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Thread: Are there "ghosts", evil spirits, hauntings?

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    Quote Originally Posted by paradise-on-earth View Post
    Nonphysical Jerry, catching stumbling Esther

    Last week, Esther came bouncing up the steps, and the step wasnīt stable.
    When she stepped on it, it caved in, and her foot went between the step
    and the stage. Scraped up her shin, she stumbled upon the stage-
    it was... funny.

    It was really funny. And Esther thought- for the life of me, I do not know
    HOW I went down!
    So, Esther has a dear friend, who sees energy. (...) So, after the seminar
    she sent Esther an email, "You know, Jerry walks on the stage, with you?"
    And Esther says, "Yeah, I know. I can feel him there."
    And then she said, "He caught you, last week!"

    And Esther thought: "THATīS why I didnīt fall down!
    It didnīt make sense to me! I didnīt have my balance, I didnīt have anything
    close to my balance! But I didnīt go down!"

    THIS is the thing we want you to understand...

    But if you are not knowing that, if you are mad at yourself-
    then you donīt let us GET YOU!

    Westchester, Oct. 2014
    from the clip Abraham Hicks 2014 ペ Every moment is a new beginning

    This reminds me of something that happened to me a few years ago. My husband and I were visiting my daughter and her family at my croaked parent's former house at Christmas. I stood up too quickly or something and my feet slipped out from under me on the hardwood floor and I was falling straight forward onto my face very near the edge of a coffee table. It was very very quick. After I was on the floor on my face, and every one was both laughing and concerned that I might have gotten hurt, ( I was fine, no bruises, no bumps and really it didn't feel like I had hit the floor, only changed position suddenly) they said it looked like I fell forward, and stopped about 2 inches above the floor, and then lowered gently. We think it was Mom and Dad catching me.

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    What a beautiful experience!! Thank you for sharing!

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    Wellbeing, wellness, WELLNESS is
    what’s beating your door down.
    Wellness is what wants in.

    And in the moment that you release anything
    that doesn’t feel good, you relax-
    and that’s the only thing that comes in, you see.

    You can not find vibrational harmony with something
    that feels good and let something bad in. Ever.


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    Energetic Healing, Entity Attachments

    HS wants to know what it is about that unwanted negative "entities" that he sees and feels in energyfields- and how to help people get rid of this "Entity attachments".

    Itīs not as dier or unpleasant or scary as it seems! Because what weīr really talking about is (...) contradicted vibration!

    EVERY thought that you think is vibrational, and therefor attractive in nature. And if you think it enough, it gathers more and more momentum. Until it becomes a thoughtform! A belief is only a thought, that you continue to think!

    So, when you think thoughts- any thoughts, thoughts upon wanted, or thoughts upon unwanted- and you are steady in the thought, then the momentum gathers until someone who has this perceptive abilities, who can translate energy into form, than maybe could see that collection of that thought. But we donīt want to call it an entity in the sense that it has POWER of assertion in your experience!

    It DOES NOT! Nothing can insert itself into your experience, there is ONLY POWER OF ATTRACTION. There is only the law of attraction, or the law of inclusion!

    There is no exclusion. If you say "no" to something, you are factually saying "yes" to it. And so, if we were in your physical shoes, we would not focus upon what you are trying to get rid of- whether it is a thoughtform, or evidence of something unwanted. We would not EVER push against something- because there is NO SUCH THING as "no"!

    You see something you want, and you say "yes" to it: You include it into your vibration.
    You see something that you donīt want, you shout "no" at it- You include it into your vibration!

    So we wouldnīt be spending much time at all, pushing anything away- INSTEAD we would be talking about what it is you WANT to include! Weīd be helping them to focus upon what they DO want! And it is NOT as difficult as it might seem! Because this Vortex (...) -it has within it the energy that CREATES WORLDS!

    Itīs a VERY powerful energy. But when you contradict it, and not let it in, and be so over a long period of time, the very power of whatīs calling you is felt, by your resistance to it. Illness could not exist, if the force for wellness would not be SO strong. And the calling towards wellness is SO strong, that if you are not aware of it, or if you are resisting it in some way, than the more youīve asked for wellness, then the more your resistance to it, shows up in the form you want to call "illness".

    (...) We wouldnīt call them a name, We wouldnīt call them "attachements". We wouldnīt call them "entities". We would say
    (to the client): "Youīr like a train on tracks, and the ground is level. And when you want something, then you put an engine that (wanted) way. And when you worry, you put an engine that (unwanted) way.

    And when you put enough engines that
    (unwanted) way, itīs gonna show up, in your vibration! And at first, itīs just gonna show up in vibration. And eventually, itīs gonna show up in terms of manifestation!"


    San Antonio Tx, April 8, 2017, from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2017 (New) ~ Energetic Healing and Entity Attachments

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    The shoulder-devil, and what he REALLY is

    HS speaks with humor about the "little guy on his shoulder who is putting negative thoughts in".

    Ohh, this little guy did get really manifested, didnīt he? You turned that little thought-form into something even bigger, didnīt you! Has he got a pitch-fork? Weīr playing with you, A LITTLE bit!


    All that little guy is, is just momentum from thoughts that are not pleasing for you. Iow, we woulndīt give him the time of day, like that! So what you might wanna say right now, as youīr all TITITO, is "I wanted to be aware of my thoughts, that day. I wanted to have positive momentum, going into the rendezvous with my brother."

    And feel the difference!
    Doesnīt that promote a different momentum than "I wanna keep that little guy, thatīs whispering things that are not helpful, out of the way."

    (into the audience) Did he light up, for all of you?

    Ahhhoooowwww.... sometimes, it seems... really out of my control!

    Well, it really kinda is, in that moment! Because youīr at the bottom of that hill, the momentum is too great. Just get out of the way, because there is not anything that you really can do to fix it, right now in that red hot minute.

    San Diego Ca Workshop August 2017 from the clip
    Abraham Hicks Newest 2017 ~ Dealing with Negative Thoughts and their momentum (No Ads during Video)

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