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Thread: Finding alignment while observing my financial what-is

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    Finding alignment while observing my financial what-is

    Hi all,

    I had taken a difficult decision to leave my job for a year and study MBA for an year.I have enough savings and taken a loan to cover the expenses and money shows up when I need -but just enough to cover my expenses.
    I have always led a comfortable and free life and it is uncomfortable to feel the financial pinch. For getting over this situation I have been trying to sell several pieces of land/property but almost everything hits a roadblock.
    I have been in resistance ,I understand ,but wanted to get your thoughts in making progress and attract abundance again! Thank you for your thoughts


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    Since, right now, you want discussion and our thoughts more than you want to do the "work" in your thread, I'm going to move your thread to the Abraham-Hicks Teachings and You sub-forum where most of our question-answerers tends to hang out.

    I've also tweaked your thread title to more closely focus on the topic you'd like to discuss.

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    It is the same answer that Abraham offer with every thing that we do want to create.

    You have to find a way to let go of the resistant thought, which is the ONLY thing that is blocking your alignment with your FULL SELF.

    You have to make how you are feeling emotionally, be what you are USING as your criteria for wellbeing.
    Other wise you have no guidance, in deliberately directing your thought, which is the heart of deliberate creation isn't it.
    Reaching for the thoughts that line you up with the perception of your Source, and understanding that your emotions are your guidance about whether your present thought lines you up with that broader part of you, or whether it resits it.

    So, go general, and focus as you did in the first sentences on the positive aspects, and let go of the negative aspects.

    Remember, what you are really wanting here is to feel good.
    Which you can do no matter how much money you have or do not have. Really it is irrelevant.
    But we can use any single thing in our experience to pinch us off, when we forget that what matters most is the emotional manifestation.

    You simply have to make, the way that you FEEL emotionally, more important to you than your financial what is.

    And when you DO that, then, when you find yourself focused on the not wanted end of the financial stick, you will be aware of how it FEELS in the moment, and remember that how you FEEL is what matters most of all to you, and so take the time to reach for downstream thoughts about that topic. And a good way to do that is to go general, and look at the positive aspects of your decision to do an MBA.
    What a great opportunity, a great experience.
    Can you find other aspects in that experience that line you up with abundance, rather than the financial aspects.
    Abundance of experience, and learning, and time, and focus, and inspiration, and ideas.
    What a great environment to put yourself in, into a MBA programme with highly intelligent people with similar desires and interests.
    How wonderful this time is going to be, and how much more it will put into your vortex. More exposure to more ideas and experiences, more clarity, more desire, more fine tuning.

    Look at the positive aspects as much as you can to help you to focus yourself into alignment with the broader Source perspective within you. And let go of looking at what is in a negative way. Instead focus on the positive end of the stick of this decision in terms of where you are now financially....because as you say you do have enough savings, and people have trusted you enough for a loan, and you do have resources to sell to fall back on....maybe when you get into the vortex, other ideas will come to you that you have not thought of...

    The reason that the selling is "roadblocked" is because of your vibration, and efforting.
    Relax, and trust and remember that your inner being has all the solutions and knowing, even if you do not.
    And by making how you feel emotionally, you are allowing the knowledge of that part of you to flow into you, and that is where ALL of your power IS.

    One who is in alignment is more powerful than millions who are not.

    But when you are using one aspect of your life as a reason to resist your allowing of who you really ARE.
    You have no power, which is why things do not flow and there appear to be road blocks. But really there are no road blocks, there are only energy blocks! Allowing blocks.....thought blocks....thoughts that block your alignment with the Source within you.

    And this is a good thing, because it is teaching you that no amount of money can line you up with who you really ARE!
    Instead it is a present moment, energy alignment that you are really wanting.

    And when you feel good emotionally, you will no longer be concerned about your finances.
    And when you are, you will also have good timing, inspired ideas that come from inside your vortex, that come from the broader Source energy part of YOU. And you will FEEL really really GOOD, regardless of the conditions.

    Or in your case, maybe, because of them!
    Because they are causing you no other option, but to be happy anyway, if you are wanting to feel good!

    Also remember that the ONLY reason that we feel negative emotions, or "uncomfortable" as you expressed here, is because of thoughts that are resistant. It is never because of the situation. All emotions come from thoughts that either resist the energy of Source, or Allow it.
    So, whenever you feel uncomfortable, it may be helpful to remind yourself of this, and be aware of what you are thinking that is causing the discomfort, and reach for thoughts that feel better, and it may take some practice to begin.

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    "Its hard to see yourself apart from the way that others see you....its difficult not to see, those who have lived with you before, seeing you as you are living now. Its not easy to stop seeing yourself through the eyes of the establishment. Through the eyes of parents, through the eyes of employment, through the eyes of investors. Its hard to not see yourself through those eyes In fact you cant ever take yourself out of that because you are blending and merging with all kinds of things like that.

    But When you MAKE the blending that matters MOST Be the blending with WHO you ARE, so that the feeling of Freedom matters more than where you live, so that the feeling of Adventure matters more than the immediate success of having a great place to move into, so that the feeling of what is coming is what is calling you and more important to you than Landing the specific employment that will bring you the specific money that will buy you the specific things that will put you in the specific house. If its the feeling that is calling you, then you have got it in alignment right now and it comes to you really fast.

    But its like we were talking earlier about someone who has a physical condition that he cant change. When you FINALLY reach the place where your not doing it for the ulterior motive of improving those manifestations, and your doing it ONLY for the manifestation that you can get right here and right now; then you've got it you see...

    ......Your doing it for the manifestation of the emotion."

    Abraham - Stamford September 2011

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    Thanks Songbird. It is good reminder to be in alignment by focusing on the positive aspects to focus myself into alignment.I will probably start doing Book of positive aspects and rampage of appreciation to improve my Vibration.Thanks again for taking the time to write a detailed explanation.I have read it a few times now to absorb the message fully!

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