Hi Abrahamsters!

Let's start a thread for our entrepreneurial/business minded abesters to appreciate all their successes no matter what phase or type of business you are in. From artists to photographers to coaches to web developers, from those first launching their business to those who have had theirs for years.

I'll start

My desire has been to allow paying clients to easily come to me. Last week I saw a Facebook post from an entrepreneur I had met a few months before. His post said something along the lines of, "4 years ago today I was working in a corporate job. Now I'm working for myself".

I found that very inspiring and messaged him asking if we could grab coffee and talk about client acquisition strategies. We met for coffee and ended up talking for over 2 hours. I went to him for advice, but in the end he wanted to get mine and offered to pay me for it!

I declined the payment and said we would revisit it later which he is fine with. And I will help him with his business as his business/strategic advisor.

I allowed my first client and he was willing to pay me and I am savoring every moment of how wonderful that feels

What's going great for you?