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Thread: Binge eating no more!

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    Binge eating no more!

    I have depended upon food to seek alignment for over a decade. I must have done some serious step 1 in this respect I believe. So it's time to build new habits now! And what better way than to start small, INCREMENTALLY creating new thought and consequently behaviour patterns.

    For today, I have decided to give my body rest. Rest so it can do what it does best- heal itself! I like the idea of giving my body a break from digestion and wake up feeling fresh tomorrow. And I declare- TODAY IS REST DAY! I'm excited to meet my goal for today.

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    So far so good. I was feeling a bit uneasy but now it's a lot better. It further strengthens my resolve to be truly engaged in what I'm doing because whenever I feel any kind of negative emotion, my body and mind say "Food!". But being an Aber, I know how to find alignment through focus and not through action. The call of source is not food it is a better feeling thought!

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    I did it, managed to give my body a break and it feels good. No more uneasy feeling, my body is recuperating. I want to give it some more rest and allow more healing to take place. I like the idea of how much natural juices help to heal the body. I like this increased self-awareness and non-dependance on food to keep feeling good. It's fun to allow more healing to take place. I look forward to a point of complete healing. Excited to see it in the form of clearer skin, lightness in my stomach, feeling fresh and energetic.

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    Just ate a bowl of fruits and it's so yummy and packed with nutrition. Also, easy to assimilate. I'm doing a good job!

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    Okay so I had a chocolate. Which is okay as long as it's just one. In a way I have shown myself that I can stop at one which is a good sign. Yay to a balanced lifestyle!

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