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Thread: Tears, goosebumps, shivers, eyes twitching- are sources signs of energy, flowing

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    Tears, goosebumps, shivers, eyes twitching- are sources signs of energy, flowing

    What Goosebumps mean

    I´m getting goosebumps, right now!

    Anybody else?
    (audience answering: YES!!)

    -So, the energy just shifted for you! Energy just shifted.
    That´s what that goosebumps mean.

    The goosebumps are increasing!
    (audience in big laughter)... it´s so freaking AMAZING!

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks ~ Realize the contents of your vortex

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    What Tears mean

    Tears often mean you have resonated with a love
    that is greater than your capacity to maintain it.
    It's an integration of something wanted,
    without your ability to allow it's bigness.

    Just keep going back to the best feeling place you can find
    and it will fill in,
    until your capacity to achieve it is more.


    Crying is always releasing resistance, every single time.

    -Abraham Hicks

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    About tears of joy.
    Why little children don’t express joy with tears, yet adults get so moved.
    Why when I listen to music, I have tears, and it sometimes interferes with my enjoyment.

    Children are closer to alignment with who they really are.
    When they are in alignment, they are up to speed and able to receive the full.
    When adults come close to touching the true deep nature of who you are,
    and you are not quite immersed in the vibration, there is an “edge” to it,
    a feeling of homesickness, a feeling of nostalgia, sort of having one foot in the one world
    and one foot not quite there.

    Sometimes people will say, "I am overjoyed!" We would say “accurate.”
    And we would say they are having more joy coming at them, than they can participate in,
    and they cannot receive it all.

    There is sort of being slightly off the signal of love, joy, and appreciation
    that this truly is who we really are.
    There is a release in crying that releases resistance that allows us
    to come into alignment.

    Tears release tension and resistance.
    That is why children go immediately there.

    Did you ever go on a crying jag, and halfway through, forgot what you were crying about?
    Jerry and Esther were talking about this at dinner last evening.
    Often Jerry feels tears welling up. Can’t quite receive in its fullness.
    A tear or two takes you right there.

    Caribbean Cruise 2008

    More about Tears of joy

    And that feeling of tears, as you described, that's just that sort of overjoy.
    In other words, it's a coming home feeling.
    It's realizing, at very deep levels, that you really know that...

    Why does joy sometimes make you weep?
    It's because you are in such alignment with who you are,
    that your physical body cannot contain the feeling of Well-being
    that you are focused upon. And so, it just sort of drips out.

    Abraham-Hicks 03/20/04 Phoenix, Arizona

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    With every tear that flows in any situation,
    there is a release of resistance.

    Caribbean cruise 2008

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    Joyful fainting, passing out, swooning

    HS asks why she felt as fainting when she interacted with Abe?

    It is your IB, resonating here.
    Iow, a sort of detachment from the physical, because your IB
    is so exuberant about this, happening. And so, the energy was just
    washing over that. (...)

    Many of you have that experience in meditation! Your IB is...
    Esther says "I feel full of myself", and we say you couldn´t say
    it in a better way, that is what is happening!

    Your physical being is full of your broader being, you see.
    Do you sometimes have a thought, and a sort of glorious feeling-
    almost a shuddering sensation, that is your IB agreeing with the
    conscious thought, you see. That is what that connection is:
    Esther calls it "lightning strike".

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks: Why did I feel like fainting when interacting with Abraham

    Everything that you are experiencing in any moment in time
    is about the mixture of energies within you.

    And what we mean by that, with further description is,
    what you've been living and how fast your stream is going,
    and what you're thinking in the moment in relationship to the
    stream. In other words, if the stream is moving very fast and
    you are thinking thoughts that allow you to go along with it,
    you feel good.

    For example, imagine being in an airplane at 50 thousand feet
    in the air, going about 600 or 700 miles an hour, you look out
    the window and everything is going by very nicely, it's all calm.

    But if you put that same aircraft on the ground it would be a
    white knuckle experience. Because on the ground, there is so
    much more resistance.

    And so, ordinarily, when someone is describing a panic attack,
    what it says to us is that something in their focus and in their life
    has got their energy moving rapidly, but then something in their
    immediate experience has them focused in a way that is
    contradicting the energy.

    Sometimes, especially when Esther was first receiving us,
    as she would stand here, waiting for the meeting to begin, she
    quiets herself, she always puts herself into a comfortable place,
    relaxes and breathes and the words in her mind are:
    "I'm wanting to speak clearly your words."

    She's addressing us and it's her way of saying she wants the
    vibration of Abraham to dominate while she is here allowing us to
    visit with you. And in the early days of that, the reason she still
    stands behind the podium, spreads her legs, locks her knees, puts
    her hands in a stable place, even though it is not necessary for her
    now, is that it was an experience of swooning.

    Because as the energies of Abraham began to mix with the energies
    of Esther, because she was not up to speed with the energy,
    it was an unsettling experience. Something you were focused upon,
    you've summoned a lot of energy, it is not uncommon.

    That is why the drug effect is what it is. That is why the alcohol
    effect is what it is. It's why so much of that is appealing, it distracts
    you from your normal vibration and allows you to temporarily raise
    your vibration and when your vibration raises abruptly it gives you
    that out-of-control-feeling and that's why you're calling it
    a panic attack.

    Esther had the good experience of meditating, every day for 15 or
    20 minutes, with Jerry for about 9 months before she began to
    receive that swooning feeling, her head began moving, so she
    integrated to the energy. There are many people, who, because
    they are listening to the recordings, watching the videos, coming
    to the gatherings like this, they have gradually acclimated to the
    energy of this higher vibration.

    <snip> In your physical world, like most people, you've acclimated
    to a lower vibration and when you've acclimated to a lower
    vibration, but your true tendency is much higher and then
    something happens to distract you from your lower vibration
    - WHOOSH - it's that sorta feeling.

    CA 04-01-07 B

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    Cravings are going to occur to you.
    So here's the rule of thumb about eating,
    or about investing in the stock market, or about anything else:

    If the impulse comes from a joyous thought that feels good,
    follow it.
    If the impulse comes from an uncomfortable thought that felt bad,
    don't follow it.

    Excerpted from: Portland, OR on July 13, 2002

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    Pain is evidence of desire that you are resisting

    If we could convince you- all of you- that, if you hadn´t
    given birth to a desire, that you are DENYING, you would feel
    no pain.

    If you hadn´t given birth to something that you are denying,
    there would be no resistance within you.
    So, pain is evidence of desire-
    that you are resisting.

    So, if you could embrace it, accept it as a good thing,
    not a bad thing, you´d go a long way.
    THAT is really the path of least resistance!
    Iow, did you feel some resistance- release just in the idea,
    that pain only exists because there is desire,
    that you are denying? Don´t you like knowing that?

    If you hadn´t launched a desire -again and again and again,
    and again and again and again, and if the source would not
    be standing in the knowledge, in the beingness,
    of ALL OF THAT- than your denying it couldn´t happen,
    if source wouldn´t stand there!

    So, the very pain you feel, wether it´s emotional pain
    or physical pain, the very pain you feel-
    every single time, is an indication of the greater part of you,
    standing in a place that- right now- you´r not letting yourself stand.

    So REVEL in were the greater part of you
    is standing, and it dissipates!

    But COMPARING yourself with were the greater part of you stands,
    that´s your painful place!

    Fort Lauderdale, FL on the March 21st, 2015, from the clip
    Abraham Hicks ~ Pain is evidence of desire that you are resisting

    more about pain here:
    How to deal with pain

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    Tinnitus - ringing in the ears

    Abe speaking with guest who is an audiologist, talking about ringing in the ears ...

    Guest: I’m an audiologist, and I work with patients who have tinnitus, ringing in their ears, I don’t understand what this tinnitus is…

    Abe: Well, we’ll tell you.

    Guest: And why are people experiencing this?

    Abe: We’ll tell you that, too.

    Guest: And, how can I as a practioner assist them with…

    Abe: Well, we’ll tell you that, too. But the thing that’s a little tricky about that, first of all, what’s happening is that they are sensitive to vibration and hearing it. So, what they’re hearing is resistance. Literally.

    Guest: My question is, and I understand this, as a practioner I am in the conventional world…and I’m in the holistic world and a lot of people, when you start to talk about this…(vibration / frequency).

    Abe: Then they’re the wrong client for you. Then their ears will ring. Until someone drugs them enough until they just don’t know they’re ringing.

    But…but…here’s the thing: We hear this from a lot of you, all the time. You MUST stop denying your vibrational nature! And, help everyone else stop denying their vibrational nature. For heaven’s sake! Your emotions are your vibrational indicators that give you the most ENORMOUS guidance about who you are and what you want, and yet to talk about them in a spiritual sense to try to make the relationship…

    When The Secret movie was made, it left out the MOST IMPORTANT PART! It’s good they named it The Secret – it should have been called We’re Still Keeping The Secret.

    Because, until you help people to understand that they are Source Energy while they are physical, and that there are two vibrational frequencies going on, and that everything you feel, including ringing in your ears, is ….

    You see, here’s the thing: Who you are is focused in this knowledge of Love and Well-Being. When you focus other than that you’re gonna feel negative emotion. It’s just the discordant indicator that you’re not up to speed with who you are. If you don’t change your thoughts and continue to do it, don’t worry it will become more. Until it becomes physical sensation. This is what the ringing in the ears is. And many other things.

    In other words, physical sensations. In time it can become something much bigger like a disease. All disease - Every disease - No exception is because someone was TOO practical to accept the vibrational relationship between who they are and who they are. You see.

    Now, a lot of people stumble into well-being because they find thoughts that resonate with who they are. In other words, if you are in a religion, or born into a home, where you are taught to love and appreciate others, so that’s something you make an effort to do, until you are really effective at doing it, you are going to be in vibrational alignment with who you are and you would not need to hear one word about law of attraction; you would not need to hear one word about vibrational vortex of creation; you wouldn’t need to know about these laws of the Universe, because you are innately guided toward them.

    But, somewhere along your physical path, so many of you have been coaxed away from your own guidance system and taught to please others outside of you, until your own guidance system is now taboo? We can’t talk about our emotions? We can’t talk about who we are?

    If you can’t talk about that, you have NOTHING to give anyone!

    Abraham, Chicago 6.27.2009 disc One

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    Most cravings are about nutritional imbalance!
    Your body knows what it wants, and so, when a craving occurs,
    it´s because your body wants something,
    and you are translating it into that particular item,
    which is usually accurate- because there is something in there,
    that contains something, that your body wants.

    So, just as a general basis- we would encourage you,
    not to be so resistant about cravings, and start calling them
    INSPIRATIONS instead of cravings!
    "I have food-inspiration!"

    from the clip
    Abraham-Hicks: Cravings as Food Inspiration& Grid Momentum

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