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Thread: Aligning With Maintaining Our Ownership of Our Home

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    Aligning With Maintaining Our Ownership of Our Home

    What a journey this has been! It has spread over several years and has been an amazing journey of transformation. It is now the home stretch and I want to document this final stage here as I watch the U unfold my desire.

    This contrast has been quite an emotional roller coaster for me and it has taught me, especially in the past few months, to focus and allow like never before.

    Somehow, I think that considering all that I want, the U is wanting to fulfill a bunch of my desires at once.

    I have received so much guidance from my Source and so many signs of success. In fact, so much has happened on this journey to delay and give me time to align. Each time it seemed like the end, something happened to delay it. I am truly thankful to my IB and my NPFs for this.

    Just before the sale took place, my IB gave me a clear message - "The sale will happen, but you will buy it back." At the time, that was a thought of relief. Then, a delay happened that our attorney couldn't believe. Due to a simple error on the part of the bank's attorney, the sale couldn't be confirmed. This delayed things and moved it all to May 26, once again giving me time to align with maintaining ownership of our home.

    Our attorney told me that in his 40 year career do this type of work, he has never had a case delayed as much as ours. He's never seen the other side make so many irrelevant errors. That comment made me smile

    Yesterday, the bank made good on what caused the delay which had to do with forgiving some of the money owed a very small amount comparatively - this means they can have the sale confirmed on May 26. This small amount forgiven should have been good news for me - and it was, for our attorney and my hubs - but it only reminded me that I had yet to align with my desire to maintain our ownership of this home and that this was the home stretch.

    But, I'm a pro at this work - I knew what that disagreement with my IB feeling meant - I began talking to IB to soothe and right away, back to back, I received 2 physical signs besides feeling better, that were clear answers from Source reminding me that I shall receive my desire. That was cool.

    My intention in this home stretch and for documenting it here is to help me fully TRUST in my ability to allow the unfolding of my desire AND to clearly publicly share the process of my allowing the only outcome that is possible in this scenario - we get to maintain our ownership of our home

    Here Goes...

    I don't know how the U will bring about my desire, but I do expect a path to unfold. I have my own delicious idea of how I'd like it to unfold. How the U does it is up to the U, but what I can think of that pleases me to contemplate is receiving the money to pay off the bank.

    Speaking of the bank, I'm really appreciative of the bank. They have no idea how much they've helped me put billions of dollars and more in my vortex. They are only following the system to get their money back and I'm looking forward to paying them the full $2.5 million including their attorney's fees, etc.

    It will be a great pleasure to pay off the bank. I've even thought I'd like to include a letter of thanks with my payment to them. That pleases me.

    I suspect that the U wants to give me a fabulous amount of money to not only pay off the bank at this stage and maintain our ownership of our home, but also to do some things I've been wanting to do for a while. I shall not be surprised if things unfold this way because I've come to expect it.

    I'm so happy to document here, this home stretch. I've come this far in collaboration with my Source and now the slight veil over my perception is about to be lifted so that I can see, smell, hear and touch my desire in my physical experience.

    I love our home. We had it designed by our own architect and built. All our kids were born here and we love it. I love the beautiful memories we've created here. I love the big, green 1.7 acre very lush land.

    I love how long my driveway is so that our gorgeous home sits far away from the street. I love the beautiful trees that flank both sides of our driveway and right now, they are flowering white preparing to be green leaves. Hubs and I planted those trees when they were very little and they flourished over the years. I feel like beloved royalty driving or walking my driveway. It is so beautiful.

    I love the Mediterranean style of our home. It is not a common style where we live and I love that. I love the big columns outside, the beautiful stonework of the exterior and especially the little flower that was carved into that stonework by the installers, just for me, many years ago when I was pregnant with out first.

    I love the beautiful curve staircase and I remember how excited I was when I saw it in a catalogue and decided I had to have the same in my home. I love and admire all our hand carved solid exotic wood doors. I remember how delightful it was when hubs and I picked out every animal, bird, person, and scenery which we wanted hand carved on each of the doors. It was a wonderful feeling watching the workers lift and install these heavy doors throughout my home, when they were delivered. I have enjoyed them ever since and our kids have loved discovering the animals in them.

    I love sitting on my bedroom balcony of warm days/nights, watching the kids play, listening to the birds sing and eat from the feeder and enjoying the lush green of the trees and flowers that surround my home.

    There is so much that I love about our home. It is no wonder that I choose to maintain our ownership of it.

    The U has come this far with me. I'm looking forward to maintaining our ownership of this home.

    I made peace with where we are on this a while ago and I know that no matter what happens we will be taken care of. I have let go of any control and I feel free most of the time, knowing that I've left things in the capable hands of my IB.

    I'm so proud of myself for this journey and am excited to see it conclude. It has truly been amazing and gifted me with great understanding of the process of deliberate allowing.

    I'm thanking my IB/NPFs for all the help I have received and continue to receive as I allow the natural unfolding of this and my other desires, into my physical experience.

    I feel good and I feel free as I let go and allow the U to do its thing. It's going to be a beautiful day!

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    I love this beautiful, wealthy suburb in which I live I am surrounded by so much affluence and abundance here. I love seeing all the grand million dollar plus homes everyday with their unique designs and beautiful lawns.

    I love seeing all the gorgeous luxury cars and SUVs and acknowledging some of my favorite ones like Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Rolls Royces, Bentleys and some Maseratis.

    I love the smooth roads and lovely streets. I enjoy going for walks with my hubs and kids around different areas. We love to visit the different small lakes and the kids enjoy discovering turtles, frogs, birds and more that come around the ponds. It makes me laugh to see them so excited and then I find myself getting excited as well.

    I love our little town center where we gather in the summer months outdoors in our really beautiful town square and watch, listen and dance to the bands playing all kinds of music. Afterwards, we can go shopping in the stores if we want. I enjoy hanging out with my girlfriend M and her hubs and kids at these events.

    I appreciate our village government and all they do to keep our suburb safe, clean, beautiful and functioning smoothly. I thank our police and fire departments for all they do to make this place so worth living in.

    I just love my neighbors. They're quiet and keep to themselves for the most part, which I like. But when we do see each other, we talk so much and catch up and enjoy each other's company.

    I love how passionate some of my neighbors are. One of them recently paid me a visit to ask me to join her in protesting against a major potential tax hike which would benefit our public high school district. It was wonderful to watch her passion and listen to her arguments against the tax increase, knowing she was putting tons of money in her vortex. It was lovely for me to then contemplate my own stand on the issue and decide that I'm okay either way because a tax increase means more money in my vortex for me to allow. It was wonderful for me to appreciate how blessed by me I am that my kids are in private schools and I intend to keep it that way. So good!

    I asked IB for a lovely family to move in the unfinished house close to me and yes - what a wonderful nice family that has moved in now that the home is done. Hubs and I got to meet and chat with them - what a lovely family!

    Today, as I drove my kids to school, we delighted in the spring colors everywhere in our beautiful suburb town. We pointed out those gorgeous flowering lavender trees, the pink ones, the white ones and the deep red ones. We enjoyed peeks at the elegant long neck herons in the little lakes swooping in to scoop up fish and the lovely birds in beautiful colors chirping and flying and frolicking around.

    I am such an awesome allower to live in such an elegant, wealthy and abundant town. I am such a powerful being. I must know how to allow because look at the delights that are present daily in my experience. The Universe and I must be collaborating so very well because feel how delicious I feel as I enjoy the beauty and love that surround me.

    I am a truly blessed by me being and I love that

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    There is so much love in my life. Each moment is full of love just for me and many times I catch myself with a secret smile, like Mona Lisa's, as I live or recall these moments of the heart

    I am so loved by the beautiful man I married. I hear the love in his voice and in his actions everyday. It's wonderful when he calls me from work just to ask how my day is coming along or if there's anything he can do for me. He so enjoys touching me at unexpected times - he lightly brushes against me or runs a finger along my arm or gives me a gentle kiss, all at moments I least expect.

    He helps to make my life so much easier everyday. I love that he always helps with our kids. When each of them was born, I never had to worry about being tired or groggy or not sleeping well. My amazing IB of a husband got up each night at the sound of baby crying to comfort, feed, change diaper and get baby back to sleep. He made sure I had a nanny to assist me during the day while he was at work and when he got back, he took over with baby again. It was a joy for him and for me. He loves playing with the children, making up games and stories, creating, reading, and introducing them to bugs. He loves helping them to bed and does it everyday.

    It's as if the U knew the parts about motherhood that I didn't enjoy as much and gave me a man who just loved it and thus giving me many excuses to appreciate the infinite ways I am indeed loved.

    My husband makes my heart sing. He cooks for me sometimes, does the dishes, and even the laundry whenever he can. I like telling him what a genius he is because he can fix almost anything that breaks around the house.

    This love that IB flows to me through my kind, loving, easy-going hubs is so delightful. It's oh so good to be the center of all this attention.

    But that's not all....

    Incredible love flows to me through my children everyday, every moment. Oh the beauty of them!

    Even now, my daughter comes to rest her head against my cheek and it feels wonderful. She just rests here for a few moments, saying nothing and I pause to feel the love of the moment. Isn't this incredible!!! This moment of bliss, of such deep tenderness and connection is indescribable. I get to enjoy many of these moments throughout my day. Sometimes, for no reason at all, she comes over and kisses my hand or my nose or my eyes or all of them.

    I love her voice. She loves to make up songs and sing as loudly as she can. She loves to take care of bugs. She goes outside, finds a beetle or a grub or a worm and brings it in the house and talks to it and loves it. It fills me with love to see her express her love

    Sweet Source, how much more love can I take?

    Then there's my middle guy who loves to give me gifts. He makes beautiful trinkets at school just for me. It's so adorable that in his day, he thinks of me. I love that he surprises me with a rose he's made out of some material or drawn. He delights me when he opens his arms wide and says to me, "hug".

    This one is an amazing winner. He's often winning stuff and always expects things to go his way. He recently won an Easter basket filled with goodies and was so thrilled as he presented each item from the basket for my viewing pleasure.

    He's also a powerful allower For his last birthday, he asked me to get a Nerf Blaster as a gift for him. I said, "no I won't", but reminded him that he's a powerful IB and can get whatever he wants. He said, "I'll just talk to my IB about it." On the day of his birthday party, one of the parents brought him a great big Nerf Blaster, the exact type he wanted. When he saw the gift, he exclaimed, "Mom, look at what IB gave me!" It made me laugh so hard and love him so much to see what an amazing deliberate allower he already is.

    What a fun loving being! I am so loved by the Source that's him

    Now, my oldest is just the most amazing about-to-be tween ever! His love for me is awesome. He's filled with appreciation for the smallest things. He says, "thank you, Mom" so many times during the day. Whenever I suggest what he could wear, make food, give him something to drink, tell him a bedtime story (he still loves these), he says, "thank you, Mom."

    He's the one who sometimes says, "Mom, you're just out of your vortex. You'll find a way back in soon." He's the one who will make a quick meal for himself and his siblings if Mom is still meditating when they come downstairs. He's the one who likes to tell me tales of ancient civilizations or bizarre animals he's learned about. He makes me laugh so!

    He's the one who's about to enter his teen years and I notice the changes in his behavior. It is so divine to watch as he navigates being a teen and still being a child. I smile secretly when I see he doesn't want to change in front of me anymore and yet loves it when I sit on his bed and tell him a made-up bedtime story.

    I love how his appreciation of me expresses the love of Source from him to me. So VERY awesome!

    I feel so excited thinking about experiencing these different stages, personalities, and showers of love. I am so blessed by me to have such incredible love every moment of everyday flowing into my life.

    But hey, what about me?

    I so love me. I am utterly amazing! I flow so much love to me each day. I am a kind, loving, fun and very positive person. I love the experiences I've had in my life that have led me to who I am today. I embrace every piece of the puzzle that is this amazing me!

    I admire me for my wonderful dreaming mind. The things my mind conjures up and believes are just excellent. These delightful dreams provide me with many hours of fun and allow me to live more on my own terms. For example, I was dreaming of my next birthday and all the fun I'd like to have. It gave me so much pleasure to consider an all expense paid 10 - 15 day event for about 35 of my friends and family to an exotic, blissful European destination. I dreamed about the villas I'd rent and all the exclusive customized activities. I love me for having such a mind that enjoys life experiences like this.

    I just love that I'm an excellent mom. I take lots of time for myself to relax and open up to myself before I tend to my beautiful family. I love making lunches for my kids for school and I totally enjoy driving them to/from school and activities. I enjoy listening to them share exciting things about their experiences and am not phased by their many moments of contrasting experiences.

    I love the love I flow to my friends and family. It gives me so much joy to surprise them with gestures of appreciation. Many times, they receive surprise flowers or gifts from me and they call me in utter delight. Just now, my brother called me to express his appreciation of me for the surprise birthday gift I sent him. A couple of days ago a friend took me out to dinner to express her appreciation of me for some guidance I gave her that helped her allow a great job in an amazing company. Last week I happily surprised 2 friends with flowers and gifts and they were both very pleased.

    I love these amazing wonderful relationships I have with my family and friends and I love me for allowing them into my experience.

    I love my healthy, strong, beautiful physical body. I enjoy lifting heavy weights as part of my work outs and each time I move to a higher weight, I regal myself with praise for how incredible my body is. Whether I'm squatting higher or deadlifting more than previously, I take great delight in knowing that my body is serving me so very well in many different ways.

    I so admire me for searching for the meaning of life from my very early years and going through the many schools of thought that culminated in having the amazing teachings of Abraham. I love that I'm devoted to my happiness and my awareness of the whole of me as much as possible each day.

    I love me for loving a life of financial affluence and extravagance. I love me for wanting to push the boundaries of luxury and for admiring the companies that price their products so high that many people gasp at the prices. It makes me contemplate how much they help the world and me put astounding amounts in the vortex. It makes me excited to align with my own financial fortunes.

    I am just the best person ever and I love me so much!

    Yep, I walk around with a secret smile each day because there is so much love flowing to me. I love the feeling of love. I love the words of love. I love the acts of love. It give me pleasure to experience love in its many forms everyday

    PS: My lovely hubs just walked in and expressed his love of me by presenting me with a small vase of purple lilacs that he picked from the garden. See, that's what I mean. Source is always expressing her love of me. I'm so loved and I love that

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