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Thread: Are there "ghosts", evil spirits, hauntings?

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    ...Are you hearing a voice, or your name?
    Non-physical is focused on YOU.

    HS hears her name since long, always before she falls asleep.
    She wonders what that is.

    Nonphysical- those that you have known, and loved,
    who are nonphysically focused,
    some of them, that you didnīt even get to meet,
    your family of consciousness-
    Some of them relatives, many of them not related
    in terms of blood, but vibrational relatives,
    -aware of you, focused with you,
    eager with you -focused on YOU.

    And their attention on YOU,
    you translate that into (hearing) your own name.

    Isnīt that nice?

    Alaskan Cruise, July 2015

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    About thoughts and thoughtforms:

    So there is thought.
    "I had a thought, I had an idea, I had a memory, I had a thought."
    And then there is thought-form. What is thought-form?

    Thought-form is form that thought takes.
    So one who thinks a thought would not create a thought-form usually,
    unless they thought the thought a lot.

    Two getting focused on a similar thought, or three or four or a few million-
    now thought-forms are beginning to be created.
    And if enough energy, if enough focussers are focussed upon a similar thought,
    now that thought amasses enough power that it becomes manifestation.

    Abraham (5/18/98)

    Everything that is matter is a very long standing,
    and therefore very evolved
    -thatīs why we use the term "sophisticated"- thought.

    And you have to understand- ohh, this is very good,
    weīve not been here before.
    This time-space-reality that you acknowledge,
    is tangible, seeable, hearable, tasteable, smellable, touchable.
    It wasnīt just thought into being.
    It is HELD into beingness, BY continuous thought!

    Have you ever seen an abandoned house disintegrate?
    Isnīt it interesting? It stood there, all those years.
    The wood held up, the curtains held up.
    And it isnīt, because the bugs moved in, friends!
    Itīs, because attention was withdrawn from it.
    So the holding of it, in itīs reality, ceased.
    Makes sense?

    Phoenix, Dec. 2011

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    The thought thinks itself!
    -About different vibrations you can tap into

    Isn't that interesting?
    -You think a thought, and that thought now
    is a vibrational entity unto itself,
    that has the ability to think.

    So there is the thinker who thinks the thought,
    and then there's the thought that becomes the thinker.
    In other words, it's quite a tangle for you to decipher and sort out.

    So, we want to just give you the highlights and help you understand,
    that when you have been focused in a physical body for a while,
    you become a powerful focal point.

    That's why sometimes a psychic will tap into someone that you love,
    who is dead, and the psychic will interpret information, warnings
    or things that your mother is worried about,
    or where she buried the money in the backyard
    or something, and often with great accuracy.

    And Esther said, "Abraham, you said that when someone dies,
    they reemerge into Pure Positive Energy, and some of this
    doesn't sound all that much like Pure Positive Energy."

    And we say, you have the ability to tap into a lot
    of different vibrational frequencies.
    Someone called Esther, said the Sheriff was looking for her in Texas,
    where they are from, and she said, "I knew he would catch me sooner or later,
    what does he want?"
    And when Esther called him, he was trying to solve a mystery - murder,
    an unsolved mystery, and Esther said, "It's not the work I do."

    And he said, "Well, we've been told that you could help us
    and we could really use your help."
    And Esther said, "I would have to tune my vibration to a place I'm not
    willing to tune my vibration. It's just not the work I do."

    But you can tune your vibration to anything and pick up
    those vibrational frequencies. There are thought forms all around.
    First there is thought.
    Thought is thought upon longer, becomes thought form
    and thought that is thought upon longer becomes manifestation.

    And of course, that's a very scanty explanation,
    but that is the general progress of this thought.

    So, when you are wanting to have conversation with someone who you love
    who has reemerged into Nonphysical or even someone you don't know
    who is a master of something or another,
    you have to become a vibrational match to that which they now ARE
    to receive the Essence of who they are from their broader,
    Nonphysical perspective.

    But you could get in an ornery mood and tap right into some ornery dead friend.
    But you would not be receiving them AS THEY NOW ARE.

    Guest - Right.

    Abe -
    You'd be receiving them as they WERE
    and you'd be picking up on that swirl of vibration
    which continues to exist eternally.
    Nothing ever ceases to be, once it has become.

    Guest -
    Great. And so I could be in communication with an Energy
    that used to be my grandfather and also be in communication
    with a part of him that's come into a new Being, all at the same time?

    Abe - Yes.

    From the Alaskan Cruise 2005

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    Meeting Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion, Dorothy and Toto:
    On the Path of Least Resistance you can accomplish "Miracles".

    If Iīm really happy, if I believed I could, could I walk through this wall?
    (audience laughs) -What? Thatīs alignment!

    Weīr not disagreeing with you! The answer to that question
    because- this is a valid statement!
    Whatever you want to be, or do, or have- you CAN accomplish!

    So if your life-experience is causing you to acknowledge that
    walls are cumbersome- so you are launching this rockets of desire
    to be (...) completely free, not bound by conditions, that are getting in your way-
    as you come to that place, where you have relieved your self,
    released- one at a time, all beliefs about necessary conditions,
    youīll be in the vibrational place where you can accomplish everything
    that you are wanting!

    Beautiful! Cool!

    And youīll get there faster when youīr not trying to prove it to anyone else.

    So, Esther awakened when they first moved to San Antonio,
    in the little farmhouse that they where renting, and laid there in bed,
    and listened to the rhythm of Jerryīs snoaring, she liked that.
    And acknowledged what a wonderful life she was living,
    and how REALLY GOOD she felt in this moment.

    And then she heard someone coming up the driveway.
    This was a long farm-road, and it was a graveled driveway, and she
    could hear footprints, coming up the driveway.
    So she got out of bed ad she looked out of a window,

    And she saw Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion and Dorothy and Toto-
    all coming up her driveway.
    She walked RIGHT THROUGH THE WALL- went out,
    and spent several minutes, talking to them
    -they are all very nice, by the way!-
    they are thought-forms that exist,
    because of millions of people, thinking of them-
    and Esther- in her wake state,
    not trying to prove the wall to anyone!-
    the absence of it, or the presence of it,
    had a very real experience,
    as real as anything than any of you will ever live!
    So, YES. Esther has accomplished what youīr talking about.

    But what you are talking about is: Can Esther walk through THAT wall?
    And we say: If a tree falls in the forrest, and there is no one there to hear,
    to translate the vibration of the tree falling, into sound-
    Was there a sound?

    The answer is no.

    Because, if there is not the translator of the vibration
    into the equivalent that you call sound- then the sound has not occurred!
    A vibration occurred.

    When your dog hears something that you canīt hear,
    was there a sound? You accept that there was.
    But from YOUR perceptive point of view- there was no sound.
    There was nothing that you translated.

    And so, what is required for satisfaction, in this conversation,
    is that you leave EVERYBODY ELSE out of the equation,
    that you accept the knowledge of your inner being,
    that you look for alignment- every step that you can find it,
    and accomplish it again and again and again,

    And then show yourself what you are able to accomplish
    that is outside the normality of what physical humans are accomplishing,
    and THATīs why unconditional love, unconditional alignment
    is so ADVANTAGEOUS to you!!!

    Because when you tie what everyone else is ready and willing to accept-
    you limit your ability to move forwards.
    THATīs why science moves forwards so slowly!
    Because they need to drag everybody else along, with them,
    that are in all kinds of different vibrational places.

    THATīS why so many are not receiving the recovery
    that they are wanting, from one thing or another, you see.
    You have to set yourself free of the conditions, that bind you.
    And that includes what EVERYBODY ELSE is thinking about
    every other thing.

    And when you make the first, last, most and always what your relationship with your IB knows about this, and this, and this- youīll be doing some things that are really satisfying to YOU.

    Just donīt need others to look on, to validate it.

    Abraham Hicks Long Beach CA 2015-02-14

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    Abe have been a Poltergeist, too.

    HS experiences Poltergeist-symptoms, since she has a room-mate, and the roomate is very comfortable with the idea that itīs a ghost.

    Did she mention, that this "ghost" travels with her?

    No, that she failed to mention.

    The reason we asked that- that is not always the case.
    Sometimes it is the unique combination, iow, she has been curious about these things. And in her curiosity, she has attracted what we call "frivolous beings". That does not mean negative beings, just frivolous, fun-seeking beings.

    And the the combination of the 2 of you, coming together, with what you know about nonphysical! So it just opened a crack of greater allowance, or of least resistance. Iow, it is an opportunity for you to express some of what you are understanding about nonphysical, for this one!

    Now, what we would say is happening is: Both of you have interacted very powerfully and very clearly with nonphysical energy. Not only in this physical lifetime, but in many of them! You are KNOWN to be a Vortex of this, in the way that Esther has been known to be!

    Iow, those of you who have done it before, and have intentionally come forth with the intention of WANTING to participate in this way, you are more eagerly greeted by the nonphysical counterparts, you see! In the early days, when we wanted to visit with Esther, before she had adequately aligned her energy, so that she could receive easily-

    -we would rattle the lampshade, when we wanted to talk to her!
    -Or turn a light on, when we wanted to talk to her.
    SOMETHING to get her attention, to help her to realize that there was something happening!

    And in the beginning, it was a little disconcerting- because it felt strange, and it felt invasive. In fact, our friend did not like it at all, and he started tighting all of the shades, REALLY tight, and lean them upon the wall,
    (text gets lost in the laughter of the audience)- because he was not wanting any of our monkey-business!

    And of course, once we realized that he was not having fun with it, and that it was causing more negative consequence for them then it was positive, then other approaches were offered, such as wiggling Esthers nose, and tugging on her ear, and things of that nature, that were a little less disconcerting for her mate.

    So are you saying that this could be my IB trying to communicate with me?

    We would say that itīs absolutely nonphysical energy, wanting to communicate with SOMEBODY. And if the 2 of you would sit and say "Whatīs going on here? We are listening. WHat are you wanting?" -that you would feel some energy flowing, and one or the other may get a block of thought.

    Remember, we are not moving Esthers mouth! If she was writing, we would not push her pencil. We are offering blocks of thought, that at an unconscious level she is TRANSLATING.

    Now, they are manipulating energy in your house. It is the reason that electronic things are the most effective.

    Nobody is moving food around in the refrigerator. That was what one or the other did, without realizing it. But there are things that are happening, of electronic nature. That is what is happening, because it is ALL about energy. So itīs very easy for nonphysical beings to manipulate energy, you see!

    And so the question you are wanting to ask is, first of all:
    "Is what you are, and what you are wanting, of value to me?"
    And you will SENSE right away, if that is so.

    And THEN you will decide- we would encourage to do it together-
    is there anything that we are wanting from this?
    Iow, are we WANTING to have any sort of experience with this nonphysical energy? And once you concluded, then tale it from there.

    And if we conclude that we do not, if we conclude that this is not in our interest- what can we do...

    Do not give your attention to it!
    As it is occuring, say: "Oh, it is them again." But donīt give much more attention to it. And it will dissipate. Because THIS energy is positive energy. And if you are not receiving it, and donīt want to, it is not going to hound you! Remember, it is LoA. Either of you could have attracted it, but didnīt. Itīs the combination of the 2 of you, that has bought it forth!

    Your knowledge of nonphysical, her knowledge of supernatural.
    Your knowledge of benefit, her knowledge of fun and frivolousness.
    Iow, "ghost" is what she would call it, you call it "nonphysical energy" or "entitiy" or "information".

    So itīs the combination of the 2 expectations that has brought it about in a sort of powerful way. All in all, how do you get on with this roomate?

    Oh, wonderfully! We get along very well!

    You recognice that you are same vibration?


    -JERRY was editing into this recording later, at this point, the information, that he was aware of a constant strange vibe or sound or rattle all over the the room that was there while the whole interaction. Abe didnīt adress it, and the young HS started to noticably vibrate in the same tone or rhythm with this energy.-

    And in fact, I think that how we met was just extraordinary.

    Jerry from behind: What is this vibration?

    Hear him? That is your friend.
    (not discernable mumble of HS) Nice, isnīt it? -Nice friendly energy.

    And this rattle-sound?

    Hear it?
    (high-pitch sound and rattle, not everything is discernable...) ..the lampshade, eyh? (more intense rattle and high pitch) -Getting a little brassed, eyh? (laughter of audience) Thatīs were your socks wonīt come off, but a little chattering. You are receiving some energy, you see. Itīs alright. We can translate the block of thought for you, if you are wanting!


    (more intense rattling during the next segment, Esthers voice changes intensely, the translation is rough, loud and awkward)
    nonphysical entity:
    EAGER!!! To participate through you, if you are REALLY Ha-happy to know me in your physical! Great fun! And quietly
    (?) awaiting if wanted. Enough for now!

    (calm translation again) -Good!

    Thank you! And now if I wanna continue this, and yes- I do want it, how can I take it... because I have put a lot of time into sitting down and meditating, and I do get the... as soon I sit down and quiet my mind, I get the... I just go off like this...

    (still intense rattle) Abe:
    Just sit with the intent of receiving. Understanding that youīll receive a block of thought. Sit with family or friends, it is very nice and
    (the other energy is coming through again in the choppy, awkward voice) let -come- through- in- the- beginning-
    it will be- awkward. That is natural.
    (Smoothe flow again).

    Because you are not accustomed to translating the energy! Esther is not accustomed to translating THIS energy, either! And so, she is
    (choppy translation again) feeling- the- awkwardness- of it, also! But as you do a little more of it, it will not feel awkward.

    And so, just let it flow, and enjoy, and have fun with it. And grow with it. And evolve with it. And learn to dance with it, and before you know it- ahhh, anything you are wanting there is an answer, that you are understanding. Iow, you asked the question- she brought the answer. You said: Can anybody do this? And
    (laughter over the words) ...they are saying: YES!!!

    Abraham Hicks: Everybody have a poltergeistic experience

    Adding also: This is an old recording, in which times Esther normally spoke with an accent that she has not anymore, in this days, while channeling.

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    Nonphysical Jerry, catching stumbling Esther

    Last week, Esther came bouncing up the steps, and the step wasnīt stable.
    When she stepped on it, it caved in, and her foot went between the step
    and the stage. Scraped up her shin, she stumbled upon the stage-
    it was... funny.

    It was really funny. And Esther thought- for the life of me, I do not know
    HOW I went down!
    So, Esther has a dear friend, who sees energy. (...) So, after the seminar
    she sent Esther an email, "You know, Jerry walks on the stage, with you?"
    And Esther says, "Yeah, I know. I can feel him there."
    And then she said, "He caught you, last week!"

    And Esther thought: "THATīS why I didnīt fall down!
    It didnīt make sense to me! I didnīt have my balance, I didnīt have anything
    close to my balance! But I didnīt go down!"

    THIS is the thing we want you to understand...

    But if you are not knowing that, if you are mad at yourself-
    then you donīt let us GET YOU!

    Westchester, Oct. 2014
    from the clip Abraham Hicks 2014 ペ Every moment is a new beginning

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    Source has full access to your body and your environment.

    We mean it when we say to you, that we are always with you
    we are aware of where you stand in relationship to everything that you want
    and we, and others like us, those inner beings that exist in your vortex
    are aware of where you are in relationship to what your want
    and are offering constant inclinations.

    It sorts of goes like,
    "since we see where you are and we know what you want
    if we were standing in your physical shoes, we would go this way!"

    And it's not just a projection of thought that we are offering you, because
    we have access to your muscles,
    we have access to the cells of your body,
    we have access to the thoughts that you are thinking

    in other words,
    that influence, that impulse that you receive is that impulse that is us, within you.

    So when you recognize that we are within you
    and that we are giving you an impulse
    to go this way, to go this way,
    in your most relaxed state you will go that way

    And when you go in the direction of that which is inspired from within
    it is our promise, that you are about to rendezvous with something
    that you have been looking for.
    And when that happens, the thing that we want you to say to yourself is this:
    I received an impulse, I trusted it, and it paid off.

    Play that game for a week,
    and you will be free of resistance forever more.
    There is great love here for you. And as always, we remain, in YOUR vortex.

    Atlanta, Oct. 2013

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    What a relationship with a transitioned mate can be-
    Awesome segment!

    The husband of the HS died last December, and she feels him all around.
    When Abe talked before about "make NEW memories" with the croaked ones, she knew it was his message.

    Itīs someone living a full and and magnificent life,
    and then re-emerging into non-physical, and coming into
    full connection with EVERYTHING that was wanted,
    while physical focused, and seeing a clear path to it-

    and THEN having the ability to interact with someone like you

    who is wide open, and listening, and hearing!
    Itīs the greatest satisfaction of all!
    And thatīs why he is saying to you "Letīs make new memories."

    Thatīs why he is saying: Letīs not rely on what was lived-
    because, thatīs DONE.
    Whatīs AHEAD is whatīs exhilarating!

    And as you tap into that, and feel the fullness of that,
    you will be more alive, than youīve ever been before!
    Itīs almost as HAVING TWO OF YOU, LIVING.
    Only, that itīs far more of that!
    TWO focused consciousnesses,
    interested in what YOU are about.


    And if you just can remember, the basis of understanding that,
    is really about remembering, that youīr going for the UNCONDITIONAL, for just a little while. Because the conditional was all about what you could see, and what you could hear. And now, itīs about what you can FEEL, but itīs also about what you can hear and EVENTUALLY what you can see, as well.

    Iow, you have the ability to translate this beginning understanding
    of this longstanding, eternal relationship into something, that is even more tangible as you have been experiencing, before.
    Just relax and trust that.

    And in those lonely moments, realize, that all "those lonely moments" are, are about your darling being PRESENT with you-
    And you, not letting him in.

    Itīs NOT about missing what was.
    Itīs about not letting in, WHAT IS.

    Alaskan Cruise, July 2015

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    THAT is harmony! THAT is merging with source!

    (Esther had opened the gate, and Jerry was bringing the car...)
    ...Suddenly she realized, that she was having an unusual moment.
    She could see colors in the sky, that were not normal for her to see.
    There was a depth and a brilliance, to what she was looking at,
    that was new to her.

    And then she began smelling the fragrance of blossoms,
    that where not anywhere in her vicinity!
    And then she began feeling the feeling of the wind upon her skin,
    and hearing birds and wind, that she had no visual evidence of!

    And then she said: "Abraham, itīs you, isnīt it?"
    And we said:"Yah, you caught us, again! Weīr peeping through your eyes,
    and weīr smelling through your nose- and weīr listening through your ears,
    and weīr feeling through your skin."

    And that was, when Esther really had her strongest awareness,
    of how involved we are in her day-to-day-experience,
    and how much we REVEL in the leading-edginess of that, which is her.

    So, you feel the same way?

    That is what we want you to hear:
    WEīve always been feeling that way!
    But it was HER sublime receptive mode, that let her feel, what we feel!

    THATīS what youīr wanting!

    Weīr always there, with you. Weīr ALWAYS guiding you,
    we always know what the path of least resistance is, for you.
    We always know, what the path of most allowance is, for you!
    They are the same thing, and by the path of most allowance we mean:
    WHAT notes, or rhythms will strike you the most?
    Or WHAT rout will give you the most pleasure, or WHAT conversation,
    with WHAT person will be the most meaningful-right here and now,
    given the level of resistance or allowance, that youīve got going on?

    (...) When there is NO RESISTANCE present, in any moment,
    thatīs when you REALLY understand, how we REALLY feel-
    about whatever it is, that you are REALLY focused upon,
    in THIS moment in time.

    Because we are not thinking about what you did yesterday,
    or last year! Weīr not thinking about where you are going,
    we are focused with you NOW,
    in the relationship to the NOW of your Vortex,
    the NOW of your relationship to it, you see.

    So, when you get into that vibrational place,
    where you allow the blending of who you are now,
    with the ALL that you really are, now-
    THAT`S what youīr describing.

    And thatīs when that beautiful music comes from you,
    thatīs when all of that beautiful experience comes.
    And the outcome is not NEARLY AS IMPORTANT,
    as the process, that leads you to it.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2016 - Feeling the connection with Source energy (new)

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    Source is "haunting" you

    And most of all, from our perspective you will feel
    the togetherness of us with you in the unfolding of all of that.
    We want you to realize that you are not alone,
    we have been haunting you,
    and you don't even know it!

    Asheville, 21-11-2015

    Jerry, -Esther knew him as brilliant, and loving, and she can't even find a thought about him that doesn't feel good to her, when she thinks about him.
    IOW, he was REALLY nice to be with when he was in this physical form.
    But STILL, there is a difference between Jerry in this physical form and Jerry now, in this Non-Physical form -and Esther MADE A CONSCIOUS DELIBERATE intention of understanding that difference.

    Because she doesn't get the fullness of who he is now,
    when she sees him as SHE BELIEVED HIM TO BE.

    IOW, you've to make that adjustment, you've to realize, that
    when someone makes their transition they leave behind ALL resistance! And they become Pure Positive Energy!

    They dovetail and become ONE with what you want to call Source.
    But they are individual from what you want to call Source in their interest
    and their attention to that which you are!
    So, let the hauntings begin!

    Westchester, 11-10-2015

    Youīve all got friends in "high places".
    But most of you are not tuning to the frequency of them
    so youīr missing the benefit of them."

    Houston, April 2012

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