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Thread: 3 things I love about this day

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    3 things I love about this day

    I intend to focus on 3 things I loved about each day. I will enjoy posting here as long as I feel inspired to. Here are the three things I love about today:

    1) I love that I got to spend the enire day with my two babies. We had such a cozy time together.

    2) I love how sweet and delicious the pineapples, peaches and bananas I ate today were.

    3) I love how cool and crisp the air was this morning and I love how warm and cozy the air was tonight. Magnificent!

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    1) I love seeing my friend Candelonia here and finding this fun new thread. I will play as I am inspired too.
    2) I loved talking with that cute guy at the store. I love his appreciative attitude and friendliness. I love how easy it is to connect with people and all the fun things that happen when we connect. I love all the wonderful people in my life.
    3) I love feeling really proud of myself and excited for what's ahead.

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    #1 I love cooking in my newly remodeled kitchen
    #2 I love listening to the wind in the trees outside by my deck
    #3 I love how I was able to shift from OOV to boredom to contentment

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    I absolutely LOVE reading your lists, so many things to feel good about!!!

    1) I love the energy I have had today - just amazing! I have been inspired to doing and thinking so many things today!

    2) I love that I have enjoyed one more day at home with my two babies. I love them both more and more each second.

    3) I love that I made my favourite pasta sallad for lunch today - with my favourite garlic dressing. Yummy!

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    #1 - I love how relaxed I feel after my massage.
    #2 - I love having Me & Me time
    #3 - I love going downstream!

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    I love all the awesome food I ate today...soooo vortexy delicious and satisfying.
    I love feeling guided in every moment..and trusting it.
    I love all the wonderful love and support I feel and sense all around me.. I love sending it right back.. I feel complete and more.

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    1) I love that my boyfriend reminded me tonight that it has been 10 years since we started seeing each other. I love the exciting events we have been through, such a magical passionate adventure.

    2) I love that I got a ride in my co-worker's beautiful car. I love how cool that car is!!!

    3) I love how good I feel tonight, so filled with passion and zest for life.

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    I am loving reading all the lists here too.

    1) I love how peaceful and clear minded I feel
    2) I love how appreciative and glad I feel
    3) I love having a quiet loving day

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    What an awesome day I have had!

    1) I love that I talked to my wonderful friend today, he is such a magnificent being in all ways possible!

    2) I love that I was contacted by an author today, she asked me if I wanted to read her manuscript and write an endorsement for her upcoming novel - how cool is that!!!

    3) I love that I went out with my co-workers for a delicious lunch today. Felt so relaxing!

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    1) I love the beautiful compliments I attracted today

    2) I love that I spent the afternoon outside, playing with my babies

    3) I love the love I feel for my babies

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