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Thread: using my emotional guidance to find BFTS

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    Quote Originally Posted by lauriewinter09 View Post shifting???
    What's the best-feeling story that you can right now tell about this manifestation of yours? Because that's the closest to the story that your IB is telling.

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    This is a manifestation....that the universe is so responsive to my vibration that it immediately gave evidence of my shifted vibration...but more importantly I feel slightly better!!!
    I have demonstrated to myself on numerous occasions that shifting to hate, anger, blame, or whatever you want to call it, tomatoe, tomaetoeee, let's me off the hook. I get these moments of relief in hate, it gives me some of my power back. Not all of it, but some of it, and when I go back into that situation, with that person, in that place, I'm different and holding onto this feeling of being more enmpowred.

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    I've been listening a lot to the YT clips "she hates to pay those taxes" and another lesser known " she's sickof her life." In both segments Abe are interacting with with a HS er and guiding them up the scale from a state of being disempowered to more empowered and the relief coming from the participating is palpable.
    Those clips resonate with me because I'm doing a lot of moving up the emotional scale work both on here and in my notebook. The participants thought processes are similar to mine when moving up the scale to blame.
    I truly do have a lot of Hatred for the company I work for as I've mentioned before. So this is today's little movement up the scale.....

    Starting thoughts:

    I simply don't want to work in this area any longer (hate)

    There are about a million things I hate about that place (hate)

    They make out that they care about their employees, but they don't really give a crap about us (hate)

    I hope this damn company does go bust in the end, it will serve its damn right after years of screwing over its employees (revenge)

    I'd love to tell this company where it can stick its job (revenge)

    There are so many better things I could be doing with my life and my time than being subservient to this stupid company ( anger)

    They don't care about me or anybody I work with (anger)

    It pisses me right off that those rich bastards are basically making money off the back of me and my colleagues (anger)

    I really can't see any point at all in working to make somebody else rich (discouragement)

    All these years of slogging away for this company and I have sod all to show for it (discouragement)

    At the end of the day to this company , we are simply numbers on a computer screen (discouragement)

    Life is really too short to be doing this shit (discouragement)

    I really to question whether or not it has been worth giving my valuable time and skills to a company that doesn't really give a shit about its employees, a company that says it values us but at the same time will dispense of any one of us at the drop of a hat just to make a quick Buck or employ the most cost effective measure (blame)

    This company simply doesn't care...the owners are probably sat on a beach or a yacht somewhere whilst the people who work for them are struggling to get by on a pittance (blame)

    If I ran a company I would look after the people who work for me, I would pay them more than minimum wage, for all the work and tasks that they, I would pay them more....its really not fair the way the do things, theyre mean (blame)


    Felt real relief in that last statement.....

    I've noticed that often when I approach the subject of work, there are often multiple topics going on. Like " work " itself is not just one topic, there are many aspects (like " customers", " management relations" " working hours" " career progression" "money"etc), each one a topic that can be soothed. Often when I move up the scale on the topic of " work"; I am not getting any feeling of relief, I am simply activating the vibration of different topics (like "customers" , "management...." etc) rather than just focusing on one single aspect.
    I have made this more about taking one single aspect of the broad subject of work and looking for little bits of relief. Even if it's just one single thought at a time.

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    Taking one statement and shifting it to feel a little better/ less crappy:

    I hate this town. There's nothing here for me and I feel completely stuck here forever.

    * I really really dislike many aspects of this town. There are many things about it I wish were different. (Still negative but a bit less crappy)

    * It sucks that I live here, but I'm not imprisoned here, I'm not being held in this town at gunpoint. By the same token, as much as it sucks, I'm not in a position where I have to pack my bags and leave tommorow.

    I'm making the best choice possible, from where I stand......I'm between a rock and a hard place. If I stay in this town I dislike I get a roof over my head and food, but if I move to a city I want to live in I could end up I choose to live in this town where id really not prefer to live.

    * I would feel sad about leaving my parents and my dear nan behind....but I'm really not setting out to hurt them. It's not then I hate, it's this town.

    Taking another line out of my notebook and shifting it:

    *I really, really wish this place was different. I hate living here.*

    *I really, really wish*

    I would rather. I would prefer. I would like it. I would really like it.

    * ....this place was different

    This place was more desirable. It was less crappy

    A new softer version of that last statement:

    My *experience* of living in this town has often not been what I desire. I would really *like it* if the place where I reside had less crappy apects.

    Softening "I hate this town"

    * I actively dislike this town. It would be nice if it was less crappy. It doesn't even come close to being an ok place to reside and spend my time.

    * I notice many aspects of this town I actively dislike. It would be nice if it was more of an ok place to live. There were times in the past when living here might have paid off for me more, but not so much now.

    * there are many aspects of this town I dislike. However those unwanted aspects are not just exclusive to this town....anywhere I choose to live will have some of those unwanted aspects too, to a certain extent.

    * Its not all exclusive to this town. I could live in the middle of a vibrant city and have a crappy time there too. This town is not some big boogyman that has a vendetta against me personally!

    A little focus wheel:

    What I don't want: I don't want to be stuck in some crappy, dead end job

    What I want: I want satifying and enjoyable work

    My itv statement: I have satisfying and immensly enjoyable work

    1. I have had fun at work before

    2. I have often enjoyed myself at work with others

    3. When I was younger, the prospect of entering the world of work, mingling with others and earning my own money thrilled me.

    4. When I first started this present job I was excited.

    5. I do still have moments when I feel content and ok at work

    6. I like being out in the world earning money and mingling with others

    7.I do have moments here and there when I feel clear and resourceful at work

    8. It would be nice to experience this more of the time

    9. It would be nice to return to the feeling of excitement I had in the beginning

    10. There could be a whole world of opportunities and excitement out there and I might not have even scratched the surface

    11. There could be lots to look forwards to here

    12. I am looking forwards to returning to that eagerness, excitement and enthusiasm I felt right back in the early days......things can really pay off for me

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    This last week or so I have been doing my processes quite sporadically and a bit half hearted. And I've noticed that ive gone back to my old habits of thought on many topics. I've dipped back down to powerlessness.
    But it's ok, I have found relief before, can find it again. I have a roadmap, maybe not all the way to Arizona but I can go from insecurity to rage to anger quite easily. Or from really crappy feeling thoughts to less crappy thoughts. Because I've done it before.
    This week I have a couple of events coming up, a couple of humdingers, one being a medical procedure. I intend to "abe" way through, whereas previousley I just played the victim.

    Again, my attention this week has been on work. I really do want to be my own boss, to be a free agent, to control my own income and my own hours and to answer to nobody....

    And the resistant thoughts....the yeah right we all have to work, we all have to slog away doing some s*@t we don't want to do, we all have to kiss somebodies ass etc.

    I literally can't wait for my holiday leave. Why? Because it means I don't have to be at work....focused on the unwanted end of that stick and feels bad. Even when I do get the time off, I'm the back of my mind I'm still dreading being back at work...I even feel a little guilty.
    Those are the thoughts I want to soothe....the urgency and desperation to push against work

    I really hate my hours I spend at work (feels bad)
    Sometimes, I just live there (same)
    It's like a prison ( worse)
    But sometimes I dislike spending those same hours at home might not be exclusive to work (Less crappy, still crappy. A little tiny bit less)
    I can be at home and bored, doing whatever and bored and also at work and bored....there are probably other factors too ( a bit less crappy)
    I might feel excited about my holiday time next week......but on the very first minute I walk out of the office on the evening I finish work, I don't suddenly become some Saudi prince living in luxury ( a bit less crappy)
    It is possible that I can spend those same hours at home and feel really bad, and spend the same hours at work and feel ok (Less crappy)
    There are days when it really rather not be there....but often things do happen throughout the day and my focus changes and I feel a bit better (Less crappy)
    There are often times when I make a massive deal about stuff at work, but when I've looked back over what's happened, I get a sense that a lot of that has just been my thinking and the stories I've been telling myself. That has been quite clarifying for me (better)
    I can't see how me not telling those stories as much ,regardless of whats happening at work, and getting some clarity is going to negatively affect anything....that's a little bit of personal power back there (better)

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