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Thread: Are there "ghosts", evil spirits, hauntings?

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    Are there "ghosts", evil spirits, hauntings?

    People talk about sometimes they’ll come into the room and things are misplaced or moved around and they attribute it to hauntings…

    – Most of it we attribute it to bad memory… and to the cooperative Universe that will always assist you.In other words when you decide that something is lost you can’t find it, even though it’s right there, and then when you get back into the vibration that allows you to see it, then you’re sure that someone has brought it in and put it there.

    There’s more of that going on than anything, but in fairness everything is vibrational and everything that you see in this physical world is an extension of that vibration.

    And so, this nonphysical energy that is focused does have the ability to- right before your eyes- move things, because everything is vibrational.
    So, hauntings… give us an example?

    This is more my friends question – so I don’t have a specific question. Of course we seen things on television… Is it part of our creation because when someone goes out to look for hauntings they will find them because they are creating…?

    Here’s the thing – everything is about vibration and vibration is being interpreted in many different ways. We’ve already talked about the real-life reality that you want to call reality which is your interpretation of vibration.

    Your eyes interpret vibration and that’s why you see. Your ears interpret vibration and that’s why you hear, so you were interpreting energy into what you see.

    Esther, as she is receiving us here is receiving blocks of thought – we’re sort of downloading big blocks of thought – she gets them at an unconscious level sorts them out and finds words equivalent to best describe the block of thought she is receiving.

    So Esther is a very good verbal translator of this vibration, but there are others who are visual translators of vibration and they are those who have visions who see things and many of you do too. The thing that is important to understand whether you are verbally translating – Esther is more auditory than visual – whether you are verbally translating or whether you are visually translating or both. In any case you are receiving the vibration that you must be somewhere in the vibrational vicinity of the vibration in order to interpret it.

    In other words Esther has discovered that if she meditates, or if she’s joyful, or if she’s basking that she’s much more up to speed with what Abraham is and so the flow of Abraham is much more comfortable and much more emphatic or precise or beneficial if she’s up to speed with us.

    So interpreting energy simply means being in the vibrational vicinity and then interpreting in some way visually or auditorily.

    So now let’s talk about vibration other than the vibration that we are offering. In other words, we are a stream of consciousness and when Esther or any of you get in the vicinity of what we are you have that knowing.

    You are knowing what we are talking about and surprising yourself, aren’t you? You’re right up to speed – did you hear how you laughed just at the right moment? Do you hear how you’re getting the subtle nuances of what we are offering? -You’re up to speed with us or that would not be happening.

    So you’re in the vibrational vicinity of that which we are – now, Esther makes it easier for you because she’s speaking it out loud and you are commonly or collectively focused which makes it easier still – but just the same you are in the vibrational vicinity or you would not be getting it.

    So, every thought that has ever been thought still exists – thoughts don’t go away, vibrations don’t go away and law of attraction gathers those vibrations into what you might call rivers or streams. And so you could pick-up on the river… this is a powerful stream of consciousness that we are projecting here which is easy for Esther and some of you to pick up on.

    But there are streams of consciousness that are a spin-off of man’s conscious thought that are also easy for you to pick up on if you’re in the vibrational vicinity.

    -That’s where all that “evil haunting” stuff comes from… in other words, as man worries about this and worries about that – as you watch Steven Spielberg movies, or Stephen King’s movies, as you watched that stuff- there’s a coalescing of all of that.

    And it’s perfectly logical that someone in the vibrational vicinity of some of that unwanted stuff could be close enough to the vibration of it that they can begin to interpret it visually. Jerry and Esther – one of the very first people that they met as they began to do this work – a wonderful woman who’d lived in Dallas – and Jerry and Esther stayed at her home in fact when they went up to do the seminars.

    She heard them on one of the few radio shows that they ever did, or that we ever did, and came to the first seminar that they conducted in Dallas. As she told them the story later when she became a good friend of theirs that as she was driving to the seminar after having heard us on the radio she is saying right out loud as she’s driving in her automobile, “Alright Abraham are you Angel or Devil?”

    Which sort of gives you an idea of what was going on with her at the time – she did not understand when we emphatically say there is no source of evil, there’s just allowing who you really are or not.

    But she was still in that place where she was looking for good and evil – hauntings and blessings sort of thing.
    And so as we were coming into the conversation – Esther was sitting at the time, not standing – and she asked the question as she was sitting there in the room and as we came to join the party in Esther’s experience, we were silent for an inordinate amount of time.

    In fact Esther began to feel uncomfortable because she was used to us opening her eyes and getting right to it. But instead we opened her eyes and looked at this woman and the woman said, “the entire room filled with big angel wings.”

    -We projected to her an answer to her question and in her ability to translate vibration visually she did. So it’s in the eye of the beholder – in other words you see what you are vibrationally tuned, but more important you see what you are expecting and expectation is a vibrational practice and anything is possible.

    We just want you to know,
    that there is only a source of well-being, and that this source of well-being is dominant and if you’re picking up on any of that other stuff it’s just because you’re outside the vortex on the wrong ragged edge, you’ve got a pretty good vibration going and all that stuff floating around out there congealing and able to pick up- in other words:

    Transmitting and receiving mechanisms, it’s all that it is.

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    Haunted house?

    Then I was just wondering if in fact there is something called a ghost? And if there is, what are they?

    Well, certainly there is that which is called that, is called spirit sometimes, is called ghost sometimes, or apparition. Or Casper.

    In the same way that Esther is interpreting vibration verbally or auditorially, it is possible to interpret vibration visually. And so sometimes the person, the seer, is in a vibrational place, in close enough proximity that they are actually able to interpret the energy in a visual sense.

    Sometimes the energy is a projection from Source. Sometimes it is the thoughtform -- in other words, as you are here in your physical body, you have to understand what a fabulous focal point you are. There's that word ‘focus' again.
    You are a focused energy, and so as you perceive life from your vantage point, that vantage point becomes a sort of energy vortex, and as others perceive you, the same thing happens.

    So, long after you are no longer in your physical body, the energy that surrounded you still exists, and those who care to see it and want to see it, sometimes can see it.

    The question that we think is the most significant question is: when someone sees a ghost, does that always mean that the nonphysical vantage point where they are now, is being expressed in that apparition, and the answer to that is sometimes yes, but not always.

    That's what a haunted house is: someone had a dramatic experience or an exciting experience in a place, so the energy was very powerful. People
    continue to activate it and keep it alive so that even those who weren't part of that sometimes can see that.

    And so the easiest way for you to distinguish what is Source energy, from what is a thoughtform is the intensity of it and the purity of it and the deliciousness of it.

    In other words, if there is Source energy associated with it, in this moment that you are participating it, it always feels delicious.

    Portland, OR, 7/12/03

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    You are ALWAYS multiple consciousness,
    so you are never "alone".

    (before Jerry´s death), she hadn´t have the melding of the minds, always.
    then, she hadn´t have the melding of the intentions.
    Then, she didn´t have the desire for source energy to flow through here.
    in the powerful way that she has, now.
    So, this is the message, that we have, wanting people to understand.

    We want you to understand,
    that the reason that the earth has the continuity that it does,
    is because those who have been in, on the planning of it,
    are still in, on the thinking about it!
    And the difference between nonphysical energies-
    looking in, on what you´ve got going on,
    is that we are looking at your Vortex,
    not just what´s in your physical environment.

    And when you can find a way to be on that hook,
    then you´ll be that happy being that we´ve been taking about, earlier!
    Happy, because of the fullness of all that you are,
    that is focused on that time, you see!

    You have access to EVERYONE you´v loved.
    To EVERYONE you´v reveired, to everyone you´v appreciated.
    You have access to every thought that has ever been thought.

    But when some dear person who matters to you more than life itself
    makes their transition- and then you get to feel the presence of them
    in your RIGHT HERE moment-
    that´s when you begin- that´s only when you understand-
    the continuity of life.
    That´s when you understand that there is no separation
    between ANY OF US, you see.

    That´s when you find out who you really are!

    See, you always thought- you all thought, all!- that you´r just you!
    And you´ve always been a whole bunch of us!

    You think, that idea was just yours?
    Ah, you just prepared yourself vibrationally
    for the receiving of the idea.
    You´ve ALWAYS been collective consciousness, you see.
    You´ve ALWAYS been collective consciousness.
    You´ve never, not one of you, ever been singular consciousness.
    You´ve always been collective consciousness!

    It´s just then, when you have an experience like THIS
    (like getting widowed)-
    your desire gets up big time,
    and you consciously find a way to- deliberately-
    ALLOW the collective consciousness, you see.

    NOTHING is better.

    Denver 2012

    Your beloved did NOT LEAVE!!!

    Esther has a friend who says, “When Jerry didn’t leave.
    You know, when Jerry didn’t leave… when Jerry didn’t leave…!”

    Esther just loves that because he didn’t leave.
    He didn’t leave. He didn’t leave. He became more present.
    He became more an integral part of her life.
    You should see the way he edits from inside of her. […laughter…]
    They can edit on the computer screen now.
    She doesn’t have to print stuff out for him.
    In other words, he is such a cheap date. […laughter…]

    She doesn’t have to buy that airline ticket for him anymore! […laughter…]
    He’s always there. Always there. Always available.
    Always up for fun. Always there.

    (...) Every now and then, Esther will still open a drawer and see something
    and she’ll just take a minute… she just takes a minute as she sees something
    that reminds her of something that isn’t anymore.
    And then, she laughs about it and gets on with something even better.

    JULY 26, 2014 LOS ANGELES, CA
    from the much bigger awesome transcript, here

    HS calls herself a loner. She likes to be alone, and to contemplate.
    Abe explain that that is her way of re-sourcing herself.

    Is there ever a problem with being alone?

    Because you are never alone!

    Alaskan Cruise, July 2015

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    Nonphysical is focused HERE in physical WITH us!

    Abe (after passionately correcting a hotseater a few times, already, in her ideas
    about what source is and does)
    What is that? WHAT IS THAT? Where do you think, you´ll go?
    (after croaking)

    I think, we become part of everything.

    How boring is that!
    (laughter in the audience)
    Part of everything... have you ever tried to think of everything at once?
    Have you ever tried to listen to ten people at once?
    This ties in with the question earlier... source is-
    source is intelligence that is specifically and eagerly and passionately
    focussed through leading edge creators- like you.

    Source is building the anthill with the ants.
    And source is building the sculptures with you,
    and source is exploring the biology of your body...
    IOW, source is INVOLVED in the leading edge details
    of manifestation of source!

    Source doesn´t feel different than you do, when you feel fabulous!
    If you wanna know how source feels- get happy, and say: NOW I KNOW.
    Be in love and say: NOW I KNOW.
    Be sure of something you want- and say: NOW I KNOW.

    Abraham, Los Angeles, July 30., 2011

    What do you know about 100% of your croaked friends?
    What do you know about 100% of them? ... They don't miss you! (Laughter!)
    And the reason they don't miss you, is that they have access to you all the time!
    ... They are showering with you ... (laughter)

    They don't mind your wrinkles ... or your cellulite.
    In other words, you have to meet them on their terms.
    They are live-rs of unconditional love!
    And they're there for you.

    -Abe, North Carolina, September, 2011

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    - Is there only love on the other side?
    - Yes.
    There is only love.
    Yes. Only love. Only love.
    Only, only, only, only Pure, Positive Energy,
    love and clarity and passion and eagerness. Yes.

    From the clip "Co-creating at it's best"

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    About Hell

    Everything is happening in the moment.
    So as you are offering a vibration in your now,
    you are receiving the result of that vibration.

    When you make your transition into the Non-physical,
    you re-emerge into Pure Positive Energy,
    and you leave all resistance behind.

    Everyone who makes their transition reaps the glory of Pure Positive Energy.
    That is really upsetting to those who want the bad ones to be punished!

    But it does not happen.
    Punishment is a concoction of man's disconnected mind.


    Excerpted from the workshop: Boston, MA on October 10, 1999

    Devil and Hell

    The "devil" is a fictional character made up (and perpetuated)
    by insecure humans who want to control other insecure humans.

    There's a lot of power in fear, isn't there?
    There shouldn't be, because, really, what fear is, is power-less.
    If you understood Source, as we do,
    you would never fashion such fiction
    because there is only Well-Being that flows,
    from that which is your Source.

    --- Abraham

    Excerpted from the workshop in North Los Angeles, CA on Saturday, March 6th, 2004 #72

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    Nobody get´s "stuck" between the worlds!

    "We are just not encouraging the thought,
    that there are people, who get stuck in the process
    (of dying).
    It just ISN´T TRUE!

    Now, there is plenty of spinoff of man´s conscious thoughts.
    There are plenty of vibrations, that can be translated.
    But what you explained
    (that she helped stuck spirits) happened, DID NOT HAPPEN!
    Let us that say that better: What you are explaining happened,
    is not the way you are explaining it.

    No one´s stuck!
    No one´s stuck. No one´s stuck.
    (Talking over the HS) No one´s stuck. No one´s stuck.

    But when someone´s getting ready to make their transition, they are releasing
    all kinds of resistance. And you MIGHT be translating some of the resistance
    that they are releasing. (...)

    We are just telling you, that nobody that´s moving into the nonphysical,
    no one who is returning to the inner being that is them, is stuck.
    That momentum is SO STRONG!

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks-Is she helping stuck spirits (New!)

    How dying feels...

    You do not become part of a nebulous mist.
    You do not lose your sense of identity.
    You don’t wonder where you are.
    You don’t feel suffocated for lack of oxygen.
    You don’t miss your body.

    Instead, you feel ALL that you have ever been.
    You have access to go anywhere that you want to go.
    You can revisit those who you are wanting to.
    You can participate in your funeral if you are wanting to.
    You can reactivate the vibration of your beingness – in other words,
    you could, from your nonphysical, ‘dead’ you call it, we like to call it
    'croaking' to be disrespectful since there is no such thing as death -

    you could from that nonphysical perspective, you could, if you wanted to,
    reactivate the vibration that was you, and feel as if you were still
    in your physical body.

    But you know what? Nobody wants to do that,
    because the broader perspective is so intoxicating.

    San Francisco, 7/27/07

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    Angels, and what Abe REALLY want us to know about the topic.

    Why are angels always depicted with wings?

    Well, not always, but in times gone by, as humans have been receiving
    the impulse, or the image of source, -it was before airplanes,
    it was before anything that moved very fast, and the only thing
    that was getting around with any dexterity
    and flexibility, had wings!

    And so, the early artists depicted them like that,
    and the rest of you are just too lazy to draw something new!
    We love you so much! You depict spacecrafts, for the same reason,
    in the same way, in these days!

    THIS is, to us, the best part of this conversation:
    You´r still standing- and it´s not uncommon-
    as a human consciousness,
    thinking that source is OUTSIDE of you,
    rather than focused WITH you!

    Iow, we really want to emphasize that turning vibration to the thought,
    to the emotion, and to the manifestation, to the thing!
    We REALLY want you to feel the evolution of all of that!
    We want you to accept, that THIS is the leading edge!

    And that things that are evolving, and expanded to, HERE, that this is,
    what ALL-there-is, is focused about, you see!

    (...) We want you to remember and, maybe, re-discover the very important
    role you play, in this leading-edge-translation-of all-that-is!!!
    Humans want to separate themselves!
    You want God to be something outside of you, for the most part.
    And you want to be something that is subservient, to that!
    You want to do the right things, so that you will be blessed, by that.

    But SO FEW humans really get it, that YOU ARE living,
    breathing extension of that, and that ALL of that
    is flowing to you, for the fulfillment of that
    Source and you are ONE AND THE SAME!

    And if it where not for the bogus ideas that you have about it,
    that cause you to block the self, and not allow the fullness of it,
    you´s ALL be flying around!
    -With ease, and dexterity, and confidence, and certainty, and love-
    and, most of all, JOY.

    You´d be having a much better time, if you could really understand
    your part IN ALL OF THIS.
    Man wants to make himself not the most important part-
    when YOU ARE!
    You are the most important part! You are on the leading edge!
    You are sifting and sorting, and defining personally, that which is NEW!

    And al that is, is backing you up, just eager for you
    to find the new that you want!
    And then, when you find it- we´r all flowing to it.
    Through you, and to it- whether you allow it yourself
    to be part of that, or not.

    Isn´t that interesting? So many people, sorting and sifting,
    and ASKING. And in their asking, the Universe is expanding.
    And the very people who are causing the expansion of the Universe,
    are often the same ones, that are beating the drum
    of the problem that caused them to ask for the expansion-
    and personally depriving themselves of BEING the living example
    of the very expansion, that they have CREATED!

    And that´s what this gathering is about:
    To help you NOT be those. To help you be those, who revel
    in their own creation!
    Who take joy in what life has inspired, within you!
    Who CONSCIOUSLY connect... ohhhh, to CONSCIOUSLY
    co-create with source-energy,
    to CONSCIOUSLY co-create with source-energy!!!!

    To REALLY UNDERSTAND your angels?
    To really benefit what they provide, and the importance that they are,

    -and then, to cooperatively create, for the JOY!!

    Not for the necessary expansion, the expansion is happening,
    wether you know that it is or not.
    You don´t have to know any of this, to fulfill your reason for being here.
    (...) You ARE doing your part, in this expanding Universe. YOU ARE!!

    But you are supposed to having fun, while you´r doing it!!

    It´s the difference between going to a movie, and creating the movie.
    The difference between reading the book, and WRITING the book!
    The difference between feeling it, and just hearing words about it!
    The difference between trying to describe what love is, and

    You are out here! YOU are the manifestation, you see!
    That´s why you have all of this seeing and hearing and tasting and touching,
    that´s why you have the EMOTIONS, that let you feel the fullness of what you
    are synthesizing!

    It doesn´t get any better than being WHO YOU ARE, out here,
    on this leading edge! It´s really a good time to embrace it.
    To know it. To revel in it. TO BE IT.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks ~ Why do Angels have Wings

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    What is Abraham?

    "We´r as dead as it gets."


    A dear friend of mine is an astrologer and he asked if I could ask you this question.
    And that is, what realm do you come from? And he’s listed a few of them here —

    [Playfully interrupting]
    — None that he would know.

    [Laughter.] Should I –

    — Or be satisfied with.

    He’s had astral, archangel, angel, spirits of form, whatever, — wisdom —

    [Interrupting, very playfully]
    — Whichever he considers to be the best one.

    He does have Supreme Being here.

    We’ll take that one.

    [Hearty giggling] I thought you might!

    Q: Hi.

    Abe: We are.

    I should probably know the answer to this, but… that was good.
    That was fast!

    What is Abraham? Is Abraham a spirit?
    Is it what we call in the Bible an angel? What are…?

    Abe: We prefer spook.

    (Laughing) Okay.

    Physical human has found many labels that they use,
    depending on how they feel in the moment,
    to try and describe their interaction with nonphysical.
    We are Source energy, we are collective consciousness —
    collective consciousness’ meaning a stream.
    We are a consensus of many what you might call nonphysical voices.
    We are that which some have called angel.
    We are that which some have called God.

    We are that which some have called Inner Being.
    But most importantly, and we’ll use some of our favorite words again,
    we are focalized consciousness,
    specifically responding to the vibration that you manage in your asking.

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