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Thread: Hey Everyone--It's great to be here!

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    Hey Everyone--It's great to be here!

    I'm so excited!
    I started listening to Abraham back in 1994. I'll never forget my amazement when I first listened to the intro tape back then. Wow.
    My husband and I had been practicing Silva, and this new Abraham stuff was completely new to us, but we dove right in.
    I think it was a lot harder to grasp (at least for me) back then, so after a couple of years of hit and miss, we pretty much quit trying.
    We picked it up again, and went on the very first Abraham cruise to Alaska in 2004. That was one of the most exciting things I've ever done.
    A truly magical time. But, once again I got distracted. (Seems like a pattern!)
    Out son was murdered in 2010, and that sent me back to Abraham for comfort and guidance. I had to make sense of what had happened, and I listened to hours of Abraham, and so much I heard helped me through that awful time.
    In 2015 I got serious about it and spent about 4 months really working on my vibration. I got to where I really felt like I was very high flying most of the time, and that I could handle anything that came my way. I had so many plans that I was super excited about. I could just taste my wonderful future.
    We had a successful business that was growing every month. Problem was we really didn't like it much; it was working us into the ground and we never had any time to do anything but work.
    One beautiful day in September, we got a phone call from our main customer (90% of our sales) saying that although they loved us and our product, they were going to have to drop us. Just like that.
    Oddly, we didn't feel devastated (yet).
    We lived on our savings and put a lot of money into another venture we had been wanting to try. At first I thought this was great and things were working out just the way they should. I was ecstatic!
    Long story short, after putting all of our money and 6 months into this new business, we finally gave it up. It was no way going to work.
    Since then we've barely been getting along taking odd jobs here and there while trying to put together yet another business.
    This one actually seems very promising and we're almost ready to get it off the ground.
    But we have gotten further and further from any thoughts of our vibrations, etc. So we have been miserable and it just seems like everything that can go wrong has been going dramatically wrong.
    So here I am--ready to immerse myself in raising my vibration (my husband is in on this, too) and doing the work that needs to be done!
    Here goes!

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    Welcome back to the Forum, Randi!

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    Thanks for sharing your story Randi.

    It always surprises me to read how some Abers experience "all hell breaking lose" when they first come to the teachings. I include myself! After finding Abraham in 2010, within a year...I released my 20+ marriage, my childhood BFF and restarted my life back home in California. When I look back on that huge expansion, I appreciate how much the teachings kept me sane and happy. I know you will find your stability again as you re-immerse yourself with the teachings. All IS well!!!

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