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Thread: Quotes: In love with step 1

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    Quotes: In love with step 1

    this is a rebirth of the original thread that got eaten up in the "near-death-experience" of Forum, recently.

    I will take my time to find the quotes I already had posted, again, please feel free to add!

    Step 1 -Asking for more!- is assuring the eternalness of life

    "Ask, and it is given" means that whether you are
    a full blossoming genius human, or whether you are
    the one-celled amoeba in the ocean, or a cell in one of your bodies,
    when it is concluded that something else is preferred (no matter
    how developed the consciousness is) every time a preference
    is noted, Nonphysical Energy rushes forth to answer it.

    It is the promise of our evolving beingness.

    Excerpted from: St. Louis, MO on July 18, 2000

    Once you find the receptive mode and are are hanging around in it, then what happens is the inspiration that comes just keeps calling you into opportunities for more launching of more rockets, so what we are saying is, give in to the eternal, important, inevitable expansion.

    People think that asking for more is greedy. (...) As long as you are in this physical format, Alignment is always going to produce materialism because materialism is the leading edge of Alignment. Make peace with it. (...)

    There's no end to that pot of gold. (...)

    It's thriving that uplifts the whole! So we want you to accept that it is inevitable that you prosper in all ways when you get in sync with Source Energy.

    July 2015

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    Here are quote-collections that are about the same theme:

    What desires are- and how to deal with them

    Abe-quotes about step 5

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    Passionate life...!

    You could remain in these bodies indefinitely,
    if you would allow your environment to continue to produce new,
    continuing, life-summoning desire.

    You could be one who opened your vortex to continually find
    new things to want, and those desires would continue to summon
    Life Force through you:

    you are living raucously, you are living joyously,
    you are living rambunctiously, you are living passionately...
    And then, from that same framework -
    - you make a conscious decision to make your transition.

    Excerpted from Los Angeles, CA - Sunday, July 25th, 1999

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    I feel like I HAVE this knowledge. I feel, I had it even as a small
    child, even before I was introduced to your teachings, in the sense
    I just always knew, I would always be ok, that everything was
    wonderful. But, if I KNOW this, why is it (...) -why would I put my
    hands on the stove, when I know itīs gonna burn?

    Because you were born into this environment of
    variety and contrast,
    for THE PURPOSE of joyous expandsion!

    And how could you know what you do want, when you donīt know
    what you donīt want? The contrast is NECESSARY for the focus.
    But the beating up on yourself for the contrast is NOT necessary.

    Thatīs the piece that weīr really wanting to help you release from
    your experience! Itīs PERFECTLY... iow, if something unpleasant
    presents itself to you, we are not asking you to stand and look at it
    and say "Well, I want to practice the art of allowing- and so I accept
    and embrace all unwanted things."

    Thatīs NOT THE POINT, at all.
    When you see what you donīt want, it helps to identify with more
    clarity, what you DO want! Itīs all part of that contrasting experience.
    And many of our physical friends have said:

    "Why, -when source energy is pure positive energy- WHY would I
    subject myself to variety and contrast?
    WHY would I put myself into a position of being diminished, in some
    way? Why would I put myself in a place, where I would not ALWAYS-
    100% of the time, feel that pure energy?"

    And we say, because the creative process is 3 steps!

    Step 1: Ask for what you want.
    Well, how are you gonna do that, if you donīt know what you donīt
    want? You need that DEFINITION!
    You need that experience, to DEFINE it.
    Just donīt get hung up in that part of it. Once youīve identified-
    thatīs the better question to ask:

    "Once I KNOW I want it,
    why am I beating the drum of the absence of it?

    Well, there is a very simple answer to this question. Momentum!
    You talk about what you donīt want, because LoA is bringing to you
    thoughts that are more thoughts of what has been activated, within
    you! And the answer to breaking that tendency is, wake up in the
    morning and reach for the best feeling thought you can find, and

    and DONīT BEAT UP yourself when you fall off that disc, and then the
    next morning, do it again, and then the next morning do it again- until
    before you know it, you will predominantly be focused upon what you
    DO WANT.

    There WILL be for a while, maybe even for a long while, in your
    experience residual from habits of thought. Iow, there are hot buttons
    that keep getting pushed. (...) Donīt think about it!
    Well thatīs easier said then done (...). There are all kinds of reasons
    that it might get activated. So- if something unwanted is continually
    activated within you, that means that where you left it is on a lower
    flying disc- (...) and so you might want to do something about it for
    leaving it in another place.

    What we would do is, get in a good feeling place and THEN
    think about it!
    "-Now, really. Is this something that I need to worry about?
    -Is this something that really affects me in a negative way, now?
    -Couldnīt I say that this was part of my learning experience?
    -Arenīt I better off, for having had this experience?
    -Do I really wanna blame this person, who wasnīt really knowing
    what was going on in their life-experience?
    -Do I really wanna feel bad about this?
    -Is ANYTHING worth feeling bad about it?
    -Arenīt I ready, to just sort of let this go?"

    And as you talk like that, from your place of feeling good,
    and you leave it in a different place- then next time that shows up
    in a movie, or in a conversation, you wonīt spring to that like you
    did before- because you left it in a different vibrational place.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks ~ A Way To See Vibrations Which Helps A Lot! [PRACTICAL[

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    Itīs NEVER going to be "perfect",
    but it will ALWAYS be satisfying.

    If you could ever have a manifested moment in time,
    that did not produce more step-1 moments, youīd be finished!

    So, you will NEVER have a manifested moment, that doesīnt
    produce more step-1 moments! Ohhhhhhhhh!!!!!
    "Abraham, that means, Iīll never gonna be happy, right???"

    NOO!!! It means that you understand, that step-1 is essential
    to the ongoing-ness of that which you are- and you DONīT
    jump to the conclusion, that you failed in creating the "perfect"
    manifestation that solved all things, for ever more!

    (...) So, itīs never gonna be perfect, right?

    Weīll go along with that, in fact we say:
    Itīs never going to be PERFECT,
    but itīs always gonna be SATISFYING!

    And it CANīT be perfect, because that implies "finished".
    And because youīr eternal, it CANīT be done!
    So, itīs always ongoing.

    San Francisco February 04 2017

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    Source loves the "crap", too

    HS is expressing his appreciation for having finally unlearned the "crap" and get where the deeper stuff is.

    We agree with you, but we like the crap, too.
    Because in what youīr calling a variety of unwanted experiences,
    you are also giving birth to newer, more INTENTIONAL creation!
    And that, what you are calling crap, is responsible for your

    (...) What you intended was to spend about 10% in step 1.
    And 90% in the savoring, receptive mode. And most humans have
    that flipped, if even that.
    - 03/25/2017 in Orlando

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    Bless step 1, where you do most of your thinking,
    comparing and DECIDING!

    You are not puppets on a string!
    Because, YOU put every request there (into your Vortex).
    You do the majority of your thinking, as you are sifting and sorting
    through the contrast- ahhh, what did we just say!!??-
    it makes the contrast, that step 1, PRETTY IMPORTANT, doesnīt it?

    If the contrast is where you do most of your evaluating, and thinking
    and comparing and deciding.

    Donīt you WANNA be in that phase (step 1)?
    Donīt you WANNA choose for you, what you want?
    Donīt you WANT to choose love over hate,
    and donīt you WANNA choose happy over sad,
    donīt you wanna choose good tasting food over bad tasting food??
    Donīt you wanna CHOOSE pleasant people to be with, over unpleasant
    people to be with, donīt you WANNA MAKE ALL THIS CHOICES?
    Well, youīr making this choices- but MOSTLY in a step 1 mode!

    Thatīs why step 5 matters so much-
    youīr gonna LOVE yourself, when you are making
    those choices!

    But you donīt ALWAYS wanna think and evaluate.
    If you always are asking the question, do you know that you will never receive the answer! Because the vibration of the question and the vibration of the answer are different frequencies.

    03/25/2017 in Orlando

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    Are you enjoying the EVOLUTION of your desire?
    As a new desire becomes focused, and you stand not yet
    in the fulfillment of it, the new desire gives life to you -

    giving you something to anticipate, something to look forward to.
    And even though it has not manifested, you hold it as an objective,
    a point of focus. And you FEEL GOOD even in the absence
    of the manifestation.

    If you’ve achieved THAT STATE OF MIND,

    Because from your non-physical standpoint, you know
    that there will never be an end to that which you are about.
    And so the new, unfulfilled desire is
    what leads us all forward.


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    You cannot stop contrast,
    therefore, you cannot stop inspiration of new, of better, of improved, of more, of expansion or of evolution.

    You cannot stop it.

    --- Abraham
    Excerpted from San Francisco, CA - Saturday, March 8th, 2014

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    Step 1 can be delicious, also...

    That contrasting moment, that "I know what I donīt want- moment" should be as IMPORTANT and as DELICIOUS to you,
    as the "I know what I do want" -moment!

    Because, without one, there canīt be the other, you see!

    So, instead of saying "I made a mistake", or "I took someone or
    myself on a wild goose-chase","I shouldnīt have done that,
    I shouldnīt have gone there!", if instead you say:

    "This is an important step in the evolution of my
    desire- in the clarification of wh I am and what I
    want. And I will be better for it, having lived this experience, and I embrace all of it, and I
    appreciate ALL the components, who shared in
    this contrasting moment,
    -because Iīm clearer now about who I am
    and what Iīm wanting."

    Ohh, doesnīt this just soothe that, you see?
    (...) you know why it just feels sometimes as a punch in the gut?
    It didnīt get there, instantly. But the moment it came on strong
    and hard, like that-

    -it was in a moment of SELF-CONDEMNATION,
    every single time. Every single time!

    Because NOTHING will take you faster OOTV, and further from
    who you really are, than being mad at yourself-
    when the source in you is ADORING you
    in such a strong way!

    Thatīs what it is every time- EVERY time.

    from the clip Abraham Hicks 2013 - How to Soothe the Pain of Contrast - Law of Attracti

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