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Thread: 3 things I love about this day

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    1) This bed and this fan are keeping me so comfy!
    2) I got some free chips and guacamole for free today!
    3) I deposited a big check into the bank account!

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    1) My day has been very relaxing and quiet
    2) My friends had me over last night for some good times and good food
    3) I got some inspired action to do things I didn't quite want to!

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    1) Today is a holiday and I'm celebrating.
    2) I feel good and have lots of energy.
    3) The morning is nice and cool. I have my windows open.

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    #1 I'm in HAWAII!
    #2 I've been invited to a bbq near a popular beach!
    #3 My friend "J" sent me some loving texts!

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    1) I see driftwood of things going to manifest
    2) My yummy lunch
    3) My beautiful life

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    Hello all!

    1) I got two free drinks at the bar tonight!
    2) I visited with some fun friends before heading home.
    3) I had good walks to and from work that were super chill.

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    1) I am just me
    2) I am just fine with me being me
    3) I am just fine being fine with being fine with me

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    Great post, practicebyignoring.

    1) I had a great bike ride/walk to and from work today
    2) I seriously saw so many people who are my friends! My cool co-workers, cool customers, cool people who work at the places I go. Haha!
    3) I had sushi like three separate times today lol.

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    1) I had a great, fun meeting with my friend today!
    2) I found money on the street! Yay!
    3) I had inspired action about meals I get to prep for my workweek.

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    #1 went swimming in a pristine neighborhood beach...felt great!
    #2 appreciate my new friend Peter who is a good cook and a generous person!
    #3 appreciate the beach house I'm staying in!

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