today, I frolick more than I ever have before, with my Source - the whole of me.

    How I love this EPiC premise! It sends me straight into the vortex

    I appreciate being reminded yesterday of some money I had in Paypal,
    which I had forgotten about - $1,250.00. Thank you, IB.

    I appreciate the beautiful home I toured yesterday. It is of good size, a quiet location and well maintained. I am thankful for the owners who put it up for rent. I look forward to filling out the application to rent it.

    I appreciate how much this contrast has helped me love my own home even more. The uniqueness of my home is truly remarkable and I cherish that more than ever.

    I appreciate me for making sure I soothe and get in sync with feeling better before taking any "needed" action related to moving.

    I appreciate how marvelous it feels to dream of the possibility that things could rearrange themselves physically and I could find that we have maintained our ownership of our home. How delightful that feels!

    I appreciate my desire to one day soon come to this thread and post, "We did it!!! We did it!!! We have aligned with maintaining our ownership of our home!!!!!!!!" That feels like delicious anticipation!

    I appreciate all that pour out of my vortex and into my physical reality today. I shall recognize and thoroughly enjoy them.

    SO good

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    My dear Winner, Universe is magical

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    Thank you, dearest POE!!!

    The Universe is indeed magical, beautiful LOTB!

    I am feeling hesitant to fill out the rental application and I want to soothe that.

    I feel hesitant to fill out the application because:

    - I think it means I'm sending a signal to the U that is contrary to what I desire and I wonder if this mixed signal creates a contradiction which then holds my desire at a standstill

    - I'm hesitant to commit to renting when I know that there's a possibility that my desire may come true

    - I'm not wanting to spend money on the application fee or rent and having to forfeit it when my desire manifests

    - It's a legally binding step towards moving and I'm afraid to get myself into another home related legal situation if I don't hold up my end of the bargain

    - Although this is a beautiful home, it is not my home. I'm still attached to my home, after all.

    - I really don't know for sure 100% if I'll align with maintaining ownership of our home

    To Soothe:

    It's a good thing that I'm recognizing the hesitant feeling within me and choosing not to proceed until that can be soothed. It shows me that I'm willing to align first and let the action flow naturally (as much as possible anyway).

    It's okay to be attached to my home. I put my heart into it all these years. Hubs and I custom designed it with our architect and there are many very unique to me details throughout which I love and the homes available for as now for rental pale in comparison.

    The good news is that I've learned the process of self soothing, so even if things don't go my way and I let myself plunge down the emotional scale, I'll know what to do to get back up whenever I choose. After all, my IB is always calling me to the pay that is my highest good.

    That's what I'm doing now - soothing my resistance to filling out the rental application. This is a clear example to me that I know what to do and I do it because being in sync with all that I am feels much better than not while it has the added benefit of being the way to allow my desires.

    I don't have to fill out the rental agreement right now, not even today. I shall know when it is the right time to do it because it will feel easy and smooth and natural. Of course the only reason to not fill it out, besides resistance, is having physical evidence toward having my desire. And how wonderful it feels to let that in!

    Physical evidence towards having my desire! Now that's an example of a thought that feels easy, smooth, joyful and natural! Thank you, IB for helping me receive that thought and bringing a smile to my heart and face.

    Thanks to that thought I don't even feel like thinking of the application form anymore, so I"ll just imagine what if feels like to receive my desire because that feels so much more delicious.

    Feeling my desire

    Receiving physical evidence towards having my desire is so easy, joyful, smooth, natural. It feels wonderful to contemplate this magical universe helping me reverse my fortunes and granting me my beautiful desire to maintain ownership of our home and keep living here.

    It is no wonder that I love my home and I love it even more than ever before because of this contrast. It is the natural place for us to live as our main home base. When I stand each day on my balcony and look at the back yard, when I look at the many unique features, when I walk through my house, when I sometimes kiss the exterior stonework, I know for sure that this is my home and I love it.

    When I receive my first beyond emotion physical evidence that my desire is coming true:

    I shall dash to my balcony as quickly as I can and shout with joy to the Universe "Thank you! Thank you! Thank me! We did it, IB/NPFs! We did it! Thank you!" It feels so good imagining this.

    I shall pop open my bottle of special champagne, bring out my unique flutes and hubs and I will toast to the power of alignment and all that is. We shall toast to our house and bless it with our infinite love and joy.

    I shall then come to this thread and share with great excitement to all, the words: "We did it! We did it! We have aligned with maintaining our ownership of our home!" It will give me incredible joy to share my success with all my friends here on the forum because you will appreciate it fully with me.

    I shall next hire a cleaning company that I love to clean my home from top to bottom and I shall happily spend the money for the service.

    Confirmation of my own incredible power as Source energy in this physical body, through this experience, gives me an unstoppable feeling - that feeling of invincibility. I feel it now, just imagining, as I write here. I feel on top of the world.

    What an interesting soothing experience, this has been. I came here to soothe, and I love the path through which my IB guided the process.

    I thought the point was to help me feel good about filling out the application. Turns out it was to help my feel fabulous and in sync with ME and the topic used to get there is one that delights me to no end.

    IB, so brilliant

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    I am proud of myself for completing the rental application and sending it off. I did it in a relaxed go with the flow state. I made sure to be in a good feeling place and acknowledging the presence of my Source before starting. I reminded myself that things were unfolding for my highest good, as I went through the process.

    At one point, I started to feel wobbly, so I paused, went to my balcony, talked to my IB/NPFs out loud, soothed into a better feeling place and then returned to the application.

    Now that it's done, I continue to feel good and relaxed and proud that I deliberately relaxed myself into alignment and completed a necessary, but "non-preferred" action.

    Yay me!

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    It was wonderful to hear from my friend who was really unwell and is now recovering. She said she can't wait to take me to dinner when she fully recovers to thank me for being a huge part of her wellness (I wasn't even aware of this major health contrast she had). According to her, the U had used me several times, in her signs along the way, telling her that she'd be just fine. Even to the moment when she was being wheeled into the operating room, a sign of me was again given to her and she knew then that she'd come out alive and thrive.

    I appreciated getting a text from another girlfriend telling me that for the first time she truly believed that things were always working out for her. She said her day had unfolded in a truly surreal way with many things she was wanting, flowing easily into her experience. I told her I was taking that as driftwood for me.

    I was on a thread on this forum when I saw my first name in someone's post and it was a very happy and positive post where the person with my first name had "made" the poster very happy. This "made" really happy as well.

    I received a totally gorgeous sleeveless maxi dress from my mom and it's perfect on me. It is perfect for me to wear on my stay at the gorgeous European destination where I'd like to celebrate my birthday. She also got my daughter some perfect dresses which I can see her wearing at my different birthday events at this location.

    Then, I found a TV series filmed at the location where I'm planning this birthday vacation and in one of the episodes, a character who has my first name (spelled exactly the same) was celebrating her birthday! I laughed so much and delighted at how really cool this is.

    What's next? What other fabulous manifestations can pour out of my vortex into my physical reality today? I love all evidence that come as confirmation of my alignment

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    Ah! the life of a deliberate allower - one moment feeling good, the next moment looking to soothe - it feels like that sometimes to me.

    I'm, wanting to feel better before emailing our IDs and some financial info, so they can move forward with the rental process.

    Why is this oov?

    I cherish privacy and it feels off having my personal stuff out there ...

    It feels one sided seeing my physical reality constantly reflecting contrary to my desires

    I wish that I could see some physical evidence towards my desire

    I wish that I could be true to the teachings and be satisfied with thought and feeling only, all of the time, but there are those times, like now, when I wish for physical evidence of my desire.

    The Soothing

    I have learned to let go of a lot of my privacy since a lot of it is public domain anyway. This particular docs are not going out into the world, just to the rental people and it's alright. I'm going to be a mega billionaire some day and it's time I get comfortable with some lack of privacy. Other people are just like me - they are IBs in physical bodies supported by LOA.

    There really isn't much that I'm aware of, besides what I'm doing now (soothing to feel better), that I can do to effect the outcome of my desire. So just feel better and then take the action I have to take and that's alright.

    Although it may look like time is running out because of the date July 26 coming up and the actions I have to take so far seem to be contrary to my desire, I like to think that they're serving some purpose of the Universe in the grand scheme of things. I like to think that in the sphere of the magical universe, switches can happen very fast. One moment I could be taking an action that seems contrary to my desire and the next I could be living my desire.

    It is natural for me to get what I want. Abraham say it's done. It feels better to trust what Abraham say. It feels better to hope for the best. It feels better to find some relief. It feels better to think that my IB/NPFs have a plan and that it's unfolding just fine.

    Abraham say feeling relief is all I have to do. I'm glad to be able to come to the forum and deliberately talk myself into that relief.

    I don't have to send the docs right this minute. I can wait a hour or so. I can watch a fun show or read a book or play with my kids or any number of things before I send the stuff. I will feel even freer when the stuff is sent.

    It's just papers to send and the U will take care of everything else.

    I'm glad to be feeling relief right now. I'm glad to be feeling better. I'm glad to be in a place where I can send the papers and be okay with that. I'm glad to leave things in the hands of my IB.
    I'm mostly glad to know that no matter what unfolds, I will always choose to deliberately seek relief and that's my only task

    PS: I love that my daughter just walked in and gave me kisses, saying, "Oh yeah, my mama is so cute." I appreciate this physical evidence of the shift in my vibration.

    I appreciate the rental people and all involved. Its good that they require these docs from possible renters. If I had a home to rent out, I'd like to have these docs requested.

    I appreciate the potential home and the lovely people who have it available for rent. I can see how nice it is to have homes like that
    available for rent. It's good to know that we'll have a nice place to move into should things come to that.

    I appreciate that there's a solution - many gratifying solutions - for my situation. I like the possibility that I'm moving towards them and my rendez-vous with them any day now is imminent. What fun that would be!

    I wonder what the solution will look like. I know it will feel like relief, like of course, like oh yeah, like "I did it!" I'm looking forward to experiencing the creativity of the LOA in satisfying me fully.

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