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Thread: Locked out. Stuck in same reality.

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    I can't thank you guys enough for your kind, detailed and enlightening replies.

    I feel silly for having misunderstood this great life lesson, this "upstream/ downstream" analogy. I always read Abe books in hopes of attaining my desires quickly. Not only did I not succeed in my solo pursuit, but also in my rush, I accidently undervalued the importance of this great teaching. With this analogy, EGS is so easy to understand and recognize.

    Both step1 and step2 happen naturally. Step3 is the only "work".

    And the work is to release resistant upstream thoughts and reach for better feeling downstream thoughts. This is so good to know. I feel really good right now.

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    How wonderful!

    And itīs so liberating to know that you have ALL your power NOW, always:
    You can focus on anything happy (downstream), NOW.
    Or you can focus on anything unhappy (upstream), NOW.

    Thatīs all you can- but itīs enough to get you EVERYwhere, eventually....

    A happy life
    is just a string of happy moments.

    But most people don't allow the happy moment,
    because they're so busy trying to get a happy life.


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