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Thread: Celebrating EASE

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    I let it BE.


    I let it all BE.
    I get so many hints and driftwood-manifestations, itīs breathtaking.
    While, I so love to know that NOW is just another wonderful beloved sweet tiny moment,
    all of them are SO precious. Some will knock my socks off. Some will make me soar. Many will make my moan in delight. Most will make me smile, smile, adore, love, enjoy, or wanting to balance.

    They all are SO precious, so good, so right, so part of the whole wonderful pie.

    I am so, SO satisfied.
    And so eager for more! So curious, so certain, so clear, so delighted, so loving, so...

    EASY. Itīs so easy. AND SOOO GOOD.

    When you’re allowing it to happen,
    your dominant vibration is:
    “it’s already happened so I’ll just allow it to happen.”


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    I let it BE.


    I let it BE!
    I let it BE.
    I relax into the doneness of the MORE, that I want and that is ahead, and that wants to flow in.

    I ALLOW. I relax and allow.
    I relax and AM.
    I relax and trust. I relax and let it go- where it all belongs. I give in. I give up. I let it BE.
    May it BE, whichever is coming.
    Iīll feel good- and watch what happens!

    Feel good, and watch what happens.

    I LET IT BE!

    I just wanna be.
    I donīt wanna explain anything to anybody.
    I donīt wanna explain where Iīve been.
    I donīt wanna explain where Iīm going.
    I donīt want to explain how fast Iīm getting there.

    I just wanna BE.
    Itīs just me and the source within me, reveling in my physicalness,
    right here and now.

    Just me.
    Just starting over, just me. Just starting over.
    And tomorrow, itīll be an easy day of unfolding.
    The momentum will just increase.
    Everything that comes to me,
    everything thatīs in my Vortex, and all that I have planned,

    is now going to address me, and meet me,
    and rendezvous differently-

    now, that I have achieved this softened,
    trusting, worthy-feeling-state-of-beingness.

    Phoenix, Febr. 2014

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    I let it BE.


    I relax into the done-ness. I trust the most wonderful unfolding.
    I feel the scenic route, and I donīt care for hunt.
    Thatīs so easy! Thatīs sweet and delicious.
    I let life be as it is and enjoy the wanted sides.
    I feel good, no matter what, and watch what happens.

    Thatīs easy. Easy, delicious, sweet, happy, silly, easy, free, loving, giggling, friendly, open.

    No need to judge, no deed to fight, no need to convince.
    I just relax into love and trust, love and trust, love and trust.
    Easy. Easy and light and happy and fun!
    Ease and love and trust. Ease, and trusting love. No need to worry,
    no need to figure anything out. Just love and joy, and eagerness and fun.
    And insights and impulses that feels so clear and easy.
    Inspirations, that are backed up by joy and clarity and power.

    EASY! Itīs so easy to live along in this way. No resistance, no fret, no fear.
    Just easily happily dipping along, and following the impulse here and there, and
    LOVING IT ALL. Every moment, every day, every person, every bit.


    Always, when you know what you don't want,
    that's when the rocket of desire is born of what you do want.
    That is the fruit of your experience.
    Now pluck it and savor it and enjoy it.

    Visualize it, and find the feeling place of it.
    And live happily ever after, once you get the hang of this.


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    I let it BE.


    I feel such lightness and ease!
    I breathe the fragrant evening light.
    I breathe the flowers and the peaches and the freedom and the sky. I FEEL SO WIDE.

    I feel such ease.
    I feel guided.
    I feel safe.
    I feel calm and peaceful and such comfort
    I feel, that ALL IS GOOD.
    I feel the goodness.
    I feel such love!

    I feel such light within me. Happy, light, delightful lightness.


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    I let it BE.


    I feel such ease light joy!
    Itīs there, and I donīt kill it.
    I so love flowing forwards, all on my own. No effort, no resistance.
    I so love dropping the fuss when it comes up!
    Itīs so sweet. Itīs sweet delicious instant relief.

    I so love letting the efforting thoughts go. I so love to let go and let God.
    I love to surrender.
    I love to relax into all that is. Relax into all pains, relax into all dreams, relax into what is,
    and focus ease and flow and deepest trust and wellbeing in doing so.
    I give up. I let it all be, and I LET IT BE what really is.

    I so love this phase of my life, of deliberately relaxing into the beautiful goodness THAT IS.

    You do ALL YOUR thinking in step 1!

    You do ALL your thinking in step 1!
    you do ALL YOUR thinking in step 1. "I think this, and I want that, and I donīt like that..." and thatīs when you do all of your thinking.

    But when you are in step 3, you are in the RECEIVING-mode!

    You are in the translating-mode. And so itīs wonderful to have step-1-moments! But when you came, you REALLY intended to spend about 10% of your life in step 1, and 90% of your life in step 3. And most humans have flipped that.

    You spend all of your time justifying and debating and practicing a vibration, that ultimately doesnīt serve you. And then occasionally you get blissed out and distracted, and something good happens, for a minute. And then you think, "Oh, thatīs a wondrous thing!"

    And we want you to to know:
    That could be a STEADY thing!
    It is NORMAL for you to feel satisfaction, satisfaction, satisfaction- SATISFACTION!

    Houston Tx, April 2017, from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2017 ~ Give your attention to the things you want to perpetuate (No Ads during video)

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    I let it BE.


    I LOVE that things are ALWAYS RIGHT!
    I LOVE this deep intricate knowing.
    I love to have focused this as my default-setting, instead of fear and being driven by need or even shame. I so LOVE how easy this is!
    I love to feel the love within this. I so love to jive with God, my source, in this.
    Nothing else makes sense. Everything else must be flawed, and everything else feels so off.

    While I LOVE KNOWING this!
    It feels soo light. So lightfully delicious loving and sweet. Easy and whole, full and complete, in its eternal incompleteness.
    It feels magic, lovingly wondrous. SO WHOLE and DIVINE.

    I am relaxing into this full, whole, unconditional love. Love is the core of all there is, no place for judgement, no place for less. Itīs whole and full and totally absolutely loving.

    I so love to rest in that!
    I so love to resource in that.
    I so love to be in this light.
    I so love to thrive in this light.
    I so love to deliciously expand in this ease.


    Enjoy the fun and adventure of "doing it wrong"

    Abe tell a long and very funny story how Esther missed the right exit, boxed herself into a dead end at the airport, picked the worst parking place, got lost and had to walk a very long distance to her gate.

    (Esther) was flowing with such new found SELFRESPECT.
    NOT because she had learned a new airport! But because she didnīt beat up on herself, about how TRULY STUPID she had been!

    -How do you know, until you know?

    The airport is under construction, none of the signs are quite where they ought to be. And thinking back on it, she now sees how silly her mistake was- but HOW MUCH FUN she had, with all these people along the way!

    And then, when she got on to the airplane, THIS is really the part that we want to get to. She was in such a state of new found appreciation NOT because of her brilliant transfer through the airport- it was maybe the worst one anyone has ever done! But because it had been an ADVENTURE that didīnt get her down.

    And a learning experience, that will serve her well, because she will use that airport frequently. (...)
    The revelry in living happily ever after! That is what we wish for all of you, you see! But it takes some opportunities to beat up on yourself, in order to know the deliciousness of no longer doing that.

    Now, that part is done with you!
    Youīve beat upon yourself LONG ENOUGH.

    But what we wish for you to know, is how your IB feels about you, when you do those things, that youīr being hard on yourself, about: Your IB NEVER looks there. Your IB is always solution-oriented.

    And how remarkable it was, that every step along the way there was someone to help Esther out of the pickle, that she had gotten herself into. There is always someone there! There is always a path of less resistance- or a path of more resistance. So you can make life as hard on yourself as you want to, and most people- from the moment of their first realizing that they have made a mistake- they go down a road of harder and harder and harder and harder for quite a while.

    And itīs just not necessary! From the moment that you realize that youīr off your beat from where you want to be, your IB is even MORE available to you, because
    THATīS when the real fun of life begins!!

    When you know exactly what youīr doing, and youīr not doing any strong asking for guidance, and youīr just in a sort of road-way, following the patterns that youīve always done, doing the same thing all day, every day- putting everything right where you meant for it to be,

    -thatīs NOT creation!
    Thatīs regurgitating!

    Thatīs not expansion.
    Thatīs just repeating the same old thing!

    Thatīs not adventure-
    thatīs boredom.

    Life comes, when you make mistakes!

    Life comes, when you REALLY know what you donīt want, because that causes a stronger asking. And so, when you can just get used to that when there is something that you really know that you donīt want- to KNOW that the solution-oriented part of you, which is your IB and the team that is all of us- weīr on the case!

    And weīr offering suggestions, and there is no life MORE FUN or more WORTH LIVING, or more adventures then the life that you live, when youīve made a wrong turn, and your IB- and all of the IBīs friends are ON IT. The entire Universe becomes this cooperative playground, as you watch things balance out FOR YOU!

    Itīs why you seek adventure!
    You want to feel that exhileration-
    of all of that energy, moving with you!

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks Self Criticism - Discover the value of your mistakes and wrong turns

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    I let it BE.


    I like so much how easy I deal with being so very very different.
    I LIKE being me!
    And I donīt care what others think.
    They either like me, and thatīs great- or they donīt, and this is really not of my interest.
    So easy, joful, clear, free.

    I like being bold.
    I love to not have my light under a bushel, anymore.
    And that is EASY. Joyful, lighthearted, delicious ease!

    Do you know what the definition of crazy is?
    Crazy is following one’s own guidance
    when the population at large wants you
    to follow the conditions that they’ve laid out for you.

    We teach crazy!

    ~ Abraham-Hicks, Asheville, April 11, 2015

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    sometimes when i want to feel goood i just read your threads

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    oh, thank you!!!

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