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Thread: Making peace with now does the trick

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    Making peace with now does the trick

    I'm starting to realize that the most important part of this process is the "making peace with where you are part". I think it's easier to absorb than "let go" or "stop trying". Whenever I accept and appreciate anything I can about where I am, that's when things shift. First, the good feelings come, then the stuff. When I look back at every significant manifestation I've experienced, I distinctly remember feeling great about the present moment. That's why I think yoga is a great tool in this process, at least for me, because it slows down my thoughts and helps me appreciate myself where I am, which consequently makes me more accepting of whatever is happening in my life. Just wanted to share that since it really clicked for me in the last few days that that's really the trick. How would I feel if I already had the life I desire? Well,I'd probably just be appreciating every moment of it and when the "bad" stuff happened, I'd probably not even give it much attention because I'd have more to appreciate than not. So why not do that now? Why not find every little thing that I appreciate now and be so distracted by those things that I hardly care about anything else?

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    Hi, BeachQueen. I love your name.
    Thanks for sharing your insights and what is clicking for you. I especially like what you said about how appreciating the present moment helps you to appreciate yourself more.

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    BeachQueen: thanks for the insight!

    What's funny, is I started doing yoga again after not doing practicing for months. At first, it was just to be more flexible but I've been doing the yin yoga/restorative and it does help me stay present-oriented. I've gone back to doing my daily appreciation journal too!

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    hi BeachQueen i love the beach too. thanks for this thread.

    I think a big part i've been missing is not paying attention to the bad stuff, as you said. I kind of understood about appreciating the now, and appreciating everything so as to make peace with the current situation BUT the thing i've been not really doing is being distracted. Like I can find many things and find time to really appreciate but- to really just let go /not pay attention to "bad"stuff, not in my bag of tricks, at all. instead Ive been more Up and then Down, a mixed bag if you will which produces the mixed results ive gotten in my many years here.

    on a sort of related note, it's like just today I decided I dont want a lot of contrast anymore, I've been living like this Big Dramatic Life since I'm about 10 years old and that was just like the pattern of my life, my family of origin , then the friends or people or situations I attracted since. It just dawned on me that I get to choose that! isn't that ridiculous?! haha! so, thanks. and I look forward to having a much more easy swimming flowing ocean-wavey type existense from now on!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeachQueen View Post
    I'm starting to realize that the most important part of this process is the "making peace with where you are part". I think it's easier to absorb than "let go" or "stop trying".
    When we get the well meaning advice to "let it go," the person offering it (ourselves included) means that we would feel better if we did not have the desire of something that seems to not be coming. But Abraham often reminds us that we indeed cannot "let go" of anything, in the way that term is popularly used. Since this Universe is attraction based, we are always calling to ourselves and efforts to "let go" are nothing more than directing our attention on to the very thoughts that keep us in the uncomfortable place and we therefor attract more of unwanted. Making peace with where we are is directing our attention to the preferred in our situation, thereby attracting more of the same: preferred.

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