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Thread: Wanting to purefy thoughts

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    Wanting to purefy thoughts

    Right now I feel a mix of thoughts and emotions. I can say what feels good in the conversations i had today but i can say what does not feel good at all. Even if I know there is good, these negative thoughts are more detailed.

    There are many thoughts in my head. I just wanna feel fulfilledd.
    How can one create pure thoughts?

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    So you are going from city A to city C, and you are midway between A and C. You can go to A and you can go to C. Both options are there. No action you take right now will immediately transport you to C. And no action you take right now will immediately transport you to A. In other words, you may not have the option of immediately feeling very positive but you can certainly move towards it. FEEL BETTER. That's what Abraham says. FEEL BETTER. FEEL BETTER. FEEL BETTER. There are so many things you can do for this. You can meditate. Listen to your favourite music. Hang around in nature. Use any of the games suggested by Abraham. Whatever works for you! Focus on feeling better & finding relief. That's all.

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    Love that answer.

    The more detailed the thought, the stronger the feeling. When you are feeling good, be as specific as you can be. When you are feeling negative go as general as you can. That will slow down the momentum, and then you can more easily go from feeling generally negative to generally positive, as its less of a jump.

    However, if you are able to say what feels good, then if you can simply focus only on those thoughts, then you will feel good.

    I read something in ACIMs the other day that I really love, it was saying how only our loving thoughts are real.
    Don't you love that, and that is what the source part of us is focused upon.

    If you can focus on one thing that does not have any resistance within it, then by your focus on that "pure" which really means un resisted thought, your cork will raise and you will feel good.

    There is only the perspective of Source, and the resisting of it. One feels good, one feels bad.
    And so, the way to think "purely" as you say, is by thinking thoughts that match those of the Source Energy Part of you. That larger, broader, wiser, eternally loving, part of YOU.

    But if you are thinking a "negative" thought, and reach for a better feeling thought, maybe be going general, or reaching for relief....THEN one would say that that better feeling thought IS a more Purer thought!

    So you could say that it would be easier to reach for thoughts that feel a little more "purer" ie a little more aligned with the thought that your inner being thinks. Because purity really means non resistance. And so there are degrees of purity and resistance aren't there.

    One thing that can be really helpful is to ask yourself "What am I thinking that my inner being is not thinking? and What am I not thinking that my inner being is thinking?"

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