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Thread: Are there "ghosts", evil spirits, hauntings?

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    Are there fairies, elves and gnomes?

    There’s a huge Nonphysical staff aware of you,
    working with you,
    hoping with you,

    hoping- not in the sense that it might not be,
    but hoping in the sense that they are looking forward
    to you becoming a Vibrational Match
    to what you’re asking for.

    It’s a huge Nonphysical cheering section.
    And as our friend asked earlier,
    are there fairies or gnomes or elves or, angels or…
    In other words, and we say: yes,

    yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.


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    There is no assertion, ever!

    Hi. I don't believe in witches, although I know they fly. I- We're asking about something that- How can people affect you long distance by remote control? I don't know, with witchery. With their negative feelings, and you don't even- At the beginning of-

    Well there's a little contradiction in your statement, because you said 'I don't believe in them' and if that's true, then they can't. But if you believe in them a little, then they can.


    That was a joke. I don't believe in witches, but I know they fly.

    We know you're not speaking literally, although Esther rides around on her broom on occasion.
    Nothing can affect you that you are not in vibrational sync with. So, there's more to this question. We'll let you speak.

    Okay. My girlfriend thinks that one parent is affecting her with witchery. At the beginning of this-

    You know why?

    Uh huh?

    Because you innately know that things are supposed to go good for you. She innately knows that wellbeing does abound. And when something's happening - when she gets out there to a manifestation that isn't pleasing, it feels like someone else is projecting it, because you commonly believe you would not do it to yourself. 'I would not do this to me. It's not something I want. So, I'm not doing it to me, therefore somebody else must be.'

    But no one can touch you with anything that you are not a vibrational match to.

    You could be in a situation where you are seeking solution with another person. And let's say you are defending yourself, and they are suing you, and you're defending yourself. So there is someone that seems that they are after you in some way for something.

    If you get fearful… If you're afraid, then you add power- You've met them there. In other words, they have no power with you other than the power that you give to them by choosing this rather than this. It's important to understand. Sometimes people wanna talk about good and evil.

    That exists. For example, I know when they're really hand-

    There's only a source of goodness that sometimes you can deny. You don't walk into a room and look for a dark switch. You don't flip a switch and expect some darkness to descend on the room. You flip a switch the resists the light… And in the absence of the light you have darkness, but there is no source of evil.

    But! In this physical time-space reality, where we just explained to you several times here today, that every thought that is ever been thought still exists. And law of attraction brings those thoughts together. So there are rivers and streams of thoughts that feel wonderful, and there are rivers and streams of thoughts that don't feel so wonderful.

    And when, for whatever reason, you have lost your connection to wellbeing and you're focused on unwanted things, you can tap into some of those rivers or streams and it feels like there is assertion that does not exist.

    There is no such thing as assertion in this law of attraction-based universe.
    No assertion! No one can assert anything.

    But you can match up, and then attract to yourself. And when you attract unwanted things it makes you think that someone else is asserting it, but it is never true. We have enjoyed this interaction a lot.

    It's important to realize that you do create your own reality. No one else is creating it for you. And until you accept that you are creating your own reality - if there's even any doubt at all, then you can believe that other people are negatively affecting your experience, when that isn't possible.

    No one can get into your experience other than through your vibrational invitation.

    And so, if things are happening in a way that you don't like, it's good for you to acknowledge 'Well what's been going on? What patterns do I have?' -But we wouldn't look too specifically, because when you look for the bugaboo vibration that has caused the situation that you don't want all you do is add to it, and therefore attract more.

    So, what you wanna do, if you're standing in any situation that you don't want, you're wanting to get as general about it as you can. And if there's anything in your life that is going well, you want to get as specific about that as you can, until you have practiced yourself into the mastery of being able to consistently hold yourself in vibrational alignment with who you really are and what you really want.

    San Antonio 2016

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    "Good forces vs Bad forces"???

    Someone who takes the time
    to understand their relationship with source,
    who actively seeks alignment with their broader perspective,
    who deliberately seeks and finds alignment
    with who-they-really-are,
    is more charismatic, more attractive, more effective,
    and more powerful than a group of
    who have not achieved this alignment.


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    Everything that you activate in your vibration
    becomes a truth.

    You can make cancer true.
    You can make violence true.
    You can make clarity true.
    You can make poverty true.
    You can make abundance true.
    You can choose anything
    and give it your attention and make it truth.

    We say, a novel approach would be to
    pick things you like and make those true.

    But before you’re going to be able to do that,
    you’ve got to say,

    “It’s not about what’s true and untrue.
    It’s about what I choose to activate and turn into truth.”

    —Abraham/Esther Hicks

    All that manifestation really is, is energy
    that is being translated from the perceiver.

    There is thought and there is thought form and there is manifestation.
    Manifestation is always in the eye of the beholder.

    So this time/space reality that everyone is perceiving
    is nothing more than vibrational interpretation.
    (...) What you actually see as man or human, is vibrational interpretation.

    Billings, MT 6/21/03

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    EVERYTHING comes out of nowhere!!
    There is NO REALITY,
    the way you think there is a reality!

    EVERYTHING is a convergence of vibrational frequencies.
    And just because you as mass-consciousness
    have adjusted yourself to a certain level of expectation,
    and therefor allowance of what manifests in your experience

    doesn´t mean that there isn´t a whole lot more on the horizon!

    You are not years away from this discoveries!
    You are not miles away from tis discoveries!
    You are vibrations away from these discoveries.

    (...) And if you would stop talking to others, who
    will try to talk you out of your crazy wild dreams,

    if you would try to stop fit in with the others-
    and justify to THEM through your normalcy,

    ALL KINDS of what they will call "magic",
    that you will come to call NORMAL


    It is NORMAL that you thrive.
    It is NORMAL that things always go well for you!
    It is NORMAL that what you don´t want stays away,
    and what you do want comes in. That´s NORMAL.

    And just because it´s not what most people are demonstrating-
    doesn´t mean, that it´s not what´s normal, you see.

    Phoenix, Dez. 2014

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    Pay attention to what´s going on, around you.
    Source is using every conceivable,
    possible messenger to confirm
    and accentuate things, that are
    important to you.


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    Cleansing Labyrinth?

    Hot seater from Nova Scotia went to San Francisco
    and walked the labyrinth at the Grace Cathedral.
    Her goal was to walk in with her worries and to walk out worry-free.
    She got to the center and she asked God/Spirit/All That Is,
    to cleanse her of her worries. She got sick for 3 days later,
    but figured it was part of the cleansing.

    Humans think they have to get rid of their troubles,
    rather than let well-being in.

    We think this labyrinth is so backwards,
    from what you’re coming to understand about LOA.
    You’ve heard us say that every thought that’s ever been thought still exists.
    Can you imagine the thought forms that are in that labyrinth?

    That’s like saying, “I want to be healthy so I’m going into an environment
    where every disease, virus, germ, and bacteria known to man is dwelling,
    and I’m going to go in there and dump off my viruses.”
    We say, “You’re probably going to pick up more viruses than you’re going to dump off, while you’re in there.”

    You certainly had good intentions, but we think the reason
    this experience was so heavy for you is that you were emphasizing
    the backwards approach that humans so often take,
    which is “I’m going to go dig up and dump off my troubles,
    and once I’ve dug them up and dumped them off,
    I’m going to walk away without them, and we say, ‘No, you’re not.’”

    You want to get in there and release and then allow,
    and we say why not just allow? It means different things to different people,
    but think about what a labyrinth means in general.
    It means I’m going to challenge and test my way through this.
    I’m going to put myself through a trial and see if I can make my way to the light.

    And we say, “Why not just stand out in the light!?”

    Why do you need to prove something to yourself?
    Why not just be the magnificent being that you are?
    And we understand that humans like tests.
    But your Inner Being never plays that game.

    Monterey, CA - 8-21-2001

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    What Ghosts are

    Every thought that has ever has been thought still exists. And Law of Attraction causes a coalescing of thoughts. And enough of that coalescing, if you’re tapped into the energy of it, you might be able to translate it visually, and that’s what a ghost is.

    It’s a visual translation of congealed energy. The question is, is it the spinoff of man’s conscious mind? Is it the spinoff of Source energy? -In other words, could it be that Source energy has set something in motion and it hasn’t quite come into fruition, and so you’re just catching it before it does?

    (story about Abraham bringing angels wings to woman in audience because she projected a thought asking Abraham if he [they] was angel or devil)

    And, so, when we explained, we knew what this woman’s question was. And we presented the energy that she interpreted. Esther receives blocks of thought and expresses them verbally. This woman receives blocks of thought and expresses them visually.

    There are many people who are interpreting energy and they are seeing all kinds of things, you see. And many of those things that they’re seeing they’re calling ghosts, or they’re calling space ships, or they’re calling angel’s wings, or they’re calling angels.

    In other words, there is so much to be interpreted when you are in this physical world where many of you are agreeing on what you are seeing when you interpret into the reality that you call real life. And then you want to say, because I can see, then everyone is seeing must be seeing the same thing. And it is sort of true in that your platform is stable, but you are so different in your ability to interpret.
    (talks about the dog’s ability to smell things we can’t)

    But that doesn’t mean that the dog is making it up! -Nor does it mean that individuals that are having these different experiences are making it up. They’re having their experiences based upon the vibrational latitude between their desire and their belief.

    (…) So, we want to sum up this conversation about ghosts or spirits, or anything that you might see that somebody else might or might not see, by helping you to understand that there is all kinds of energy and some of it is the spinoff of man’s mind and some of it is that which is being projected from nonphysical.

    …) You’ve just got to sense that there’s a huge array of vibrational energy that can be manifested into thoughtforms or into ghosts or into whatever you want! And eventually even into (physical) reality. It’s all part of the process.

    The question isn’t "does it exist". Of course it does! The question is, in what way do I want to play with it?
    -And the answer must be, if it feels good, I’ll dabble, and if doesn’t, I won’t.

    And there’s no right and wrong in it. Just don’t make the mistake that Esther made for awhile, and assume that just because you’re not hearing it, or smelling it, or seeing it, they are too.

    Boca Raton, 11/5/05

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    Wow, you are on a roll!!! this answers some of my yesterday questions, (to myself) hehehehe, Thanks PoE!!!

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    When I asked why I was wanting to bring this together so intensely, my inner guidance told me that there are people who ask for it, intensely.

    Our questions are always heard... and it´s so my joy, to be a cooperative component!

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