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Thread: Quotes: In love with step 1

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    Do you question- or celebrate your life´s value?

    (Say...) "Here I stand in my physical body as a powerful and perfect extension of Source Energy. I was perfect before I came into this physical body not meaning I was finished, but I was in alignment with my energy as a baby, I was in alignment and I was radiating a signal that represented the alignment that is me. Experiences are causing me to focus and I am seeing things that I like to see and I am seeing things that I don’t like to see, but in all that I am seeing, I am launching my own personal preferences that I, uniquely, personally, powerfully and perfectly, am offering.
    No one else holds the perspective that I hold.

    My personal perspectives are of great importance to Source Energy, and so, as I give birth to a desire, the Universe expands because of my relevance here and now, and it is a wonderful thing! And when I accept the wonderfulness of my exposure to life, I stay in alignment with the wonderful thing that I have become. But when I question my value, when I question my worthiness, when I question the timing of my birth, or the rightness of my birth, or the rightness of what I am considering, then I set up vibrational discord, and even though I have become this wonderful thing, I hold myself apart from that.

    The entire range of human experience is about that gap between where you are and what you have become, that you are individually setting forth for yourself. The question that we are asking is, “Are you now letting yourself be that which you have become?”

    We would use every process that we could find to close that gap. We would look for endless ways of soothing and supporting ourselves, in the same way that you would anyone that you love. When you see a little child teetering, learning to walk, not in balance, falling over, you don’t say, “Get up, you little dummy!” You say, “Good for you! I love seeing that! I love the progress that you are living!”

    All that we are asking is that you shine that same light of love and respect on yourself and that you give yourself more of a break.

    Every emotion you feel is an indication of your emotional proximity and we would like you to make peace with whatever emotion is flooding through you in this moment. We would like you to say, whatever the emotion is, “This emotion is an indicator that I am being called by Source toward who I really am, and if others out there don’t like it, they don’t know, because they are not privy to the details of my path in the way that Source is.” And as you give yourself a break and give yourself the benefit of the doubt more and more and reach for more and more thoughts that feel good and do your very best, moment by moment, to lean in the direction of what feels just a little better, in a short time you will become such a self-advocate of vibrational alignment with who you really are, that the world will stand in amazement as they see remarkable things happening to you with what they will say is very little effort on your part.

    They will say, "It’s like you don’t work at all! It’s like you just joyously and blissfully bip along through life and good things come to you!”
    And you can say back to them,

    “I do my work by sorting through the contrast,
    by letting desires be born within me,
    and then I work to come into vibrational alignment
    with those desires that have been born.

    -I’m not different from you. Somewhere back there I learned to look for the benefit that the Universe was yielding to me and the more I looked for it, the more I saw it and the more I saw it, the more I looked for it, and the more I looked for it, the more I found it, and the more I found it, the more I got it, until everything goes well for me!” What makes you feel that you are not free is that you are not letting yourself become that which you have become, and you will not be joyful unless you do.

    Rye, NY, 10/05

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    My Value In Being Here

    My unique perspective is of enormous value to All-That-Is. There is not another, anywhere in the Universe, who perceives exactly as I do, right now. As my unique perspective joins other unique perspectives, we embark upon eternal unique combined experiences. As other unique perceivers observe those unique creations, perception continues to evolve- to Eternally Evolve.

    • As I stand here in my physical body, I am literally on the Leading Edge of Thought.
    • As I learn, or better stated, remember, to first find my vibrational harmony with my Source Energy, and then through those connected eyes perceive my physical environment–I give my greatest value to All-That-Is. And, in no small coincidence, I feel my very best here in my physical body.
    • When my heart is singing, I give my greatest value to All-That-Is.

    When that which I have chosen to focus upon in this moment evokes love or joy or appreciation, I am, in that moment, offering my greatest value to myself, to my current object of attention and to All-That-Is. (in that order)

    Abraham 10/6/96

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