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Thread: things are looking up

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    things are looking up

    for a while now i have felt held back and been struggling especially at work. I have had quite a bit of anxiety and a few difficult conversations with my manager. I felt i was a good employee and have worked in the office delivering welfare for 25 years but it got to the point where i was dreading going to work. i have been doing lots of meditation and apreciative thinking. i have laso been reading the books and taking a moment to think about each paragraph. each morning i listen to esther's 13.13 you tube everything is working out for me. and at night i watch some of her DVDs. i am more aware now of my thinking and have made real effort to appreciate small things like hot water, my bed, easy traffic, my car, my proximity to work and take time to say i like this and that looks good. etc. i dont watch the news or read a newspaper i just focus on positives. last week i was asked to join a new team on an urgent project so i felt great. then my new boss rang me and he said i had a great reputation and was so nice and light hearted. then i got an interview for promotion!. its all starting to feel good and i feel much happier. i even have two ducks in my garden that peck at the glass door for food, they are so funny. i just wanted to share as i have had a complete twist in direction best wishes to all.

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    Thank you for sharing this Luckychap!!!congratulations reading this made me feel so good!!!

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    really glad that you feel good i am practising all the time and it just feels lovely.

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