What is a desire?
-It's CO-CREATION with source.

A desire is a CREATION.
A creation, that you have created, that you have now found a way to be vibrationally up to speed with- AT LEAST for this moment. ...Ohh, you like that? You threw the pieces in, like the ingredients of a cake.

And source MADE the cake, and is now EATING the cake!

The cake is dripping down of the face of source. Source is savoring and enjoying this cake!
And expressing to you the perfection of the desire, that YOU have created.

And emanating a signal about it. And every now and then, when you'r not doing the thing that blocks it, you'r in the receptive mode, and you say "huuuuhhh!!!"-

-You feel the desire, for just a moment!

But most of you can't sustain it for very long, because you've got beliefs, that are preventing you from it. But there it is... that's the best explanation what a desire is, and where it comes from, that we have ever offered. Now what? Ohh, you created a desire! YOU ARE A CREATOR! You have created a vibrational something. How you gotta turn it to a manifested something?

By not focusing on the opposite of it.

By practicing the thought of it, until the thought of it is THE constant, normal thought that you have about it. And then, in the same way, that this desire first thrilled you, it's gonna KEEP thrilling you, as it fleshes out more and more and more. As MORE about it comes into reality.

Sydney, Australia, Oct. 18, 2015


Source and I have co-created "cakes", that persist out of all that good stuff that I have sifted out- in this, or other lives. I so enjoy to be embraced by "old" topics, again! There is so much creation already, around that. The horses make their entrance into my life, again! I feel my love for them! I feel my old dreams. I enjoy that I could rest this, and nothing got lost. I love how there NEVER something gets lost! I so love to cocreate with my beloved buddies. I so love the experience with them, around them, due to them. I so love their energy. I so love horses. I so love their inspiration. I so love their authenticity, their calmness, their purity. I so love horses.


Source and I have co-created experiences that my body asked for! We have co-created fantastic experiences. Silky noses, warm breath. Curiousity on both sides. And the realization of true uniqueness! We have cocreated CLOSENESS. Touching experiences. Wonderful smell, that I was not willing to wash away. Warm huge bodies that feels so safe. Being carried, literally. Manes in the wind in my face. Feeling so safe, feeling carried, feeling one with the other, in my body, on another body, being in this, together. I SO LOVE HORSES.


Source and I have co-created rich and luxurious deep wonderful experiences of freedom and power, on horseback and besides this giants. Feeling their strength, their amazing physical capability. CARRYING me. sharing their fastness. Sharing their natural harmony. Taking my alignment. Taking my lead. Taking my love, and allowing it to be, and in that, giving back hundredfold. ABUNDANCE. Worthiness. Glory.


Source and I have co-created awesome togetherness with this beautiful species! We have co-created fun and silliness, playfulness and eagerness, touching each others hearts. I sense my love. I sense this great calm. I sense this intense eagerness and liveliness, and trust. I sense this willingness to follow the lead into unconditional alignment. I sense the bond. I feel the joy about it. I SO LOVE HORSES.

What humans wanna call "heaven", is source, focused WITH YOU, HERE.

THIS IS THE LEADINGE EDGE. This is the leading edge. This is the leading edge. THIS is the leading edge! This is the leading edge. THIS is what we are all about. We are ALL interested in the leading edge!

We want to be with you, when you'r driving your car fast! We want to be with you, when you are celebrating, when you are dancing, when you are basking. We WANT to be with you, in the continuation of the creation, of this magnificent leading edge- not ending-time!- LEADING EDGE-
space time reality.

THIS IS WHERE IT IS! This is the leading edge.
This is where source is focused.

This is what it's ALL about: No one goes anywhere.

San Diego CA, 2015-08-15

The horses are back in my life! -nobody goes anywhere...!