My life is good in general. I am learning the difference between upstream and downstream thoughts. I now more clearly understand that LoA is managing my thoughts. This is why I do not have the ability to jump to all thoughts that I wanna think. And it is not necessary. This ease feels good, it means my IB agrees with this thought. It is good to have an awareness about what my IB is thinking, whether my IB agrees or not. Since my IB is aware of LoA, when I try to jump more than I can, then I feel bad, because my IB knows that it is not efficient. Thinking thoughts that feel just a little bit better makes me feel good. I cannot get it wrong. It is good to acknowledge. I can enjoy my journey in this way. I feel the resonance of my IB. One downstream thought at a time and feeling its relief. This is delightful. And keeping going with it is real fun. I do not have to try to feel good with upstream thoughts and a downstream thought is always available to me. I can easily let it in when I do not try to jump. I am getting better at being friends with LoA and cooperating with it. All I gotta do is think a thought that feels slightly better to me and keep going with this intention.