I feel so much better!

So I woke up feeling good again. Then I went for a walk and got a little sad. Went to the store and struggled to not break down crying.

I love him! How could I mess up so bad! Why didnít I listen to the Abe relationship videos before I left?!? What is wrong with me?!? And other similar thoughts and more sadness.

Then I got home and the anger came. I thought, ďWait a minute. Yes, maybe there were things I could have done better but him too!Ē

He may have been a reflection of my vibration but we were co-creating that whole thing. He did it, too! And I just did the best that I knew to do at the time.

We created this beautiful thing and then messed it up with our own feelings of unworthiness.

He would ignore me. I would feel hurt and say nothing. He would push me away. I did the same back. We were caught in this cycle. He would do something. I would be upset but stay silent. Over and over and over.

And the only way I could see out of it, the only way I could think to be happy was leave. So I did. And now I get to work on being happy. On feeling good.

I wouldnít say Iím feeling good but I know I will. And I donít feel like I screwed everything up anymore. And even in my anger, Iím not angry at him.

I get to learn from this! And you know, maybe weíll be together and maybe we wonít. And maybe heíll learn from it and maybe he wonít. But itís all OK.

Thanks so much for all the support!