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Thread: feeling energy, skylark style

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    I am appreciating taking this time to sit down, and focus on things that are satisfying to me right now. They needn’t be happening right now but the very thought of them satisfies me!

    I am so appreciating working out today after so many months! I am appreciating flexing my body, and using muscles that I hadn’t been focusing on in the recent past. I am appreciating how I’m easing into exercising, and simply going with what works for me right now.

    I am appreciating P coming here. I am appreciating the ease and simplicity of changing my clothes 5 minutes before scheduled time, and then simply heading upstairs. I am appreciating the presence of all the equipment that we need. I am appreciating our creativity. I am appreciating how there was only one other person working out there. I am appreciating whoever purchased the equipment for our building, and put together the gym. I am appreciating having everything we need. I am so appreciative of the versatility of a yoga mat. I am so appreciating my muscles and my tendons and ligaments that stretched today. I am appreciating settling into my body again. I am appreciating gearing up to go swimming within the next couple of days. I am appreciating the ease and the simplicity with which I can resume swimming. I am appreciating that swimming is as easy as taking the elevator to the top floor, getting into the pool, and letting my body get acclimatized to the water, as I allow the water to do all the work while I simply float up and feel all my resistance melting away. I am so appreciative of this activity called swimming. I love how relaxing it is, how freeing, how soothing, how meditative. I am so looking forward to swimming again!

    I am so appreciating having my home cleaned. I am so, so appreciative of M. I love how we have such a great working relationship. I love that I don’t really have to tell her to clean the nooks and crannies—she does it all on her own! I love how she always tells me what her daughter is up to. I love the “off-work” conversations we have. I love that I can trust her to clean my home impeccably. I love that I can rely on her to help me out. I love that she has such a great work ethic, and integrity. I love feeling supported. I am supported.

    I love drinking tea again. I love eating the snack mixture that mom’s made for me. I love making half a cup of tea for her as well. I love that my tea-making mojo is just like it always was.

    I love that it’s date night tomorrow! I love that we can go eat delicious food so close to our home! I love that hubby plans to scope out his new watch at the Apple store. I am so appreciating that he wants me to get the new iPhone. I am so looking forward to using the voice activation feature! I am appreciating our preference for and the ease with which we always buy the unlocked variety. I love having a phone which I can use in other countries so easily. I am so appreciative of our cellular network which operates in other countries at no additional cost! I am so appreciative of how useful the GPS has been in new cities. I love that I didn’t even have to think twice about being able to use cellular data in other countries.

    I love how our thing got extended all on its own. I love that I didn’t really care one way or another, and it simply happened. I love that we get to use a team of lawyers and have no need to put a single thought into it. I love that we have so many other exciting possibilities in the offing as well. I love that things are settled for a couple more years at the very least. I love that we have the option of living here, or moving elsewhere. I love that N will be, truly is, a world citizen.

    I love having the “problems” I do—so . . . useless, and trivial. I love how I use them as an excuse to focus.

    I do like that winter’s mostly here. I love how I was holding N to me, with him all snuggled up against me monkey-like, and Ava Maria playing softly in the background—and as I looked out, I started feeling winter, and suddenly the perfection of the moment washed all over me. Contentment, warm happy contentment settling all around me.

    I like feeling warm fuzzies, and happy contentment. I love my baby. I love how he’s spun out of pure happiness. I love how amazing he feels to me. I love his energy. I love his big, black eyes. I love his warm fuzzy hair. I love co-creating with this powerful, steady being.

    and so, it is.

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    Ooh, I love exercising. I love remembering WHY I love exercising! I looove the rush of happiness as soon as I’m done with my session! Endorphins, ftw! I love what a happy-uppy day I’ve been having! I love that EXERCISING—GYMING—does this for me! I love that I was able to do planks! And bear crawl! And lunges! I love muscle memory! I love consistency! I love how today reinforced for the me the POWER of consistency! And has re-ignited my desire to resume meditating every single day, even if it’s just for 15 minutes!

    I am so appreciating all the fun that I have been having researching winter gear for boo! I love that I can spend all the dollars I want, without having to think twice about it!

    It’s been a good day! I’m appreciating N, and how he’s sleep trained himself! I love that he slept for 8 hours straight in the night, all by himself! I love that I was inspired to sing the body song today after nursing him. I am so appreciating the inspiration to put on the timer for two minutes, and simply feel the body song while I sung the couple of lines over and over again!

    Oh, I love the two silly rhymes that came to me and that I’ve been singing to him! It is SO MUCH FUN to think of silly rhyming things that are fun to say out loud to this little-eternal person!

    I like that N is so VOCAL about his comforts and discomforts. I REALLY APPRECIATE THAT HE EXPRESSES IT SO CLEARLY WHEN he’s uncomfortable and that I don’t have to do any guesswork on my part!

    I like A! I like talking with him! I love our silly, inside jokes. I love the bouncing off each other that we do!

    I like that I’m getting winter gear for Mumsie! I love that we, all three of us (and sometimes maybe even all four of us!) can go out together and enjoy the cold thanks to all the winter gear!

    I am so appreciating all the companies that come up with the ideas for, and then create such comfy winter clothes and gear that makes enjoying the cold, cold weather so easy!

    I am appreciating my meditation app! I am appreciating knowing which technique will work when for me! I am appreciating going with the flow! I am appreciating my ENJOYMENT of my life, here and now!

    And so, it is!

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