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Thread: Practicing the teachings - being at ease, joy, love & appreciation.

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    Practicing the teachings - being at ease, joy, love & appreciation.

    I am starting this thread to remember myself that nothing is more important than noticing my emotions. I do like to choose the thought that feels best to myself. I am thinking about to have some fun with this process. :-)
    I do enjoy this time to myself, to slow down, to breathe.
    Today I read some comments here and felt an inner knowing inside.

    I love the freshness of green leafes sliding at the wind on the top of high trees, almost touching the sky, dancing, balancing, enchanting the streets with vitality and fresh air. Trees are my friends, I just love them and they love me back unconditionally, deeply. I love the magic of trees. Always love. I appreciate there are trees on the path to my work so that grate myself for my presence. Nature grates me for my presence. I am in love with nature in the city. I love this oneness. I love having it all.

    I live in a beautiful neighborhood. I bought fresh fruits at a little, friendly mall. I felt the friendliness in the air and I am part of it.

    I appreciate the naturality in receiving money for closing businesses. I love being a business woman. i love being in a position of providing value and receiving high amounts of money. I am glad I closed a business few days ago all by myself. I love it.

    This is me and I am glad I am here.
    I understand that all is alright. I look forward for more of this. :-)

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    I appreciate that a post reminded me that it is true for me also that "Things always work out for me". My sister always says "Dan always seems to land on his feet.

    I am glad that I had a harmonious visit with my family the last three days. I appreciate the feeling of Joy and Well Being that is in those interactions.

    I am glad that I now get to totally relax for the rest of the weekend. I appreciate the feeling of having nothing to do and all day to do it.

    I am glad that I am getting closer and closer to getting my car fixed on Monday. I appreciate knowing that the better it gets, the better it gets.

    I am glad I am gladding. I appreciate feeling the "Highest form of Vibration, Appreciation" - Abraham.

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