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Thread: 3 things I love about this day

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    1) That I took TWO baths today, and they were both delightful in their own ways
    2) That I read over 100 pages of the current book I am reading.
    3) That the current book I am reading is SO. GOOD. AND. I. LOVE. IT.
    4) That right now, I am enjoying my own company, chilling on my comfy bed, listening to one of the best tunes, readin' up on the Abeforum!
    5) That I had a delightful walk around town and everyone in every store was nice and friendly
    6) That I had yummy meals all day, from good pasta to good cauliflower to parmesian-kissed dishes to sweet potato cottage pie!
    7) That today, I turned off the internet for a bit, and reconnected with nature, and my creativity. That was nice!

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    1) That I got a bunch of free food!
    2) That I wore a goofy sweater that was funny
    3) That there is thing I should care about that I just don't (IB doesn't care all that much, ha)
    4) That I was my friends in the evening!
    5) That this book I am reading is still enjoyable

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    1) I had a fun phone call this morning with my mother!
    2) I got some good compliments at my work about how good I am doing.
    3) I had a fun day at work and had a good conversation with a coworker.
    4) I watched a fun show with a friend late in the evening
    5) Every single I ate today was delicious!
    6) I talked about one of my favorite restaurants with TWO people today. I guess I need to go there soon! ha
    7) I rocked out on the walk home, totally in alignment with some of my favorite music that I seriously never get sick of.
    8) I am listening to some music now, which is pretty and relaxing and that puts me in a good mood right before sleep.
    9) This bed is comfy, and just right for me, and I have the perfect amount of blankets and warmth. Hell yeah!

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    1) I am relaxing right now on this comfy couch and enjoying the night.
    2) I had some great interactions with co-workers today
    3) I saw my friend on my lunch break!
    4) I had some yummy pasta that was super good!
    5) I had a ton of good interactions today with customers and we talked about a lot of cool stuff together!

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    Hi BFH! So nice to see you and read your appreciations!
    1) Enjoying feeling fun and extra colorful tonight

    2) So many positive changes are happening for my HOA
    3) Feeling the infinite possibilities and chillaxing all day
    4) Feeling abundant and overflowing
    5) So many wonderful friends and support of all kinds. Feels magical!

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    what, what , what
    3 things, she said 3 things you guys are cheating

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    #1 appreciative having generous, thoughtful landlords who ADORE me and shower me with unexpected Xmas presents
    #2 I got a fabulous job near Waikiki
    #3 my health is getting better every day...feeling stronger!

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    hehe.. Ana.. CG
    1. I realized I made a whole lot of money last year! I just didn't quite know how much..but it was in line with a goal I set before!!!!YES!!!!
    2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my friend! We have the most amazing talks and connection and we create MAGIC!
    3. Ava..she is just the coziest sweetest most hilarious magical being!

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    #1 have the entire house to myself and enjoying the peace and quiet!
    #2 ate a yummy candy bar with caramel and almonds!
    #3 no plans for the rest of the day...just chillaxing!

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    #1 on my way to Hilo for Xmas with my gal pals!
    #2 having a good hair day...(lol)!
    #3 loving how toned AND tan my body looks
    BONUS round - getting a 1.5 hour massage today!

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