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Thread: Feeling hineslt

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    Feeling hineslt

    Nothing is more important than how I feel.
    My bosses are not more important than how I feel. The bosses go, they are here, tomorrow they are there and I am always within me.
    I feel sad that my boss decided to not keep me up in that department.
    I feel irritated because it is nornal that I do not know many things fast comparing with my colleagues who have decades of experience in the work. I just had months. There are people working there that do errors I do not do. There are people there who don't deserve to work there. They spent a lot of time on the phone and doing breaks. I am dedicated to my work.
    I feel sad because my bosss prefers to put someone new in my place.

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    I would like to write Better in the title.

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    I know clearly what I want. I want to be successful and happy at my job.
    I want to be honored by each person in this company. (I feel revange).
    I want those 3 people who critize me to treat mr with respect and honor. I want to be her bosses.
    I want to work in this company that I love. I love so much the business, I am so happy being part of it.

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    It is true that my boss said positive aspects about me. She said that it was a postive experience. She said she liked me.

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    It is true that she said I can work in the S department. She said she can help me and i can ask for her help. She said she can recommend me. I appreciate that. I appreciate that support.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Feelinggoodgoodfeeling View Post
    I would like to write Better in the title.
    What would you like your title to be? PM a Moderator who can change that for you.

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