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Thread: I won $7 on the lotto

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    I won $7 on the lotto

    I just thought of posting something that happened to me a week ago. My brother and I were on our way back from the gym, and asked me if he could buy cigarettes. So I said to him yes, and so we stopped at a convenient store. My brother asked me if I wanted to buy a lotto ticket and I said "no". Then I changed my mind, and decided to buy a lotto ticket. This cashier who happened to be an old lady who was inexperienced when it came to setting the machine/computer to produce a ticket. It took so long, that I became frustrated, then I thought to myself "perhaps there's a reason why it's taking her so long". So therefore I relaxed, then she hands me the ticket and says that it's $2. I normally spend $1 on buying the Pick-3 lotto ticket. It would cost $2 to play Pick-3 with the "Sum it Up" game. The next morning during my break at work I looked at my iphone for last night's drawings and I saw that the "Sum it Up" was a 17! I had a 17 for "Sum it Up"! I won $7!

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    so much more abundance is coming your way.

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