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Thread: 3 things I love about this day

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    1) That I took TWO baths today, and they were both delightful in their own ways
    2) That I read over 100 pages of the current book I am reading.
    3) That the current book I am reading is SO. GOOD. AND. I. LOVE. IT.
    4) That right now, I am enjoying my own company, chilling on my comfy bed, listening to one of the best tunes, readin' up on the Abeforum!
    5) That I had a delightful walk around town and everyone in every store was nice and friendly
    6) That I had yummy meals all day, from good pasta to good cauliflower to parmesian-kissed dishes to sweet potato cottage pie!
    7) That today, I turned off the internet for a bit, and reconnected with nature, and my creativity. That was nice!

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    1) That I got a bunch of free food!
    2) That I wore a goofy sweater that was funny
    3) That there is thing I should care about that I just don't (IB doesn't care all that much, ha)
    4) That I was my friends in the evening!
    5) That this book I am reading is still enjoyable

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    1) I had a fun phone call this morning with my mother!
    2) I got some good compliments at my work about how good I am doing.
    3) I had a fun day at work and had a good conversation with a coworker.
    4) I watched a fun show with a friend late in the evening
    5) Every single I ate today was delicious!
    6) I talked about one of my favorite restaurants with TWO people today. I guess I need to go there soon! ha
    7) I rocked out on the walk home, totally in alignment with some of my favorite music that I seriously never get sick of.
    8) I am listening to some music now, which is pretty and relaxing and that puts me in a good mood right before sleep.
    9) This bed is comfy, and just right for me, and I have the perfect amount of blankets and warmth. Hell yeah!

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