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Thread: Celebrating EASE

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    I let it BE.


    I want to train myself into the easy, natural setting that FEELING if something feels good is not just apperant to me easily, but relaxing into it, and allowing the inner guidance to show me the next step also.
    Relaxed allowing the inspiration.
    Relaxed allowing the action, not re-action.

    relaxed. Surrendering to my IB.
    Surrendering to the unfolding of what comes.
    Feeling good, and watching what happens.
    And then feeling good, and watching what happens.
    Relasing all of the tension, just relaxing and surrendering into the goodness
    that is always there.
    relaxed, into goodness.
    Relaxed, into sweet security.
    Relaxed into intuitive love.
    Relaxed into my whole big sturdy power.

    Being in touch with who I really am, or getting there in an instant, by relaxing.

    I relax, and I so love it.
    I relax, I am calm, my core is peace and love and ease.
    No obstacles, pure ease.
    And in this ease, love and joy and fun and clarity just ARE.
    I so love this.
    Thank you life.

    Itīs really an interesting thing.
    So many of you come to this Paradise,
    in the quest to relax and lay back.
    And then you become the most tense people on the planet!

    You are so DETERMINED to find your freedom, that you FIGHT
    for it- in ways that you donīt need to fight for it!
    In every bit of fight or struggle, or quest, you are pointed upstream.
    In every bit of relaxing and allowing, and breathing,
    and trusting, you are downstream.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - Emotionally unavailable relationship is just matching your focus

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    I let it BE.


    I love this new awarenesses. I love this freshness, that comes with the ease.
    I love to RECEIVE my thoughts, from the basis of alignment.
    I love to think new, in this way.
    I love to be who I really am, so much more.
    Being who I naturally am.
    In all my tension, I was distorting myself.
    Now I allow myself to BE.
    Ahh, it feels so good.

    Itīs clear.
    Itīs free.
    Itīs flowing, itīs naturally nurtured. Itīs replenished. Itīs EASY.
    It all comes, and itīs a hell yes to follow.
    Itīs not doing nothing, but all of this feels so EASY. It feels natural.
    It feels fresh. It feels evolved. It feels organically grown.
    It feels natural, logical, lightly, happy, clear and EASY.

    Ahhh, I so LOVE knowing and experiencing and understanding this!!

    Donīt strain to see it! In fact, do the opposite!
    Because the strain makes it less likely.
    Relaxing makes it more likely.

    And there is a tendency to be in alignment and have your
    senses be heightened.
    And we are talking about all of your physical senses, yes,
    but weīr also talking about senses,
    that physical beings usually donīt even talk about.

    ALL OF YOUR SENSES are heightened, when you are in pure resonance
    with your source.

    So, just let the experience be
    what it is, and donīt try to define it through your physicality,
    because then, you will put yourself back
    into your limitedness.

    You are reaching into NEW aware-nesses.


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    I let it BE.


    Ease. Ease, ease, ease, ease, ease!
    I so love the ease. I love how easy itīs all supposed to be.
    I love letting go. I love surrendering. Ease, ease, ease, ease, EASE.
    I love it. I am so satisfied in relaxing into who I really am.
    This sweetness of my muscles!
    This delight. Sweet, sweet, sweet, easy.


    Meditation is the closest process
    to quantum-leaping that we know.

    Going general is the closest process
    to quantum-leaping that we know.

    from the clip
    Is 2012 "the time of Awakening"?

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    I let it BE.


    I have SUCH an easy life.
    I am in such love with Ease!
    I am deliberately dropping hardships more, each day.
    Just dropping them. Just letting go.
    And I soooo appreciate how my life turns out, in this way!

    I am driving with my convertible through my awesome sunshiny fragrant world.
    The birds are singing, all day long! Itīs EASY. I give my son a loan of 24,000 Euro-
    just so. And we are laughing and teasing and joking, while he asks for it!
    Iīm finding the exact quotes on a WS of 3 hrs, just by zooming in. Easy!
    I get a new identity card, just so, while I stroll by so to speak. Itīs EASY!
    I have an appointment at the dentist, and itīs SUCH FUN!! Itīs EASY.
    He canīt still figure out that this one tooth thatīs supposed to be dead since several years still is so alive and well. Itīs normal! Itīs EASY.

    I am finding the perfect ingrediences in the grocerystore for dinner while Iīm strolling through. So easy. I adore my beloved drive back through the countryside, and traffic just parts for me. SO easy. People I donīt know wave at me and laugh with me as I drive by. So easy! So normal, so lovely. I come home in the exact moment in which the delivery truck pulls in in front of my house-door, as well. So easy. So perfectly timed, so friendly, so happy, so smooth, so loving. SO GOOD. SO CLEAR. SO EASY.

    Why do people not let in the possibility for more ease?

    Do you know why most people do not let in the possibility
    for more ease?(...)
    Itīs because the lack of ease
    is serving you, in some way.

    "Iīm getting marks on the chart. Iīm diligent and brilliant.
    Iīm more worthy, because I do more."
    There is a lot of that. Esther has really come to terms about a lot
    of that! She was sort of born into an environment, where people
    just did stuff. And the more they did, the more they were praised
    for what they did.

    So she just learned to stand on her head in so many ways- because
    praise feels so good. Until she got a whiff of what Innerbeing flows!

    And praise from humans who are trying to get you to work hard
    is NOTHING like IBīs appreciation for your ease!!
    -Stick with Abraham!
    Weīll turn you into the lazy people that you
    DESERVE to be!

    03/25/2017 Orlando

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    I let it BE.


    I surrender. I surrender, and it feels SO GOOD.
    I am on a fast, very fast moving train and I choose to feel SAFE.
    I choose to relax and to be carried.
    I choose to choose SAFETY. I choose to choose wellbeing. I choose to choose surrender
    into the Goodness of life, and into the fulfilling of all my dreams.
    I choose to totally give in into what Abe teach. I choose to drop my resistance.
    I choose to "give up".
    I give up all struggle. I give up my tenseness. I give up, I give up, I surrender.


    I had this experience
    (in Paris) on the Metro.
    It was loud, and you couldnīt see because it was in a tunnel,
    and there was rocks along the wall, and it was just very...
    what I would call soothing.
    It wasnīt so loud you couldnīt really hear, and
    I just found myself wanting to stay on there, and ride again,
    and itīs much like this ship... it feels soothing beyond thought,
    it feels as if my stream was moving so fast, it was almost
    beyond my physical ability to keep up with it.

    Do you think the reason you liked it, that it was exhilarating to you,
    is because you accepted the inevitability of it,
    and the lack of action
    that was required on your part, at that time?

    (...) We really want you to isolate, if you can, what was so exhilarating
    about a train, moving in a very fast speed in a direction,
    where you really had actually no control over it,
    couldnīt really see where it was going, couldnīt really even enjoy
    the vista of where it was at the time- and yet, you LIKED it
    and wanted it to keep going?

    So, it was a feeling of motion forwards,
    a feeling of dramatic, powerful motion forwards,
    that in the moment required nothing on your part to keep it going.

    The ultimate allowing?

    You think? We do!
    (...) Itīs the conscious acknowledgement,
    that you prepaved it- and nothing, therefore,
    is required of you, in this moment.

    Which is what utter allowing is.
    Allowing is acceptance in Wellbeing.

    Acceptance and trust in what youīve set forth, and
    acceptance that all things are unfolding, in perfect order.
    THAT IS ALLOWING, that youīr describing in a very real,
    VISCERAL sense.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks Its never Too Late To Get Your Life Started

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    I let it BE.


    I vote for ease.
    So much, that I drop habits. So much that I drop "work". I so love EASE.
    I so love being applauded by source
    to follow my energy, and not "make" me do things.
    I am getting the guidance to NOT do things. I love that understanding.
    Ease is so much more precious than all the stuff.
    I embrace ease.
    I embrace my flow. I embrace the luxury of letting it be.
    It feels EASY!
    Easy. As a gift. As a most loved relief. THANK YOU life.

    The solution and the problem are
    BEST BEST BEST BEST friends!!

    Can you feel that EASE is sooo vivid in your Vortex-
    and IF the reason that Ease is in your Vortex
    is because of
    (your effort and hard-) work-
    can you feel how inextricably tied they are, together?

    The very solution and the very problem
    are BEST BEST BEST BEST friends!!

    Because the solution could not even exist,
    if it were not for the lack of Ease.

    03/25/2017 in Orlando

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    I let it BE.


    It is so easy to get lost in the awesome fragrance of lilac!
    Easy, easy, easy... and delightful.
    Capturing. Delightful. Easy. Lovely. Goodness, in fragrant form.
    Goodness, wellbeing, heart opening, breathing deeply.
    Letting the goodness in. Letting the liveliness in. ALLOWING.
    Allowing, in love for this wonderful thing.
    Allowing. Floating. Being carried. Easy. Easy, loving, sweet, delightful. EASY.

    I allow source to get me!
    I open the door just this tiny crack, and I get carried. Awww. itīs so easy!

    Nonphysical Jerry, catching stumbling Esther

    Last week, Esther came bouncing up the steps, and the step wasnīt stable. When she stepped on it, it caved in, and her foot went between the step
    and the stage. Scraped up her shin, she stumbled upon the stage-
    it was... funny.

    It was really funny. And Esther thought- for the life of me, I do not know
    HOW I went down!
    So, Esther has a dear friend, who sees energy. (...) So, after the seminar
    she sent Esther an email, "You know, Jerry walks on the stage, with you?"
    And Esther says, "Yeah, I know. I can feel him there."
    And then she said, "He caught you, last week!"

    And Esther thought: "THATīS why I didnīt fall down!
    It didnīt make sense to me! I didnīt have my balance, I didnīt have anything
    close to my balance! But I didnīt go down!"

    THIS is the thing we want you to understand...

    But if you are not knowing that, if you are mad at yourself-
    then you donīt let us GET YOU!

    Westchester, Oct. 2014
    from the clip Abraham Hicks 2014 ペ Every moment is a new beginning

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    I let it BE.


    I will not miss me
    Because, now I am FULLER me than ever. I will not change to less, ever!
    Life makes me fuller and fuller and more and more rich, and more and more wise, and more and more knowing, and more and more ME.

    Itīs EASY. I just live and allow. Live and allow. Live and give in. Live and let be.
    I AM BECOMING. I donīt resist what is happening anyway, inevitably. I AM: I allow, I be, I let myself go, I BE.

    Easy, so easy!
    Bo needs. No pushing. No effort, just floating. I BE.
    I am and I will always BE...
    and now, I do it in full whole trusting love.

    Abe: say that you have a soul is a nice thing.
    We say it all the time: You have an inner being.

    HS: "Right..."

    But we want you to let your inner being
    out where you are!
    Your inner being wants to be out!
    Your inner being is out, but you don't- but you don't call your
    inner being out, unless youīr in, where your inner being is,
    so that you can see that your inner being is out!

    In other words, when your laughing, you've let your inner being out!
    When you're angry your inner being is in there,
    and wants out where you are and IS out where you are-
    but because youīr not out, where your inner being is,
    then you don't think your inner being is out!

    Everyone getting this? Here comes more!
    It's sort of like you can't find what you think is lost ...

    "so, is my inner being like a collection of energies...?"

    WHO CARES!!!!!

    A better question is: Will my inner being laugh with me?
    Will my inner being dance with me, will my inner being give
    me creative ideas, is my inner being a robust liver of life,
    is my inner being alive and well?

    Let your inner being BE.
    Don't try to describe it, or define it.
    It 's like trying to say: What is love?
    (in a bored voice)
    ...Love is love, is love, is like the petals on a rose...
    and like the dew on the petal on the rose... and love is like...
    love is like the fragrance in a flower... and love is like the
    softness of a baby ... and we say: Oh, give it a rest!

    Just FEEL your love love. Don't try to define it,
    just feel it,

    let it bump up all over you, let it come inside of you and
    outside of you, just just just...
    let it twinkle through your eyes,
    let it radiate through your smile,
    let it beat through your heart,

    let it throb through your being,
    just feel the love and be the love and
    stop trying to figure out where it came from
    and how where it's been and how long it's gonna last
    and just let it be in the moment...
    just LET IT OUT!! -Where you are!!!

    (audience: whooo - yeah --- wooo!!! GIANT applause)

    San Franciso 7/9/11

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    I let it BE.


    I let it all BE.
    It falls into itīs place, and I watch and allow it.
    I enjoy life, and I watch what happens.
    I enjoy life, and watch what happens.
    As I enjoy life, I set a Grid- that becomes more and more beautiful.
    I enjoy life, and I watch what happens.

    SO EASY.
    So easy and sweet and natural and clear.
    I enjoy life, and watch what happens. Ahhhh, life is SO GOOD!

    Enjoy life- and watch what happens!


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    I let it BE.


    I feeel SOOOO EASY! I feel Frank laughing and humming with me.
    I feel EASE. I feel the delicious humor that is in ease.
    I feel the ligh and the lightness in ease.
    I feel SO LIGHT.
    I leel delighted!
    I feel invincible.
    I feel free.

    "...I must have done something wrong
    because I stand here not in a good feeling place right now
    so I must be being punished for something."

    -We say: No!!! Just have more fun!
    Be more playful!

    Phoenix, Dec. 2012

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