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Thread: feeling energy, skylark style

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    yes, yes, yes.
    yes, yes, yes.
    yes, yes, yes.

    this soft feeling of happiness!
    focus, focus, focus!
    all the focusing!
    all the letting go!
    the sensitivity to the subtlest nuances of energy
    energy! energy! energy!
    going with its flow. my willingness to let go of everything in order to perceive it!
    the focuser I am becoming in my willingness to quieten my mind, let go of all the chatter, and feel the utter profundity of non-resistant flow
    non-resistant energy
    this pure, positive flow—finally understand pure, positive energy
    feeling this happiness.
    being ready to receive this happiness
    being vibrationally aware. CHOOSING to be vibrationally aware rather than manifestationally aware!

    love you Abraham. love how totally and utterly in sync with me you are these days. or am I in sync with you? doesn’t matter, does it? just this feeling of pure, coherent energy.

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    I like the quiet spot inside my head
    I like feeling good
    I like the smell of roti being made
    I like wanting to feel good
    I like today’s quote—that you get what you focus upon
    I like focusing on that which feels pleasing
    I like leaning in the direction of that which feels pleasing
    I like knowing that I AM the creator of, the attractor of whatever I’m rendezvousing with
    I like rendezvousing with things that feel comfortable, and light, and airy
    I like things working out for me
    I like letting go
    I like surrendering to the silence inside
    I like focusing on the quietness inside
    I like feeling breeze on my skin
    I like whiffs of pleasant smells, especially the ones that have no nearby discernible sources
    I like listening to Abraham
    I like focusing on my heart, or on the quietness as I listen to my Abraham
    I like paying attention to what my body is telling me
    I like how comfortable I instantly feel as I shift into what my body is guiding me into
    I like that the only thing that matters is the story I tell myself
    I like reaching the quiet place when I meditate
    I like the lightness that I feel as I meditate
    I like that this lightness matters to me
    I like that this quietness matters to me
    I like letting go of the cacophony of my thoughts
    I like being sensitive to how I feel
    I like steering my thoughts in the direction of what feels better
    I like that if feeling better means letting people off the hook, I do so
    I like that feeling better really, really matters to me
    I like teasing out the subtlest of energies
    I like the white cocoon in which I am ensconced
    I like how sleeping comfortably is so easy with all my casper pillows
    I like having enough number of pillows to wedge them in wherever I want
    I like the feeling that came over me—of an abundance of energy
    I like that I can feel it coming into fruition
    I like that I can see it coming into fruition
    I like that it feels like such a natural next step
    I like that it doesn’t feel like a big deal at all
    I love that I’m moving into a territory that feels au naturel to me
    and so, it is!

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