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Thread: Why am I in a downward spiral?

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    Why am I in a downward spiral?

    In one area of my life, I am building momentum. It has to do with getting the healthy body I want. Everyday, something is happening. New information is coming in and I'm excited to learn stuff and try things out. I feel optimistic and hopeful. Though I know I still have some resistance but it's Okay. I'm moving in the right direction. Another area has me baffled though. It's my friendships and relationships. One by one, people are disappearing or becoming unavailable. For instance, I used to text my family pretty regularly, even talked to my sister daily. Now, I talk to them once a month if I'm lucky. Friends quit talking to me just for some reason. I don't know why. It's snow balling now. I'm focused on the wrong end of the stick and I'm so lonely. I have to pay a therapist just to have someone to talk to. No one listens to me when they do talk. And I so so so want real friends. Why am I getting the opposite? How do I stop this downward spiral?

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    Part of it is obvious: You are vibrating out of their reality, as you move up the EGS.

    But now you are letting this be something to focus on in a negative way. Does that make sense? With that understanding, what do you think would be the Abe way to handle it?

    Focus on 'Wouldn't it be nice to have new friends that agree with me on this positive momentum?' Something like that?

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    You get what you focus on, whether you like it or not. So the more you focus on how "lonely" you are, the more you perceive yourself to be in a "downward spiral," the more you get of it. You've either got to focus on other things that feel better to you, or you've got to find ways to feel BETTER about the topic of friendships/relationships.

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    All of the above!
    -You are never lonely for other people, you are lonely for the full cennection with YOU.
    That´s the basis of feeling lonely.

    This quote-collection might help to understand deeper.

    Quotes about being lonely

    Feeling excluded

    That feeling of being excluded, always...
    you think you´ve been left out of that party, over there.
    That´s not what it is!
    You´r leaving YOURSELF out of your own party!

    The ONLY thing that makes you feel like a victim, or feel vulnerable,
    or feel misunderstood, or feel not appreciated,
    or feel not brought into it, is:
    You´r not allowing yourself alignment, with who you really are!

    When you´r in alignment with who you really are-
    you´r invincible! You´r hardy!
    YOU are the one, that´s saving the bear, then, you see!

    (...) No one can exclude you from anything.
    But you can choose thoughts that exclude you,
    from your stream, or your power.

    from the clip
    Abraham Explains That If It Feels Good, It's Always Right!

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    Thank you for the feedback. Yes, I think it's good to feel better about friendship and relationships. I started doing that by remembering that my family did text me for the holiday. I felt a slight shift when I did that. Also, I started scripting. I think I will begin scripting more positive experiences for myself in this regard. And then finally being in alignment and connected with who I really am is an on going thing for me.

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    What is scripting? That sounds really interesting. I hope you find like-minded new friends, too. I'm sure they are waiting for you!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angel Heart View Post
    What is scripting? That sounds really interesting.

    Scripting is a Process from AAIIG. If you’re interested, I would always recommend reading about it direct from Abe. We’ve had many conversations about that Process over the years. You can Search for them. To get you started, here’s one such conversation:

    The Scripting Process

    Quote Originally Posted by Angel Heart View Post
    I hope you find like-minded new friends, too. I'm sure they are waiting for you!!

    As Abraham teach us, if you Ask, it is Given, every time. They are waiting for our friend in our friend’s Vortex. If our friend wants to find them, then they’ll have to get in their Vortex where their friends are. That’s true for all of us and for all that we desire.

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