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Thread: Happy to be here!

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    Happy to be here!

    Hi Everyone!

    I have recently posted my first thread on Teachings Forum, after being a long time reader, and I thought I would pop in here and say hi.

    I discovered Abraham a while ago and I love the whole Abraham experience so much. I have put interacting with other Abers in my vortex so being here is a lovely manifestation. I hope to discover and interact with more Abers in my day to day life.

    There are people close to me I want to tell about Abraham but it feels a little off at the moment so I am leaving it till it feels on! I am happy to talk to people who are already there, who already get it so to speak. I'm not sure if you can introduce someone to Abraham, they have to come to it themselves. I do want to pass out copies of Ask and It Is Given to everyone I know!

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    Itīs not really true that others HAVE to do it all by themselves. As you said, when you feel joyfully inspired to talk about Abe (not to save them or out of pity...) then donīt hold back! Follow all good feeling impulses. Sometimes source uses us as the perfect cooperative component to cocreate- and thatīs SUCH fun for all who are in on that.

    Here is much more about inspiring, uplifting and teaching:


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    Hi Amazingjoy!

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