Allow yourself to get your fair share!


I love how I was always so inspired by signposts!
I always loved to ponder the cities in x kilometers, from where I am. I loved to think about the noth-pole or Paris or Fidji, when I stood on the playground. I love this reminders. I love this "flying with my mind to far beautiful places".

I love giving names to the wonderful gardens, that all make up Elfengarten. I loved to call them "Dragonīs grotto" or "sea of grass" or "lovers garden", or "moonshine-garden" and so many many more.

I loved to make a beautiful huge sign-pole with those names, in different forms and colors, enchanted and fairtale-like. I love to send visoters on mental and physical travels, with giving this hints. I love to have a huge playground with dozens of amusing, inspiring follies. I so love the garden that is made out of my dreams! I SO LOVE MY SIGNPOST It was such fun to have the signs cut out, and carved, and painted, and then to set in the high pole, and have it crowned with a golden weather vane!

I so love the mosaic- compass-rose that is on the ground underneath it. Ohhh, I SO LOVE MY GARDENS! I so love how thought turned to things. I so love how this all is unfolding- eternally, into more and more. More fulfillment, more meaning, more bauty, more meaning.