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Thread: Greetings! Hallo! Mae govannen! New here! :D

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    Greetings! Hallo! Mae govannen! New here! :D

    Hello all people! Wishing you a day of alignment, good-feeling, and constant well-being!

    I am BirdsFlyingHigh, and am a 29 year old male, born and raised in northern California, but now living in the South Bay area of Los Angeles.

    My story real quick: After a downturn in my life, I viewed The Secret one day and was transformed. Since that day two years ago I have viewed that film more times, read Jack Canfield's book materials, and practiced meditating. The source from which I derive the most value, however, is Abraham, and I often listen to their YT videos at least once a day and have read three of the books, which I refer to often (I really want to read the Sara books soon!) I practice some of the processes to get myself into alignment, try to live less conditionally, and try to live in a constant state of appreciation, and know that the Universe is out there, helping and guiding me.

    As a person, I am a very creative, and can be found reading, writing, making music, and making films. Creative expression is my truest joy!

    Abraham says that when you are living in the Vortex, you will not only attract the people you need, but ideas. I believe I received the idea to come here and meet you all! So hello! I am very excited to meet you all and all the discussions we will have together

    Thanks for listening! I can often type quite long!

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    Welcome to the Forum, BFH!

    Thanks for taking the time to tell us a little bit about yourself and your path to the Forum.

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    Hi BirdsFlyingHigh. It's nice to meet you!

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